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Stalybridge Celtic

Club Information

GroundBower Fold
AddressMottram Road, Stalybridge, Cheshire. SK15 2RT
Telephone0161-338 2828
DirectionsFrom M67 junction 4: At the roundabout turn left (exit 1 of 4) onto the A57 (Hyde Road). After 1/2 a mile you will reach a set of traffic lights (signposted Stalybridge). Turn left onto B6174 (Stalybridge Road). Almost immediately, there is a mini roundabout. Turn left (exit 1 of 5) onto Roe Cross Road (A6018). Follow this road for 1 3/4 miles passing the Roe Cross Inn on the right and through the cutting (the road is now called Mottram Road). Bower Fold is on the left opposite a sharp right turn next to the Hare and Hounds pub.
Nearest StationStalybridge

Hyde's record against Stalybridge Celtic

 PlayedHyde WinDrawStalybridge C winHyde GoalsStalybridge C Goals
At Hyde99492228219148
At Stalybridge C107401849186207
Neutral venue75111610
DateOpponentCompAttResultHyde Scorers 
26/12/2018Stalybridge C (A)NPL P838  2-2Chilaka (72), Fagbola (75) Details
18/09/2018Stalybridge C (H)NPL LC282  4-2Greaves (5, 19), Pratt (46, 61) Details
01/01/2015Stalybridge C (A)Conf North670  1-7Bentham (7) Details
26/12/2014Stalybridge C (H)Conf North756  2-4Bentham (54), Hughes (86) Details
01/01/2012Stalybridge C (A)Conf North1806  3-1Gray (66), Spencer (73), Own Goal (83) Details
26/12/2011Stalybridge C (H)Conf North1868  1-1Havern (79) Details
21/02/2011Stalybridge C (H)Conf North606  0-2 Details
01/01/2011Stalybridge C (A)Conf North742  2-1Manship (48), Whalley (75) Details
22/03/2010Stalybridge C (H)Conf North706  2-1D'Laryea (45), Arnold (88) Details
16/03/2010Stalybridge C (A)Conf North632  4-2Holsgrove (9), Burke (56), Arnold (64, 90) Details
10/03/2009Stalybridge C (A)Conf North604  1-4Lynch (57) Details
26/12/2008Stalybridge C (H)Conf North871  0-2 Details
01/01/2008Stalybridge C (A)Conf North946  1-3Seddon (25) Details
26/12/2007Stalybridge C (H)Conf North1038  1-3Own Goal (87) Details
29/09/2007Stalybridge C (A)FAC790  0-1 Details
01/01/2007Stalybridge C (A)Conf North756  7-3Seddon (15, 19, 23 pen, 50, 90), Johnson (25), Gedman (86) Details
26/12/2006Stalybridge C (H)Conf North917  3-1Seddon (27, 52), Wharton (89) Details
02/01/2006Stalybridge C (A)Conf North1243  2-1McNeil (84, 90) Details
26/12/2005Stalybridge C (H)Conf North1087  1-3Johnson (63) Details
26/11/2005Stalybridge C (H)FAT906  1-5Lynch (88) Details
01/01/2003Stalybridge C (A)NPL P968  0-6 Details
26/12/2002Stalybridge C (H)NPL P909  0-1 Details
13/02/2001Stalybridge C (A)NPL P1089  1-3Band (88) Details
22/01/2001Stalybridge C (H)CSC642  1-4Banim (88) Details
26/12/2000Stalybridge C (H)NPL P1109  1-2Yeo (45) Details
03/01/2000Stalybridge C (A)NPL P1728  1-3Banim (51) Details
27/12/1999Stalybridge C (H)NPL P1772  1-0Hall (14) Details
