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This site aims to chart the history of the club as both Hyde FC and Hyde United along with records of opponents played, results, league tables and player records. It is a work in progress but current records show all players and results from the present day back to 1979/80.

Season 2013/14 is not yet complete but I will be working on that over the coming few weeks whilst also keeping up to date with the current season.

SITE PROBLEMS:- Very much aware that we have an issue with players records not updating in the database. Something that is being worked on although getting to the bottom of it is very much a challenge.

FURTHER UPDATE:- Problem appears to be with the site host who are washing their hands of the issue. We will be moving host soon and hopefully this will restore full and correct player records. Expect some downtime whilst this occurs, I will try to advise when it is due to happen

On This Day...(more)
24 October 2002v Trafford (H)NPL LC2-1Details
24 October 2000v Gainsborough Trinity (A)NPL P1-2Details
24 October 1992v Horwich RMI (A)NPL P5-3Details
24 October 1988v Bangor City (H)ILC2-0Details
24 October 1987v Bangor City (H)NPL P2-0Details
2014/2015 Appearances(more)
Louis Almond13
Josh Brizell8
Tom Bentham8
Connor Hughes7 (1)
Reece Gray6 (1)
2014/2015 Goalscorers(more)
Louis Almond2
Rhys Day0
Regan Walker0
Joe Conchie0
Christian Thewlis0

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