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Club Information

GroundBorough Park
AddressBorough Park, Workington, Cumbria, England. CA14 2DT
DirectionsExit the M6 (N) to junction 40. Leave here and follow the A66 for Keswick and Workington, stay on the A66 into the town centre, until traffic lights at T junction. Turn right here onto the A596 for Maryport. After approx half mile you will see the river to your left and the floodlights for the ground (on the other side of river). Continue along the A596 and pass under a bridge, taking the next right which is signposted Stadium. The ground is on the left opposite the Tesco superstore.
Nearest StationWorkington

Hyde's record against Workington

 PlayedHyde WinDrawWorkington winHyde GoalsWorkington Goals
At Hyde165563025
At Workington176472628
Neutral venue000000
DateOpponentCompAttResultHyde Scorers 
25/01/2016Workington (H)NPL P256  0-4 Details
08/09/2015Workington (A)NPL P457  0-2 Details
05/03/2012Workington (H)Conf North528  4-0Byrne (40), Spencer (65, 76), Gray (74) Details
10/09/2011Workington (A)Conf North383  3-0Broadbent (13), Spencer (19), Crowther (61) Details
23/04/2011Workington (A)Conf North326  1-1Lynch (40) Details
16/08/2010Workington (H)Conf North372  2-3Mooney (61), Pugh (90) Details
19/04/2010Workington (H)Conf North325  0-2 Details
13/04/2010Workington (A)Conf North493  2-2McNiven (2 pen), Douglas-Pringle (75) Details
14/03/2009Workington (A)Conf North328  2-2Douglas-Pringle (44), Clee (60) Details
15/11/2008Workington (H)Conf North303  4-4Simm (18, 77), Maamria (28), Tolson (90) Details
05/04/2008Workington (H)Conf North302  1-2Tipton (24) Details
11/03/2008Workington (A)Conf North240  0-2 Details
13/01/2007Workington (H)Conf North362  1-1Pickford (38) Details
16/09/2006Workington (A)Conf North519  1-3Eyres (52) Details
14/01/2006Workington (A)Conf North491  0-1 Details
15/08/2005Workington (H)Conf North422  1-1Johnson (9) Details
16/04/2005Workington (H)NPL P1301  1-0Own Goal (90) Details
26/02/2005Workington (A)NPL P899  2-0Hill (11), Salt (90 pen) Details
30/03/2004Workington (A)NPL 1402  1-1Ellis (77) Details
09/11/2003Workington (H)NPL 1234  3-1Wright (51), Jones (72), Salt (89) Details
30/04/1988Workington (A)NPL P  2-0Nisbett, Rudge Details
28/09/1987Workington (H)NPL P  6-0Johnson, Rudge (2 goals), O'Connor (pen), O'Brien, Own Goal Details
03/01/1987Workington (H)NPL P  0-1 Details
27/12/1986Workington (A)NPL P  5-2Wagstaffe, Lutkevitch (2 goals), O'Connor (2 goals) Details
19/04/1986Workington (H)NPL P  2-2O'Connor (2 goals) Details
12/10/1985Workington (A)NPL P  1-3O'Connor Details
20/04/1985Workington (H)NPL P  2-2Marsden (2 goals, 1 pen) Details
31/10/1984Workington (A)NPL P  2-1Timmons, Howard Details
17/10/1983Workington (H)NPL P  1-2Coyne Details
27/08/1983Workington (A)NPL P  2-1Own Goal, Coyne Details
16/04/1983Workington (A)NPL P  1-2Coyne Details
28/03/1983Workington (H)NPL P  2-0Brook, Coyne Details
20/11/1954Workington (A)FAC  1-5 Details

* = Won on penalties
^ = Lost on penalties

Biggest Hyde win: 6-0 on 28 September 1987
Biggest Hyde defeat: 1-5 on 20 November 1954