01/01/1999Stalybridge C (A)NPL P1640  1-2Yeo (33) Details
26/12/1998Stalybridge C (H)NPL P1357  1-1Yeo (27) Details
17/11/1998Stalybridge C (A)CSC535  2-1aetHaw (82), Moncrieffe (116) Details
21/11/1995Stalybridge C (A)CSC614  3-0Nolan (34, 62, 72 pen) Details
23/01/1995Stalybridge C (H)FAT970  3-1Own Goal (6), Little (21), Chadwick (51) Details
21/01/1995Stalybridge C (A)FAT1062  3-3Chadwick (4), Kimmins (20, 85) Details
19/04/1992Stalybridge C (A)NPL P1225  2-1Hodgert (75), Graham (90) Details
26/12/1991Stalybridge C (H)NPL P1117  1-2Kirkham (87) Details
01/04/1991Stalybridge C (H)NPL P787  1-1Baines (77) Details
30/03/1991Stalybridge C (A)NPL P726  0-1 Details
09/10/1990Stalybridge C (A)ILC756  2-1McCluskie (45, 65) Details
16/04/1990Stalybridge C (A)NPL P  3-0Lutkevitch, McCluskie, Harris Details
05/02/1990Stalybridge C (H)LFT  3-0O'Brien (pen), McCluskie (2 goals) Details
26/12/1989Stalybridge C (H)NPL P1207  2-1Edwards, Harris Details
11/11/1989Stalybridge C (A)LFT  0-2 Details
03/04/1989Stalybridge C (H)NPL P  4-0Hicks, Nisbett, Rudge, Kirkham Details
30/01/1989Stalybridge C (H)LFT745  2-1Blackwood, Connor Details
26/12/1988Stalybridge C (A)NPL P1600  1-0Harris Details
09/02/1987Stalybridge C (H)LFT  4-0Johnson, Lutkevitch, O'Connor, Kilner Details
02/12/1986Stalybridge C (A)LFT  1-0Lutkevitch Details
09/03/1986Stalybridge C (A)LFT  1-3Curley Details
30/11/1985Stalybridge C (A)FAT  3-1Timmons (2 goals), Curran Details
18/11/1985Stalybridge C (H)LFT  0-3 Details
15/10/1983Stalybridge C (H)FAC  2-0Coyne (2 goals) Details
13/05/1982Stalybridge C (H)CLCC  0-0 Details
11/05/1982Stalybridge C (A)CLCC  1-0Oghani Details
09/04/1982Stalybridge C (A)CCL  1-0Holt Details
08/03/1982Stalybridge C (H)CCL  2-2Daniels, Blore Details
06/05/1981Stalybridge C (N)CSC  4-3aetMcMahon, Johnson, Riley (pen), Oghani Details
25/04/1981Stalybridge C (N)CSC  1-1aetHolt Details
20/04/1981Stalybridge C (A)CCL  0-0 Details
26/12/1980Stalybridge C (H)CCL  2-1Oghani, Holt Details
04/04/1980Stalybridge C (A)CCL000  1-2 Details
10/09/1979Stalybridge C (H)CCL  1-2Holt (pen) Details
13/04/1979Stalybridge C (H)CCL  0-1 Details
26/12/1978Stalybridge C (A)CCL  0-1 Details
26/08/1978Stalybridge C (A)CLCC  0-2 Details
27/03/1978Stalybridge C (A)CCL  1-1Charter Details
02/02/1978Stalybridge C (A)CLCC  1-2Holt (pen) Details
26/12/1977Stalybridge C (H)CCL  1-1Holt (pen) Details
11/04/1977Stalybridge C (H)CCL  0-0 Details
27/12/1976Stalybridge C (A)CCL  1-2Own Goal Details
30/10/1976Stalybridge C (H)FAT  1-5Healey Details
19/04/1976Stalybridge C (A)CCL  2-0Johnson (2 goals) Details
26/12/1975Stalybridge C (H)CCL  0-1 Details
18/11/1975Stalybridge C (A)NWFL  0-1 Details
20/10/1975Stalybridge C (H)NWFL  2-2Johnson, O'Keefe (pen) Details
13/10/1975Stalybridge C (H)FAT  2-1Johnson, O'Keefe (pen) Details
