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Stafford Rangers

Club Information

GroundMarston Road
AddressMarston Road, Stafford. ST16 3BX
Telephone01785 602430
DirectionsFrom M6 Junction 14: Follow A34 (Stone) on dual carrigeway to the second roundabout. Go straight over into Beaconside then third right into Common Road. Ground one mile ahead. Brown tourist signs mark the route from the motorway to the ground.
Nearest StationStafford
Club Website

Hyde's record against Stafford Rangers

 PlayedHyde WinDrawStafford R winHyde GoalsStafford R Goals
At Hyde2719446821
At Stafford R2512583936
Neutral venue000000
DateOpponentCompAttResultHyde Scorers 
30/03/2019Stafford R (H)NPL P418  5-3Own Goal (12), Roberts (22), Pratt (44), Platt (72), O'Reilly (90) Details
20/10/2018Stafford R (A)NPL P548  3-1McCombe (72), Simpson (81), Pratt (90) Details
05/03/2011Stafford R (A)Conf North508  5-0Johnson (6, 9, 70 pen), Smart (29, 34 pen) Details
08/01/2011Stafford R (H)Conf North301  1-0Halford (7) Details
20/02/2010Stafford R (A)Conf North507  1-1McNiven (38) Details
08/08/2009Stafford R (H)Conf North401  1-0Arnold (75) Details
21/02/2009Stafford R (A)Conf North500  0-2 Details
18/10/2008Stafford R (H)Conf North375  1-1Simm (90) Details
21/01/2006Stafford R (A)Conf North935  0-1 Details
20/08/2005Stafford R (H)Conf North412  1-3Brackenridge (36) Details
12/01/1991Stafford R (H)FAT650  1-2Peters (70) Details
20/02/1989Stafford R (H)ILC  1-0aetMegram (pen) Details
08/12/1984Stafford R (A)NPL P  0-3 Details
10/11/1984Stafford R (H)NPL P  1-2Marsden Details
14/04/1984Stafford R (A)NPL P  2-0Johnson, Coyne Details
03/12/1983Stafford R (H)NPL P  0-1 Details
30/03/1970Stafford R (A)NPL P  2-2McQueen, Howard Details
13/09/1969Stafford R (H)NPL P  1-0Blyth (pen) Details
20/08/1969Stafford R (A)NPL LC  3-1Hewitt, Sandiford (2 goals) Details
27/01/1968Stafford R (H)CCL  1-1 Details
21/10/1967Stafford R (A)CCL  0-4 Details
28/09/1966Stafford R (A)CCL  1-1 Details
27/08/1966Stafford R (H)CCL  3-0 Details
25/03/1966Stafford R (A)CCL  0-1 Details
30/10/1965Stafford R (H)CCL  3-0 Details
27/02/1965Stafford R (H)CCL  7-1 Details
07/11/1964Stafford R (A)CCL  5-2 Details
11/01/1964Stafford R (A)CCL  2-1 Details
26/10/1963Stafford R (H)CCL  0-0 Details
20/04/1963Stafford R (A)CCL  0-0 Details
18/03/1963Stafford R (H)CCL  3-0 Details
11/04/1962Stafford R (H)CCL  2-1 Details
04/11/1961Stafford R (A)CCL  1-1 Details
25/03/1961Stafford R (A)CCL  1-0 Details
31/12/1960Stafford R (H)CCL  2-0 Details
30/01/1960Stafford R (H)CCL  4-0 Details
12/09/1959Stafford R (A)CCL  1-2 Details
18/04/1959Stafford R (A)CCL  1-3 Details
13/09/1958Stafford R (H)CCL  6-0 Details
15/03/1958Stafford R (A)CCL  1-0 Details
14/12/1957Stafford R (H)CCL  5-0 Details
30/09/1957Stafford R (H)CLCC  4-0 Details
06/04/1957Stafford R (A)CCL  2-1 Details
15/09/1956Stafford R (H)CCL  3-0 Details
07/01/1956Stafford R (A)CCL  4-1 Details
27/08/1955Stafford R (H)CCL  4-4 Details
18/04/1955Stafford R (A)CCL  2-0 Details
01/01/1955Stafford R (H)CCL  2-0 Details
20/03/1954Stafford R (A)CCL  2-1 Details
23/01/1954Stafford R (H)CCL  5-2 Details
29/11/1952Stafford R (A)CCL  0-7 Details
20/09/1952Stafford R (H)CCL  1-0 Details