Most appearances v Workington
Steve Johnson11
Chris Lynch10 (1)
Dale Johnson7
Colin Darcy7
Nicky Clee7
Neil Tolson3 (4)
Terry Cook6
Matty McNeil6
Malcolm O'Connor6
Wayne Dean1 (4)
John O'Kane5
Phil Salt5
Lee Rick2 (3)
Paul Jones5
Gerry Harrison5
John Timmons4
Craig Dootson4
Terry Megram3 (1)
Chris Simm3 (1)
Matty Burke4
George Shepherd4
Mike Lutkevitch4
Phil Marsden4
Simon Rudge4
Steve Pickford4
Peter Coyne4
Nathan Wharton4
Nicky Hill4
Tony Steenson4
David Holt1 (3)
Scott Spencer4
Tim Mullock4
Lincoln Adams4
Andrew Pearson4
Jimmy Golder4
Callum Byrne3
Colin Jackson3
Steve Saunders3
Daniel Douglas-Pringle2 (1)
David Morley3
Wayne Roberts3
Reece Gray3
Shane Killock3
Dave Lees3
Chris Brass3
Kevin Glendon3
Scott McNiven3
David McNiven3
Gareth Seddon2 (1)
Jamie Milligan3
George Oghani3
Scott Mooney1 (2)
Steve Brackenridge1 (2)
Dean Stott3
Gary Blore3
Mark Lees3
Glyn Chamberlain2
Mick Lacey2
Paul Knight2
Darryl Brook2
Malcolm Wagstaffe2
Andy Kilner2
Andrew Smart2
Peter Coutts2
Chris Rimmer0 (2)
Steve Waywell2
Kevin Holsgrove2
Dave Lutkevitch2
Ricky Mercer2
Will Burns2
David Carnell2
Adam Griffin2
Gerry Quinn2
Barry Howard2
Nathan Arnold2
Danny Hall2
Jean-Paul Ndjebayi2
Lee Cartwright1 (1)
Paul Howarth2
David German1 (1)
Michael Taylor2
John Kilner2
James Burke2
Pete Boyle0 (2)
Kieran Delaney1 (1)
Alex Mortimer0 (2)
Mike Flynn2
Steven Clegg2
Ian Pendlebury2
Tony Ellis0 (2)
Andrew Teague2
Ayrton Bevins2
Adam Oakes2
Karl Munroe2
David Birch2
Ryan Crowther2
Tunji Moses0 (2)
Matthew Tipton2
Danny Broadbent1
Michael Muscat1
David Poole0 (1)
Sam Vince1
Phattaraphol 'Big' Khamsuk0 (1)
Kevin Tully1
Ryan Ellison1
Adam Birchall1
Greg Traynor0 (1)
Mike Aspin1
Ashley Stott1
Lee Pugh0 (1)
Ben Holmes1
Laurie Bell1
Adam N Jones1
Russell Saunders1
Josh Ollerenshaw1
Ben Jago1
Kyle Wilson1
Chris Worsley1
Lee Neville1
Matty Barlow1
George Riley1
Eliot Harrison1
Gianluca Havern1
Josh Brizell0 (1)
Lee Gregory0 (1)
Luke Mack0 (1)
Sam Fitton0 (1)
Steve Halford1
Matthew Berkeley0 (1)
Jake Simpson0 (1)
Ian Rogers1
Frank O'Brien0 (1)
Peter Band1
Graham Bell1
Keith Hicks1
David Constantine1
Gareth Morris1
Steve Bushell1
Russ Hooton1
Gary Walker1
Carlos Da Garca1
Mark Innes0 (1)
Phil Pritchard1
Matt Landregan1
Andrew Mangan0 (1)
David Moore0 (1)
Simon Garner1
Mark Westhead1
Craig Buckley1
Anthony Wright1
Danny Caldecott0 (1)
David Eyres1
Earl Davis1
John Gaynor1
Nigel Smith1
Carl Hodgert1
Mark Deaville1
Dave Betts1
Nathan D'Laryea1
Brian Griffin1
Paul Mather1
John Bingham1
Christopher Lynch1
Craig Mawson1
Gary Riley1
Brian Hart1
Jimmy Clayton1
Graham Holder1
Dino Maamria1
Wayne Maden1
Joe Connor1
Walter Nisbett1
Phillip Marsh0 (1)
Chris Hewitt0 (1)
Tom Manship1
Farrell Kilbane1
Elliot Bernstein1
Steve Curley0 (1)
Carlos Logan1
Most goals v Workington
Malcolm O'Connor6
Peter Coyne4
Simon Rudge3
Scott Spencer3
Phil Salt2
Mike Lutkevitch2
Daniel Douglas-Pringle2
Phil Marsden2
Chris Simm2
Dale Johnson1
Neil Tolson1
Ryan Crowther1
Nicky Hill1
Malcolm Wagstaffe1
Callum Byrne1
Reece Gray1
Anthony Wright1
Paul Jones1
Nicky Clee1
Tony Ellis1
John Timmons1
David Eyres1
Barry Howard1
Steve Pickford1
David McNiven1
Steve Johnson1
Scott Mooney1
Frank O'Brien1
Lee Pugh1
Matthew Tipton1
Darryl Brook1
Walter Nisbett1
Chris Lynch1
Danny Broadbent1
Dino Maamria1

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