11/10/1975Stalybridge C (A)FAT  2-2Johnson (2 goals) Details
19/08/1975Stalybridge C (A)CLCC  1-2Johnson Details
20/04/1975Stalybridge C (H)REP  0-0 Details
08/04/1975Stalybridge C (A)REP  0-1 Details
31/03/1975Stalybridge C (H)CCL  1-1O'Brien Details
26/12/1974Stalybridge C (A)CCL  1-2Johnson Details
11/05/1974Stalybridge C (H)REP  2-1Graham, O'Brien Details
10/05/1974Stalybridge C (A)REP  0-0 Details
15/04/1974Stalybridge C (A)CCL  0-1 Details
11/03/1974Stalybridge C (H)CCL  0-1 Details
03/02/1974Stalybridge C (H)CSC  4-1O'Brien (3 goals), Own Goal Details
27/01/1974Stalybridge C (A)CSC  2-2Hazelhurst, O'Brien Details
15/10/1973Stalybridge C (H)CLCC  1-3Clarke Details
28/08/1973Stalybridge C (A)CLCC  1-3Hewitt Details
23/04/1973Stalybridge C (H)CCL  3-1O'Brien (pen), Hallsworth (2 goals) Details
03/04/1973Stalybridge C (A)REP  3-2Haughton, O'Brien, Hallsworth Details
15/01/1973Stalybridge C (H)REP  4-3O'Brien (4 goals) Details
26/12/1972Stalybridge C (A)CCL  3-3Hewitt, Clarke, Fitzsimmons Details
21/08/1972Stalybridge C (H)CLCC  3-1Dobson (pen), Hallsworth (2 goals) Details
03/04/1972Stalybridge C (A)CCL  1-2Birchall Details
27/12/1971Stalybridge C (H)CCL  1-1Hallsworth Details
09/04/1971Stalybridge C (H)CCL  2-2O'Brien (2 goals) Details
26/12/1970Stalybridge C (A)CCL  0-4 Details
14/02/1970Stalybridge C (A)CSC  5-3Hewitt (3 goals), Crawley, Phoenix Details
08/09/1969Stalybridge C (A)FAC  2-0Fry (2 goals) Details
06/09/1969Stalybridge C (H)FAC  1-1Phoenix Details
12/04/1968Stalybridge C (A)CCL  2-2 Details
23/12/1967Stalybridge C (H)CCL  4-2 Details
18/04/1967Stalybridge C (A)CCL  1-1 Details
24/03/1967Stalybridge C (H)CCL  4-0 Details
05/09/1966Stalybridge C (H)FAC  3-1 Details
03/09/1966Stalybridge C (A)FAC  2-2 Details
08/04/1966Stalybridge C (A)CCL  1-2 Details
04/04/1966Stalybridge C (H)CCL  2-3 Details
22/01/1966Stalybridge C (H)CSC  3-0 Details
16/04/1965Stalybridge C (H)CCL  2-3 Details
26/12/1964Stalybridge C (A)CCL  2-1 Details
27/03/1964Stalybridge C (A)CCL  3-1 Details
28/12/1963Stalybridge C (H)CCL  1-0 Details
23/04/1963Stalybridge C (A)CCL  1-4 Details
12/04/1963Stalybridge C (H)CCL  4-1 Details
09/10/1962Stalybridge C (H)FAC  3-0 Details
06/10/1962Stalybridge C (A)FAC  1-1 Details
20/04/1962Stalybridge C (A)CCL  0-3 Details
09/04/1962Stalybridge C (H)CCL  3-0 Details
16/10/1961Stalybridge C (H)FAC  1-2 Details
07/10/1961Stalybridge C (A)FAC  2-2 Details
31/03/1961Stalybridge C (H)CCL  2-2 Details
26/12/1960Stalybridge C (A)CCL  4-2 Details
15/04/1960Stalybridge C (A)CCL  1-1 Details
25/12/1959Stalybridge C (H)CCL  4-1 Details
16/11/1959Stalybridge C (N)ASH  4-1 Details
27/03/1959Stalybridge C (H)CCL  3-1 Details
25/12/1958Stalybridge C (A)CCL  2-0 Details
01/05/1958Stalybridge C (A)MIC  0-1 Details
05/04/1958Stalybridge C (A)CCL  3-1 Details