* = Won on penalties
^ = Lost on penalties

Biggest Hyde win: 7-1 on 27 February 1965
Biggest Hyde defeat: 0-7 on 29 November 1952

Most appearances v Stafford R
Chris Lynch8
Tom Manship4
Lee Rick1 (3)
Dean Stott4
Terry Cook4
Barry Howard4
Dale Johnson4
Mark Lees3 (1)
Colin Darcy4
Joe Clayton3
Matty Burke3
Nicky Clee3
Mike Phoenix3
Paul Fitzgerald3
Steve Johnson3
Jack Dobson3
Colin Skillen2
Gary Blore2
Paul Knight1 (1)
Brian Griffin2
Phil Marsden2
Mal Bailey2
Kevin Holsgrove2
David McNiven2
Nathan D'Laryea2
Scott McNiven2
Nathan Wharton2
Scott Mooney1 (1)
Nathan Arnold2
Dave Lees2
Paul Jones2
Jimmy Clayton2
Brian Hart2
Andrew Smart2
Jordan Fagbola2
Ross Daly2
Peter Crook2
Grant Roberts2
Janni Lipka2
Matty Hughes1 (1)
Tom Pratt2
Nicky Platt1 (1)
Ian McQueen2
Ronnie Swann2
Russell Saunders2
Michael Jones2
Steve Halford2
Ray Perry2
Ian Blyth2
Geoff Fry2
Ian Sandiford2
Kenny Hewitt2
Peter Coyne2
Steve Waywell2
Mike Lutkevitch2
Craig Dootson2
Adam Oakes2
Mark Innes2
Levi Edwards2
David Moran2
Matty McNeil2
Neil Tolson0 (2)
Terry Megram2
Russ Hooton2
Gerry Harrison2
Richard Harris2
Daniel Douglas-Pringle1 (1)
Chris Simm1 (1)
David Morley1 (1)
Ronnie Grabner1
Robbie Smith1
Craig Dudley1
Ian Wooler1
Dennis Middleton1
Kyle Harrison1
John O'Kane1
David Moore0 (1)
1969 Birchall1
Ashley Eastham1
Karl Munroe1
Wayne Dean1
John Platt1
Kyle Brownhill1
Neil Peters1
John Crawley1
Simon Garner1
Dominic Smalley1
Chib Chilaka0 (1)
Osebi Abadaki0 (1)
Akeem Hinds1
Deane Smalley1
Adam O'Reilly0 (1)
Paddy Lane1
Tom Greaves0 (1)
Paul Howarth0 (1)
Graham Bell1
John McCombe1
Mark Westhead1
Steve Brackenridge1
Paul Armstrong0 (1)
Connor Simpson1
Jamie Milligan1
Farrell Kilbane1
Gary Riley1
Joe Connor1
Gary Lowe1
Kevin Glendon1
Simon Rudge1
Carl Hodgert1
Walter Nisbett1
Lincoln Adams1
John Bishop0 (1)
Lee Cartwright1
Jean-Paul Ndjebayi1
Chris Thompson1
Mike Flynn1
Steve Williams1
John Timmons1
Chris Brass1
Gary Walker1
Charlie Pawsey1
Matty Barlow1
Ashley Young1
Joel Igenoza0 (1)
Jack Mackreth0 (1)
Danny Hudson0 (1)
Phillip Marsh1
Colin Tabner1
Paul Kirkham1
David Blow0 (1)
Tony Steenson1
David Holt1
Colin Jackson1
Jim Connor1
Shaun Whalley1
Kevin Gorman0 (1)
Andy Baines1
Most goals v Stafford R
Dale Johnson3
Tom Pratt2
Andrew Smart2
Ian Sandiford2
Chris Simm1
Grant Roberts1
Nathan Arnold1
Nicky Platt1
Phil Marsden1
Adam O'Reilly1
David McNiven1
Steve Johnson1
Peter Coyne1
Steve Halford1
Kenny Hewitt1
Ian McQueen1
Barry Howard1
Ian Blyth1
Steve Brackenridge1
John McCombe1
Neil Peters1
Connor Simpson1
Terry Megram1

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