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Hyde's record against Congleton Town

 PlayedHyde WinDrawCongleton T winHyde GoalsCongleton T Goals
At Hyde33244510743
At Congleton T361312116568
Neutral venue000000
DateOpponentCompAttResultHyde Scorers 
19/08/2017Congleton T (H)FAC332  4-2Pratt (18, 71), Stockdill (29), Beadle (82) Details
22/09/2008Congleton T (H)CSC104  0-1 Details
14/02/1990Congleton T (A)CSC  2-1McCluskie, Lutkevitch Details
20/01/1990Congleton T (A)NPL LC  3-2McCluskie, Lutkevitch (2 goals) Details
15/09/1973Congleton T (A)FAC  0-2 Details
06/03/1965Congleton T (H)CCL  4-0 Details
10/10/1964Congleton T (A)CCL  1-0 Details
15/02/1964Congleton T (A)CCL  2-0 Details
12/10/1963Congleton T (H)CCL  1-0 Details
29/12/1962Congleton T (A)CCL  2-2 Details
27/10/1962Congleton T (H)CCL  2-2 Details
24/03/1962Congleton T (A)CCL  1-2 Details
13/03/1962Congleton T (H)CCL  2-0 Details
18/03/1961Congleton T (A)CCL  2-1 Details
12/11/1960Congleton T (H)CCL  2-2 Details
05/12/1959Congleton T (H)CCL  5-0 Details
23/09/1959Congleton T (A)CCL  2-2 Details
07/03/1959Congleton T (H)CCL  2-1 Details
31/01/1959Congleton T (A)CSC  3-5 Details
27/12/1958Congleton T (A)CCL  0-1 Details
06/04/1958Congleton T (H)CCL  3-0 Details
22/03/1958Congleton T (A)CCL  2-1 Details
12/01/1957Congleton T (H)CCL  6-2 Details
29/12/1956Congleton T (A)CCL  3-3 Details
25/09/1956Congleton T (H)FAC  6-2 Details
22/09/1956Congleton T (A)FAC  3-3 Details
03/03/1956Congleton T (H)CCL  5-1 Details
12/11/1955Congleton T (A)CCL  2-3 Details
24/09/1955Congleton T (A)FAC  3-1 Details
15/09/1954Congleton T (A)CCL  1-1 Details
07/09/1954Congleton T (A)CCL  1-1 Details
09/01/1954Congleton T (H)CSC  6-0 Details
06/10/1953Congleton T (H)CCL  3-1 Details
29/09/1953Congleton T (H)FAC  0-1 Details
26/09/1953Congleton T (A)FAC  5-5 Details
23/09/1953Congleton T (A)CCL  3-0 Details
14/03/1953Congleton T (A)CCL  2-4 Details
03/01/1953Congleton T (H)CCL  0-3 Details
29/03/1952Congleton T (H)CCL  2-4 Details
22/12/1951Congleton T (A)CCL  1-1 Details
21/04/1951Congleton T (A)CCL  0-2 Details
07/11/1950Congleton T (H)CCL  1-1McConnell Details
10/04/1950Congleton T (H)CCL  2-3 Details
28/01/1950Congleton T (A)CCL  2-1 Details
26/02/1949Congleton T (H)CSC  2-0 Details
18/12/1948Congleton T (A)CCL  1-3 Details
27/11/1948Congleton T (H)CCL  4-2 Details
07/02/1948Congleton T (H)CCL  8-1 Details
29/11/1947Congleton T (A)CCL  2-0 Details
10/05/1947Congleton T (H)CCL  5-1 Details
23/04/1947Congleton T (A)CCL  2-2 Details
11/02/1939Congleton T (A)CCL  1-1 Details
13/09/1938Congleton T (H)CCL  3-1 Details
30/03/1938Congleton T (A)CCL  3-0 Details
18/09/1937Congleton T (H)CCL  3-1 Details
14/11/1936Congleton T (H)CCL  6-4 Details
24/10/1936Congleton T (A)CCL  1-1 Details
02/05/1936Congleton T (A)CCL  0-7 Details
31/08/1935Congleton T (H)CCL  3-0 Details
01/12/1934Congleton T (H)CCL  4-0 Details
10/11/1934Congleton T (A)CCL  2-3 Details
02/09/1933Congleton T (A)CCL  3-2 Details
26/08/1933Congleton T (H)CCL  2-2 Details
14/01/1933Congleton T (A)CCL  3-2 Details
10/09/1932Congleton T (H)CCL  3-2 Details
13/02/1932Congleton T (A)CCL  1-3 Details
02/01/1932Congleton T (H)CCL  3-1 Details
22/11/1930Congleton T (H)CCL  5-2 Details
13/09/1930Congleton T (A)CCL  0-0 Details

* = Won on penalties
^ = Lost on penalties

Biggest Hyde win: 8-1 on 07 February 1948
Biggest Hyde defeat: 0-7 on 02 May 1936

Most appearances v Congleton T
1950 Bond2
Jim McCluskie2
Mike Lutkevitch2
Joe Connor2
Graham Bell2
Levi Edwards2
Craig Farnaby2
Carl Hodgert2
1950 McConnell2
1950 GK Teece2
Luke Porritt1
Karl Jones0 (1)
Matthew Beadle0 (1)
Tom Pratt1
Sanchez Payne0 (1)
Paddy Miller1
Jack Stockdill1
James Burke1
Tyrone Gay1
1950 Fletcher1
Janni Lipka1
Chris Sutherland1
Pete Boyle1
1950 Eastham1
1950 Campbell1
1950 Briggs1
1950 McLeod1
1950 Peel1
1950 Pither1
1950 Worthington1
1950 Taylor1
J Wood1
1950 Alker1
1950 Jones1
B Harrison1
Kyle Harrison1
J Harrison1
1950 Bardsley1
1950 Shore1
Alan Clarke1
Chris Brass1
Jamie Tandy1
Chris Cooke1
Jordan Davis-Campbell1
Nathan Wharton1
Lee Rick1
David Owens1
Craig Dootson1
Ged Elliott1
Keith Hicks1
Terry Megram1
Chris O'Brien1
Andy Cutts1
Nigel Smith1
Russ Hooton1
Joel Igenoza1
Chris Simm1
David Wilde1
Ian Greenhalgh1
Steve Crompton1
Tony Dove1
1973 Lovery1
Peter O'Brien1
Jack Hewitt1
Barry Smallwood1
Chris Coward0 (1)
Nicky Clee1
Adam Oakes0 (1)
Jimmy Lomas1
Johnny Taylor1
Pete Hadfield1
Peter Crook1
Most goals v Congleton T
Mike Lutkevitch3
Tom Pratt2
Jim McCluskie2
Jack Stockdill1
Matthew Beadle1
1950 McConnell1

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