25/12/1957Stalybridge C (H)CCL  2-1 Details
16/09/1957Stalybridge C (H)CLCC  5-1 Details
02/05/1957Stalybridge C (H)MIC  5-2 Details
19/04/1957Stalybridge C (H)CCL  3-0 Details
02/03/1957Stalybridge C (A)CSC  3-0 Details
25/12/1956Stalybridge C (A)CCL  1-3 Details
27/10/1956Stalybridge C (A)CLCC  4-1 Details
17/09/1956Stalybridge C (H)FAC  6-1 Details
11/09/1956Stalybridge C (A)FAC  4-4aet Details
08/09/1956Stalybridge C (H)FAC  4-4 Details
31/03/1956Stalybridge C (A)CCL  3-2 Details
26/12/1955Stalybridge C (H)CCL  5-1 Details
05/11/1955Stalybridge C (A)CLCC  4-1 Details
10/05/1955Stalybridge C (H)MCFAS  0-1 Details
09/04/1955Stalybridge C (H)CCL  3-1 Details
25/12/1954Stalybridge C (A)CCL  2-4 Details
23/10/1954Stalybridge C (H)FAC  8-1 Details
04/09/1954Stalybridge C (A)CLCC  7-1 Details
03/05/1954Stalybridge C (H)MCFAS  2-1 Details
22/04/1954Stalybridge C (A)MCFAS  2-2 Details
17/04/1954Stalybridge C (A)CCL  2-1 Details
28/12/1953Stalybridge C (A)ASH  2-3 Details
12/12/1953Stalybridge C (H)CCL  2-1 Details
08/09/1953Stalybridge C (H)CLCC  2-1 Details
06/12/1952Stalybridge C (H)CCL  0-1 Details
18/10/1952Stalybridge C (A)CCL  1-1 Details
27/09/1952Stalybridge C (A)FAC  2-3 Details
18/09/1952Stalybridge C (H)CLCC  6-0 Details
09/09/1952Stalybridge C (A)CLCC  1-1 Details
24/11/1951Stalybridge C (H)CCL  1-2Williams Details
06/10/1951Stalybridge C (A)CCL  1-2Johnston Details
29/09/1951Stalybridge C (A)CLCC  2-1Johnston, Own Goal Details
11/09/1951Stalybridge C (H)CLCC  1-1Dickinson Details
19/04/1951Stalybridge C (A)ASH  3-2Own Goal, Peel, Worthington Details
24/02/1951Stalybridge C (H)CCL  2-1Campbell, Pickford Details
25/11/1950Stalybridge C (A)CCL  1-3Harrison Details
30/09/1950Stalybridge C (A)FAC  6-2Jenkins (3 goals), Eastham, Wood, Bond Details
05/09/1950Stalybridge C (A)CLCC  0-2 Details
11/02/1950Stalybridge C (A)CCL  4-2 Details
22/10/1949Stalybridge C (H)CCL  2-2 Details
08/09/1949Stalybridge C (A)CLCC  1-4 Details
30/08/1949Stalybridge C (H)CLCC  0-0 Details
21/04/1949Stalybridge C (H)CCL  2-3 Details
23/10/1948Stalybridge C (A)CCL  1-2 Details
07/09/1948Stalybridge C (A)CLCC  4-2 Details
30/04/1948Stalybridge C (N)ASH  2-1 Details
06/12/1947Stalybridge C (H)CCL  1-0 Details
18/10/1947Stalybridge C (A)CCL  0-3 Details
27/05/1947Stalybridge C (N)ASH  1-2 Details
19/04/1947Stalybridge C (A)CSC  4-1 Details
09/11/1946Stalybridge C (H)CCL  3-4 Details
10/09/1946Stalybridge C (A)CCL  2-4 Details
06/04/1946Stalybridge C (A)CCL  1-6 Details
23/03/1946Stalybridge C (H)CCL  1-2 Details
06/04/1940Stalybridge C (A)CCL  4-3 Details
16/03/1940Stalybridge C (H)CCL  6-4 Details
21/10/1939Stalybridge C (A)CCL  2-1 Details
14/10/1939Stalybridge C (H)CCL  2-1 Details
10/12/1938Stalybridge C (H)CCL  6-1 Details
24/09/1938Stalybridge C (A)CCL  0-4 Details
