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DateOpponentCompAttResultAppearanceHyde Scorers
30/07/2005Matlock T (A)NPL SH217 2-0StartedJohnson (11), Brackenridge (21) Details
13/08/2005Harrogate T (A)Conf North371 0-1Unused sub Details
15/08/2005Workington (H)Conf North422 1-1StartedJohnson (9) Details
27/08/2005Kettering T (A)Conf North905 2-3StartedJohnson (5), McNeil (90) Details
10/09/2005Worksop T (A)Conf North276 1-1StartedMilligan (69 pen) Details
12/09/2005Vauxhall M (H)CSC218 4-0StartedMilligan (38 pen, 45 pen), McNeil (70), Dudley (80) Details
17/09/2005Gainsboro' T (H)Conf North416 2-0StartedMilligan (3), McNeil (55) Details
24/09/2005Lancaster C (H)FAC333 2-1StartedJohnson (10), Jones (17) Details
01/10/2005Nuneaton B (A)Conf North1113 0-1Started Details
08/10/2005Barrow (H)FAC469 2-3StartedJohnson, Clee Details
17/10/2005Droylsden (H)Conf North633 2-2StartedTolson (52), McNeil (54) Details
22/10/2005Worksop T (H)Conf North313 1-1Subbed onAdams (30) Details
29/10/2005Redditch U (H)Conf North422 1-3Subbed onBrackenridge (54) Details
01/11/2005Abbey Hey (A)MPC100 2-1StartedJohnson (70), McNeil (80) Details
26/11/2005Stalybridge C (H)FAT906 1-5Subbed onLynch (88) Details
03/12/2005Hednesford T (H)Conf North354 4-2StartedHarrison (20), Johnson (43, 87), Wharton (58) Details
06/12/2005Vauxhall M (A)Conf North188 2-0StartedWharton (30), Dean (60) Details
10/12/2005Moor Green (A)Conf North177 2-1StartedDean (67), Johnson (77) Details
17/12/2005Hucknall T (A)Conf North337 3-1StartedWharton (41), Johnson (70), Dean (78) Details
26/12/2005Stalybridge C (H)Conf North1087 1-3StartedJohnson (63) Details
31/12/2005Worcester C (H)Conf North401 4-0StartedWharton (23, 41 pen), McNeil (87), Clee (90) Details
02/01/2006Stalybridge C (A)Conf North1243 2-1StartedMcNeil (84, 90) Details
07/01/2006Harrogate T (H)Conf North404 3-1StartedClee (60), Johnson (74), Dean (77) Details
09/01/2006Curzon Ashton (A)MPC200 1-0StartedMcNeil (67) Details
14/01/2006Workington (A)Conf North491 0-1Started Details
21/01/2006Stafford R (A)Conf North935 0-1Started Details
28/01/2006Kettering T (H)Conf North520 3-0StartedDean (18), Wharton (74), McNeil (83) Details
04/02/2006Nuneaton B (H)Conf North507 1-0StartedHarrison (20) Details
07/02/2006Northwich V (A)Conf North850 2-1StartedJohnson (7, 57) Details
11/02/2006Lancaster C (A)Conf North352 3-1Unused subCaldecott (25), Wharton (35 pen), Johnson (60) Details
18/02/2006Hucknall T (H)Conf North501 0-0Started Details
20/02/2006Droylsden (A)Conf North761 0-1Started Details
06/03/2006Vauxhall M (H)Conf North301 2-3StartedJones (64), Quayle (86) Details
11/03/2006Redditch U (A)Conf North339 1-1StartedJones (78) Details
18/03/2006Northwich V (H)Conf North667 1-3StartedClee (36) Details
24/03/2006Leigh RMI (A)Conf North195 1-1StartedTolson (90) Details
29/03/2006Droylsden (N)MPC578 2-1StartedAdams (40), Tolson (90) Details
01/04/2006Hinckley U (H)Conf North402 0-1Started Details
08/04/2006Hednesford T (A)Conf North362 2-0StartedHanley (5), Tolson (58) Details
14/04/2006Barrow (H)Conf North503 2-2StartedTolson (35, 44) Details
17/04/2006Alfreton T (A)Conf North281 0-2Started Details