30/10/1937Stalybridge C (A)CCL  0-1 Details
09/10/1937Stalybridge C (H)CCL  3-2 Details
29/04/1937Stalybridge C (A)ASH  2-3 Details
07/11/1936Stalybridge C (H)CCL  2-2 Details
26/09/1936Stalybridge C (A)CCL  2-3 Details
07/04/1936Stalybridge C (A)CCL  2-6 Details
14/09/1935Stalybridge C (H)CCL  0-2 Details
22/09/1934Stalybridge C (H)CCL  2-2 Details
08/09/1934Stalybridge C (A)CCL  0-3 Details
04/05/1934Stalybridge C (N)ASH  2-1 Details
31/03/1934Stalybridge C (A)CCL  2-0 Details
03/03/1934Stalybridge C (H)CCL  3-3 Details
02/05/1933Stalybridge C (A)CCL  2-0 Details
19/11/1932Stalybridge C (H)CCL  4-2 Details
16/04/1932Stalybridge C (A)CCL  1-2 Details
09/04/1932Stalybridge C (H)CCL  3-1 Details
01/05/1931Stalybridge C (N)ASH  2-1 Details
28/04/1931Stalybridge C (A)CCL  0-2 Details
21/02/1931Stalybridge C (H)CCL  7-4 Details
29/04/1930Stalybridge C (A)ASH  0-2 Details
24/04/1930Stalybridge C (H)ASH  2-2 Details
11/09/1923Stalybridge C (H)ASH  0-1 Details

* = Won on penalties
^ = Lost on penalties

Biggest Hyde win: 8-1 on 23 October 1954
Biggest Hyde defeat: 1-7 on 01 January 2015

Most appearances v Stalybridge C
Steve Johnson20 (1)
Peter O'Brien17
David Holt15
Eric Fitzsimmons14
Tony Steenson14
Jack Hewitt13
Colin Darcy13
Chris Lynch11 (2)
Mike Lutkevitch10 (2)
David Constantine12
Terry Megram10 (1)
Peter Band11
Jeff Johnson10
1976 Tutty10
Nicky Clee8 (2)
Dale Johnson9 (1)
Jack Dobson9
Pete Hadfield9
Paul Bennett9
Alan Clarke9
George Oghani9
Jimmy Golder9
Paul Kirkham7 (2)
Johnny Taylor9
Ian Greenhalgh8
1950 Shore8
1950 McConnell8
Micky Haughton8
Neil Colbourne8
Levi Edwards8
Jimmy Lomas8
Gus Wilson8
Gary Blore8
1975 Leech8
Russ Hooton8
Paul Fitzgerald8
1950 Bond8
Colin Jackson7
Carl Hodgert7
Lee Rick2 (5)
Neil Hall7
Danny Healey7
Geoff McDermott7
Jimmy Hallsworth7
Paul McMahon5 (2)
Craig Dootson6
1950 Campbell6
Stuart Kirk6
Graham Bell6
Phil Chadwick6
Eamonn O'Keefe6
John Evans6
Gareth Seddon5
David Moran5
Richard Harris3 (2)
Barry Smallwood5
Ray Perry5
Mike Phoenix5
Gary Collins5
Ralph Darlington5
Don Graham4 (1)
1950 GK Teece5
Graham Holder5
John Cooke5
Malcolm O'Connor5
Ron Wood5
Mick Lacey5
Chris Simm0 (5)
Ian McQueen5
Joe Connor5
Tom Manship4 (1)
Nathan Wharton5
Paul Robertson5
Jody Banim3 (2)
Steve Tobin5
Gary Walker4
John Bishop3 (1)
Ronnie Swann4
1975 Ash3 (1)
Jim McCluskie4
Steve Curley3 (1)
Alan Goulding4
Chris Brass4
Steve Pickford4
Barry Hazelhurst3 (1)
Paul Taylor4
Scott McNiven4
Kevin Glendon4
Peter Coyne4
1975 Tonge4
Mark Lees4
Neil Tolson2 (2)
Paul Hughes3 (1)
Josh Brizell4
Terry Cook4
1950 Briggs4
B Harrison4
George Shepherd3 (1)
Barry Howard4
Paul Brears4
Billy Bell4
David Elder4
Lincoln Adams2 (2)
Simon Yeo4
Tony Camilleri4
David Nolan3
David Wilde3
Glyn Chamberlain3
Steve Saunders2 (1)
Jack Boothway3
Gerry Harrison2 (1)
Geoff Fry3
Don Page3
Mark Innes3
Eric Dey3
Joe Clayton3
Matthew Tipton3
Daniel Douglas-Pringle2 (1)
Matty Taylor3
Kevin Holsgrove3
Scott Mooney3
Matty Burke2 (1)
Billy Garton3
George Switzer3
Darren Esdaille3
Arthur Williams3
Ged Kimmins3
Dean Stott3
John Bain3
Simon Rudge3
Jim Curran3
Dave Lees2 (1)
Colin Little3
Matty McNeil3
Gary Riley3
David Morley3
Tony Rodwell3
W Jones3
John Platt3
Mark Beeston3
John Gannon3
Earl Davis2 (1)
1951 Walkden3
Graham Bennett3
1951 Gray3
John Foster2 (1)
Jonathan Scargill3
David Blow3
Craig Farnaby3
Brendan Aspinall2 (1)
Andy Cutts3
1973 Lovery3
Keith Hicks3
Paul Hudders3
Steve Haw1 (2)
Mike Flynn3
Paul Jones3
Ian Sandiford3
Kurt Edgington2
Ian Blyth2
Kyle Brownhill2
Mike Lacey2
Phil Parry2
Andrew Smart2
Barney Daniels1 (1)
1975 Hargreaves1 (1)
Janni Lipka2
Lloyd Richardson1 (1)
Jordan Fagbola2
John McCombe2
Jean-Paul Ndjebayi2
1976 Thorley2
Rob Hulse2
John Crawley2
Louis Almond2
David Hanson2
Luke Giverin2
Danny Hall2
Tom Bentham2
Gianluca Havern2
Les Sutton2
David Carnell2
Connor Hunt2
Adam Blakeman2
Anthony Charles2
Paul Garside2
Alex McQuade2
Tunji Moses2
Andrew Pearson2
Sean Williams1 (1)
Reece Gray2
Danny Broadbent1 (1)
Mickey Saile2
Kenny Hewitt2
Scott Spencer2
Rhys Day1 (1)
Callum Byrne2
Ted Cribley2
James Ellison1 (1)
Connor Hughes2
Ryan Masterson0 (2)
Jim Clark2
Martin Diggle2
David Flitcroft2
1951 Baines2
Paul Gedman0 (2)
Michael Taylor2
Paul Howarth2
Peter Mellor0 (2)
David German2
1951 Woods2
Rick Whelan1 (1)
Barry Diamond2
Walter Nisbett2
1972 Delaney2
1951 Hutton2
1951 Johnston2
Chris O'Brien1 (1)
Wayne Dean2
Andy Baines2
Kojoe Taylor2
Darren Pybus2
Richard Annan2
Dave Billows0 (2)
Gordon Tucker2
Dave O'Brien2
N Jones2
Danny Caldecott2
Simon Marsh2
Wayne Goodison2
N Wood2
1950 Peel2
Nigel Smith2
Darren Washington1 (1)
Ronnie Grabner2
Chris Downes2
Jason Hardy0 (2)
Mike Turner2
1950 Pither2
John Timmons1 (1)
Tony Unsworth2
Ian Rogers2
Dominic Crookes2
1950 Cooper2
Danny McAlinden2
Mark Halstead2
Nathan D'Laryea2
Peter Crookes2
1976 Riley2
Mike Lomax2
Tom Pratt2
Nathan Arnold2
Prince Moncrieffe2
Troy Hayder2
Phil Marsden2
Karl Munroe2
Lee Evans2
1974 Lennon2
1950 GK Grimshaw2
Farrell Kilbane2
J Wood2
Adam Oakes2
1950 Eastham2
Steve Foster2
Ron Jenkins2
Chris Hewitt1 (1)
1951 Williams2
Jason Tee2
1973 Sanderson1
Jack Lancashire1
David Brown0 (1)
1950 Bardsley1
1950 Pickford1
1950 Taylor1
1951 Barber1
1950 Jones1
1951 Dickinson1
J Harrison1
1972GK White1
1950 McLeod1
1950 Worthington1
Jerome Wright1
Oladapo Olarewaju0 (1)
Paddy Lane0 (1)
Nicky Platt1
Chib Chilaka1
1950 Henderson1
Dominic Smalley1
Ross Daly1
Gavin Rothery0 (1)
Peter Crook1
Harvey Purcer1
1969 Birchall1
Dennis Middleton1
GK1971 Prendergast1
1919 Wilson1
Eddie Birchall1
1972 Walmsley1
James Hodges1
Kyle Harrison1
1951 Brooks1
Astley Mulholland1
Tom Greaves1
Matty Hughes1
Grant Roberts1