22/04/2006Worcester C (A)Conf North803 2-2StartedBrackenridge (11), Tolson (57) Details
29/04/2006Moor Green (H)Conf North261 3-2StartedHarrison (18), Tolson (45), Quayle (66) Details
28/11/2006Chasetown (A)FAT418 3-0Subbed onPickford (14), Seddon (25 pen), Johnson (56) Details
01/12/2006Leigh RMI (A)Conf North151 0-2Subbed on Details
09/12/2006Scarborough (H)Conf North388 1-1StartedGedman (55) Details
16/12/2006Halifax T (A)FAT1180 1-3StartedWharton (46) Details
26/12/2006Stalybridge C (H)Conf North917 3-1StartedSeddon (27, 52), Wharton (89) Details
30/12/2006Vauxhall M (A)Conf North201 0-1Started Details
01/01/2007Stalybridge C (A)Conf North756 7-3StartedSeddon (15, 19, 23 pen, 50, 90), Johnson (25), Gedman (86) Details
06/01/2007Gainsboro' T (A)Conf North381 3-2StartedSeddon (35), Johnson (55), Wharton (81) Details
13/01/2007Workington (H)Conf North362 1-1StartedPickford (38) Details
20/01/2007Blyth S (H)Conf North413 5-1StartedSeddon (9, 75), Clee (42), Johnson (62), Rick (87) Details
22/01/2007Lancaster C (H)Conf North301 5-0StartedClee (4), Wharton (25), Johnson (48), Seddon (70), Adams (75) Details
27/01/2007Redditch U (A)Conf North440 1-2StartedSeddon (88) Details
03/02/2007Hucknall T (H)Conf North402 1-0StartedPickford (1) Details
12/02/2007Droylsden (H)MPC298 3-4StartedSeddon (5), Gedman (74, 86) Details
16/02/2007Leigh RMI (H)Conf North334 2-0StartedClee (51), Seddon (74) Details
24/02/2007Scarborough (A)Conf North748 2-1StartedSeddon (64 pen, 90) Details
03/03/2007Harrogate T (H)Conf North401 4-0StartedSeddon (22), Clee (53, 72), Harrison (62) Details
10/03/2007Worcester C (A)Conf North935 2-2StartedAdams (46), Seddon (75 pen) Details
20/03/2007Nuneaton B (A)Conf North511 0-0Started Details
25/03/2007Kettering T (H)Conf North826 3-5StartedSeddon (8, 74), German (67) Details
31/03/2007Moor Green (A)Conf North250 1-1StartedSeddon (72) Details
06/04/2007Farsley C (H)Conf North502 3-4StartedJohnson (47), Pickford (55), Seddon (89) Details
09/04/2007Barrow (A)Conf North670 2-1StartedOwn Goal (16), Seddon (83) Details
14/04/2007Alfreton T (H)Conf North355 2-1StartedGedman (2), Seddon (11) Details
21/04/2007Hinckley U (A)Conf North691 0-2Started Details
28/04/2007Droylsden (H)Conf North656 2-1StartedClee (85), Gedman (88) Details
11/08/2007Worcester C (A)Conf North842 2-0StartedTipton (24), Davis (50) Details
13/08/2007Vauxhall M (H)Conf North370 6-3StartedTipton (66), Clee (72), Davis (76), Simm (83, 86, 89) Details
18/08/2007Tamworth (H)Conf North511 1-2StartedJohnson (67) Details
25/08/2007Blyth S (A)Conf North563 2-0StartedSimm (17), Band (35) Details
27/08/2007Harrogate T (A)Conf North554 1-2StartedSeddon (90) Details
01/09/2007Redditch U (H)Conf North339 4-0StartedSeddon (9), Robinson (29), Tipton (74), Johnson (87) Details
09/09/2007Gainsboro' T (A)Conf North339 3-3StartedClee (8, 61), Pickford (21) Details
15/09/2007Burscough (H)Conf North351 1-0StartedJohnson (90) Details
18/09/2007Southport (A)Conf North802 1-2StartedTipton (30) Details
22/09/2007AFC Telford (H)Conf North576 1-0StartedSeddon (76) Details
24/09/2007Nantwich T (H)CSC148 0-2Started Details