Jim Lancashire1
1972 Griffiths1
John Carter1
Mark Wrench1
Ian Callaghan1
Andy Graham1
Jon Healey0 (1)
Dave O'Gorman1
John Bramhall1
Val Owen1
Tony Carroll1
Tony Coyle1
Chris Cutler1
Neil Peters1
Steve Ham0 (1)
Neil Fitzhenry1
Karl Lomax1
Elliot Bernstein1
John Tanner1
Dale Stephens1
Lee Cartwright1
Ged Elliott1
Bevan Blackwood1
Micky Barnes1
Craig Robinson1
Gary Henshaw1
Jason Gallagher1
Carl Laurie0 (1)
Micky Beirne0 (1)
Steve Rimmer1
Phil Trainer1
Phil Salt1
Carlos Meakin1
Steve Brackenridge0 (1)
Paul Armstrong1
Mark Westhead1
James Barrow1
Darren McConnell0 (1)
Stuart Walker0 (1)
John McGill0 (1)
Dave Swanick0 (1)
Paul Richardson1
Chris Dolby0 (1)
Neil Fisher1
Mike Meszaros0 (1)
Matthew Wright1
Andy Shelton1
Ryan Hevicon1
Paul Ashwell1
Martin Sykes1
Malcolm Wagstaffe1
Erike Sousa0 (1)
Andreas Pachipis1
Pete Boyle0 (1)
Mark Hilton1
Kelvin Lomax1
Matthew Flynn1
Harry Winter0 (1)
David Poole0 (1)
Adam Griffin1
Ashley Kelly0 (1)
1979 Knight1
Ray Charter1
Joe Dean1
1973 Partridge0 (1)
1974 (GK) Smith1
Melvin Winterbottom1
Simon Farrell1
1975 Seaton1
Ian Graham1
Rudi Mancini1
Frank Pearson1
Tony Ryan1
Jack Mackreth0 (1)
Danny Hudson1
Mark Molyneaux1
Wayne Roberts1
Mark Baird0 (1)
David McNiven0 (1)
Gary Lowe1
John Davies1
Steve Guest1
Andy Kilner1
Dave Lutkevitch1
Joel Igenoza0 (1)
Ricky Mercer1
Brian Hart1
Ben Morris0 (1)
Rob Turner0 (1)
Kyle Clancy1
Ashley Young1
Russell Saunders1
Steve Halford1
Charlie Pawsey0 (1)
Martin Stevens1
Carl Culley1
Shaun Whalley1
Tommy Arden1
Most goals v Stalybridge C
Peter O'Brien14
Gareth Seddon8
Jeff Johnson8
Jimmy Hallsworth6
David Holt6
Jim McCluskie5
Ron Jenkins3
Simon Yeo3
Nathan Arnold3
Kenny Hewitt3
Richard Harris3
Mike Lutkevitch3
David Nolan3
George Oghani3
Alan Clarke2
Paul Kirkham2
John Timmons2
Matty McNeil2
Dale Johnson2
Tom Bentham2
Chris Lynch2
Jody Banim2
Peter Coyne2
1951 Johnston2
Mike Phoenix2
Geoff Fry2
Tom Greaves2
Eamonn O'Keefe2
Tom Pratt2
Phil Chadwick2
Ged Kimmins2
Steve Johnson2
Jack Hewitt2
Colin Little1
Malcolm O'Connor1
Paul McMahon1
1950 Pickford1
Andy Kilner1
Gary Riley1
Barry Hazelhurst1
1950 Peel1
Carl Hodgert1
Scott Spencer1
Don Graham1
1950 Worthington1
Andy Graham1
Jim Curran1
Reece Gray1
Jack Dobson1
Steve Curley1
Gianluca Havern1
1950 Eastham1
Andy Baines1
Kevin Holsgrove1
Micky Haughton1
N Wood1
Matty Burke1
Connor Hughes1
Eric Fitzsimmons1
1950 Bond1
Nathan Wharton1
Keith Hicks1
Eddie Birchall1
Chib Chilaka1
Paul Gedman1
Nathan D'Laryea1
Walter Nisbett1
Jordan Fagbola1
Peter Band1
Levi Edwards1
Simon Rudge1
John Crawley1
Neil Hall1
Barney Daniels1
Ray Charter1
1951 Williams1
Steve Haw1
Chris O'Brien1
Gary Blore1
Danny Healey1
1951 Dickinson1
Prince Moncrieffe1
Bevan Blackwood1
Joe Connor1
Tom Manship1
J Harrison1
Shaun Whalley1
1950 Campbell1

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