29/09/2007Stalybridge C (A)FAC790 0-1Started Details
06/10/2007Kettering T (A)Conf North1461 2-0StartedSeddon (65, 90) Details
13/10/2007Alfreton T (A)Conf North245 3-0StartedSeddon (54), Tipton (65), Simm (85) Details
20/10/2007Barrow (H)Conf North461 2-1StartedJohnson (59), Simm (90 pen) Details
22/10/2007Glossop NE (H)MPC138 6-4Subbed onSimm (6, 90 pen), Cowan (17), Tipton (22, 33), Williams (72) Details
30/10/2007Leigh RMI (A)Conf North231 5-1StartedPickford (10), Seddon (26), Johnson (40), Tipton (50, 90) Details
04/11/2007Nuneaton B (A)Conf North889 0-1Started Details
10/11/2007Southport (H)Conf North611 1-3StartedJohnson (35) Details
13/11/2007Tamworth (A)SET187 2-3aetStartedSeddon (4 pen), Tolson (88) Details
17/11/2007Hucknall T (A)Conf North401 4-1StartedJohnson (3), Wharton (29), Simm (53, 61) Details
19/11/2007Solihull M (H)Conf North315 3-0StartedSimm (21), Morley (26), Tipton (74) Details
24/11/2007Vauxhall M (A)FAT199 0-1Started Details
01/12/2007Hinckley U (H)Conf North402 5-2StartedSeddon (11, 46), Tipton (12), Simm (80, 84) Details
15/12/2007Nuneaton B (H)Conf North408 2-0StartedSeddon (9), Tipton (26) Details
26/12/2007Stalybridge C (H)Conf North1038 1-3StartedOwn Goal (87) Details
29/12/2007Harrogate T (H)Conf North511 2-2StartedBand (15), Seddon (67) Details
01/01/2008Stalybridge C (A)Conf North946 1-3Subbed onSeddon (25) Details
05/01/2008Blyth S (H)Conf North380 2-4StartedTipton (55), Seddon (89) Details
08/01/2008Trafford (A)MPC130 2-1StartedClee (64), Seddon (86) Details
19/01/2008Alfreton T (H)Conf North509 0-2Started Details
26/01/2008Tamworth (A)Conf North1189 1-2StartedSeddon (62 pen) Details
03/02/2008Boston U (H)Conf North477 2-1StartedInnes (45), Clee (89) Details
09/02/2008Leigh RMI (H)Conf North404 1-1StartedPickford (43) Details
11/02/2008Ashton U (H)MPC178 3-2aetStartedWharton (8), Seddon (46, 97) Details
16/02/2008AFC Telford (A)Conf North2107 1-2StartedSimm (84) Details
19/02/2008Vauxhall M (A)Conf North143 4-3Unused subSeddon (34), Cartwright (62), Tipton (67, 69) Details
23/02/2008Worcester C (H)Conf North465 3-1Subbed onMorley (18), Simm (35), Seddon (63) Details
26/02/2008Redditch U (A)Conf North312 1-3Subbed onSeddon (30) Details
08/03/2008Burscough (A)Conf North399 2-3StartedBand (49), Simm (60) Details
11/03/2008Workington (A)Conf North240 0-2Started Details
16/03/2008Kettering T (H)Conf North562 0-3Started Details
21/03/2008Barrow (A)Conf North1199 0-1Started Details
24/03/2008Gainsboro' T (H)Conf North301 3-0StartedSeddon (12, 55), Tipton (50) Details
05/04/2008Workington (H)Conf North302 1-2StartedTipton (24) Details
12/04/2008Hinckley U (A)Conf North537 1-2Subbed onTipton (45) Details
19/04/2008Solihull M (A)Conf North247 4-1StartedTipton (36 pen), Seddon (43, 65), Clee (51) Details
26/04/2008Boston U (A)Conf North1740 1-2StartedTipton (37) Details
28/04/2008Radcliffe B (N)MPC276 1-2StartedSeddon (90) Details
23/08/2008Droylsden (A)Conf North467 1-2Subbed onDean (17) Details
25/08/2008Gainsboro' T (H)Conf North251 0-0Started Details
30/08/2008Harrogate T (A)Conf North362 1-2StartedDean (89) Details
02/09/2008Blyth S (A)Conf North405 0-3Started Details
06/09/2008Hinckley U (H)Conf North285 0-0Subbed on Details
08/09/2008Vauxhall M (H)SET97 1-2StartedTipton (24 pen) Details
13/09/2008Kings Lynn (A)Conf North1079 1-4StartedTipton (79) Details
20/09/2008Vauxhall M (H)Conf North264 3-1StartedOwens (27), Simm (31), Clee (46) Details
22/09/2008Congleton T (H)CSC104 0-1Started Details
27/09/2008Whitley B (A)FAC364 1-3StartedLynch (66) Details
04/10/2008Tamworth (A)Conf North859 0-2Started Details
11/10/2008Farsley C (A)Conf North232 1-2StartedWharton (52) Details
18/10/2008Stafford R (H)Conf North375 1-1StartedSimm (90) Details
25/10/2008Hucknall T (A)Conf North213 1-0StartedSimm (66 pen) Details
27/10/2008New Mills (A)MPC175 2-4aetStartedMunroe (15), Own Goal (60) Details
01/11/2008Gateshead (H)Conf North301 2-5StartedSimm (26), Cartwright (65) Details
08/11/2008Solihull M (A)Conf North190 2-2StartedOwn Goal (2), Clee (67) Details
15/11/2008Workington (H)Conf North303 4-4StartedSimm (18, 77), Maamria (28), Tolson (90) Details
22/11/2008Hednesford T (H)FAT275 1-1StartedSimm (36) Details
25/11/2008Hednesford T (A)FAT263 0-5Started Details
29/11/2008Gateshead (A)Conf North273 3-6StartedSimm (48 pen), Tolson (53), Kilbane (73) Details
06/12/2008Burscough (A)Conf North362 2-2StartedDouglas-Pringle (21), Simm (32) Details
20/12/2008Alfreton T (H)Conf North327 1-1StartedDouglas-Pringle (17 pen) Details
26/12/2008Stalybridge C (H)Conf North871 0-2Started Details
17/01/2009AFC Telford (A)Conf North1888 3-2StartedDouglas-Pringle (47), Simm (51), Clee (87) Details
24/01/2009Tamworth (H)Conf North541 1-2StartedSimm (22 pen) Details
26/01/2009Farsley C (H)Conf North264 3-1StartedDouglas-Pringle (32), Clee (69), Simm (83) Details
31/01/2009Redditch U (H)Conf North271 1-2StartedDouglas-Pringle (14) Details
07/02/2009Southport (A)Conf North851 0-2Started Details
14/02/2009Hucknall T (H)Conf North301 2-0StartedSimm (45 pen), Morley (45) Details
21/02/2009Stafford R (A)Conf North500 0-2Started Details
28/02/2009AFC Telford (H)Conf North502 0-4Started Details
10/03/2009Stalybridge C (A)Conf North604 1-4StartedLynch (57) Details
14/03/2009Workington (A)Conf North328 2-2StartedDouglas-Pringle (44), Clee (60) Details
21/03/2009Kings Lynn (H)Conf North305 0-1Started Details
24/03/2009Vauxhall M (A)Conf North201 1-2StartedSimm (12) Details
28/03/2009Harrogate T (H)Conf North301 2-3StartedDouglas-Pringle (35), Tolson (84) Details
04/04/2009Hinckley U (A)Conf North343 1-0StartedDouglas-Pringle (68) Details
06/04/2009Blyth S (H)Conf North338 1-0StartedOwens (78) Details
11/04/2009Droylsden (H)Conf North557 1-3StartedOwn Goal (77) Details
13/04/2009Gainsboro' T (A)Conf North290 1-0StartedSimm (70) Details
15/04/2009Southport (H)Conf North438 1-1StartedTolson (75) Details
18/04/2009Redditch U (A)Conf North347 0-1Started Details
25/04/2009Solihull M (H)Conf North251 3-1StartedSimm (43, 47), Lynch (58) Details

* = Won on penalties
^ = Lost on penalties

Hyde's record for all matches featuring Nicky Clee:
Played 159, Won 62, Drawn 27, Lost 70, For 266, Against 257

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