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Club Information

GroundThe Butchers Arms
AddressMarket Street, Droylsden, Manchester. M43 7AW
Telephone0161-370 1426
DirectionsExit M60 at Junction 23, (signed A635-Manchester from Oldham direction and A6140-Ashton under Lyne from Stockport direction). Join A635 towards Manchester. (1.25 miles from ground) After retail park on left (A McDonald's sign is prominent), take centre lane. Turn right at traffic lights onto A662 (signed Droylsden); in 100 yards at traffic lights the main road bends left. In half a mile at the next traffic lights turn right onto Market Street Go straight on at traffic lights Entrance to ground is 225 yards on left next to a hand car wash.
Nearest StationAshton-Under-Lyne

Hyde's record against Droylsden

 PlayedHyde WinDrawDroylsden winHyde GoalsDroylsden Goals
At Hyde76481414182106
At Droylsden74291332158134
Neutral venue7421157
DateOpponentCompAttResultHyde Scorers 
02/04/2018Droylsden (H)NPL 1N678  2-1Rokka (6), Marie (23) Details
10/03/2018Droylsden (A)NPL 1N327  3-1Jones (52), Leonard (71, 81) Details
17/04/2017Droylsden (H)NPL 1N549  2-0Miller (52), Boyle (80) Details
26/12/2016Droylsden (A)NPL 1N301  3-1White (58), Beadle (60), Pilkington (67) Details
25/02/2012Droylsden (H)Conf North546  4-0Gray (33), Pearson (62), Spencer (67 pen), Poole (74) Details
18/10/2011Droylsden (H)MPC151  1-4Broadbent (16) Details
13/09/2011Droylsden (A)Conf North625  3-2Byrne (41), Spencer (58), Hall (78) Details
25/04/2011Droylsden (H)Conf North472  1-1Barlow (43) Details
10/01/2011Droylsden (A)MPC134  1-3Whalley (58) Details
27/09/2010Droylsden (A)FAC354  1-3Johnson (57) Details
25/09/2010Droylsden (H)FAC375  0-0 Details
25/08/2010Droylsden (A)Conf North433  1-3Smart (59 pen) Details
06/03/2010Droylsden (H)Conf North518  2-1Mooney (32), Lynch (83) Details
28/11/2009Droylsden (A)Conf North436  0-1 Details
11/04/2009Droylsden (H)Conf North557  1-3Own Goal (77) Details
23/08/2008Droylsden (A)Conf North467  1-2Dean (17) Details
28/04/2007Droylsden (H)Conf North656  2-1Clee (85), Gedman (88) Details
12/02/2007Droylsden (H)MPC298  3-4Seddon (5), Gedman (74, 86) Details
07/10/2006Droylsden (A)Conf North709  2-4Pickford (70), Seddon (89) Details
29/03/2006Droylsden (N)MPC578  2-1Adams (40), Tolson (90) Details
20/02/2006Droylsden (A)Conf North761  0-1 Details
17/10/2005Droylsden (H)Conf North633  2-2Tolson (52), McNeil (54) Details
10/01/2005Droylsden (A)MPC202  4-2aetDean (80, 86), Ellis (94), Barrowclough (117) Details
22/03/2003Droylsden (A)NPL P347  1-0Ellis (71) Details
09/09/2002Droylsden (H)NPL P371  1-3Evans (28) Details
22/10/2001Droylsden (H)NPL LC  3-3Yeo (30, 38), Nolan (42) Details
07/10/2001Droylsden (H)NPL P432  0-3 Details
04/09/2001Droylsden (A)NPL P484  2-3Salmon (13), Band (62) Details
16/04/2001Droylsden (H)NPL P402  3-2Salmon (3, 44), Band (56) Details
28/08/2000Droylsden (A)NPL P561  4-2Taylor (57 pen), Banim (67, 86), Yeo (83) Details
24/04/2000Droylsden (A)NPL P476  3-1Banim (35), Yeo (45, 83) Details
30/08/1999Droylsden (H)NPL P752  2-0Yeo (12), Banim (35) Details
02/11/1998Droylsden (A)NPL LC127  1-4Wilson Details
13/10/1998Droylsden (A)NPL PC216  0-0aet^ Details
05/10/1998Droylsden (H)NPL PC476  2-2James, Band Details
26/04/1996Droylsden (H)NPL P491  1-1Carroll (14) Details
28/08/1995Droylsden (A)NPL P286  2-0Carroll (7), Owen (32) Details
03/04/1995Droylsden (A)NPL P402  3-3Nolan (25 pen), Simms (36, 88) Details
18/02/1995Droylsden (H)NPL P639  5-2Nolan (9), Little (44), Kimmins (60), Hardy (67), Camilleri (85) Details
04/05/1994Droylsden (N)MPC  4-1Graham (13, 21), Kimmins (28), Nolan (43) Details
28/03/1994Droylsden (A)NPL P313  3-3Chadwick (3 pen), Graham (32), Kimmins (75) Details
25/10/1993Droylsden (H)NPL P467  4-2Kimmins (30), Henshaw (70), Rowson (83), Graham (90) Details
12/12/1992Droylsden (H)NPL LC286  3-2Thornton (43, 57), Chadwick (68) Details
28/11/1992Droylsden (A)NPL P247  0-1 Details
31/10/1992Droylsden (H)NPL P440  2-1Nolan (13), Henshaw (55) Details
08/02/1992Droylsden (A)NPL P325  2-3Chadwick (49, 63) Details
02/11/1991Droylsden (H)NPL P418  3-1Chadwick (38, 64, 89) Details
09/04/1991Droylsden (A)NPL P545  0-2 Details
23/02/1991Droylsden (H)NPL P864  1-0Harris (90) Details
17/12/1988Droylsden (A)NPL LC  5-1Hooton, Megram (pen), Lutkevitch, Glendon, Own Goal Details
03/03/1987Droylsden (H)LFT  4-1Guest, Lutkevitch, O'Connor (2 goals) Details
06/01/1987Droylsden (A)LFT  2-1Lutkevitch (2 goals) Details
09/12/1985Droylsden (H)LFT  2-1Timmons, Marsden Details
11/11/1985Droylsden (A)LFT  1-1Curran Details
07/09/1981Droylsden (H)CCL  2-1Johnson, Daniels Details
05/09/1981Droylsden (A)CCL  6-0Johnson, Hart, Daniels (3 goals), Golder (pen) Details
06/04/1981Droylsden (A)CCL  3-0Riley (pen), McMahon, Johnson Details
10/01/1981Droylsden (H)CCL  3-1Stevens, McMahon, Culley Details
29/03/1980Droylsden (A)CCL000  3-2Johnson (3 goals) Details
26/12/1979Droylsden (H)CCL  2-1Steenson, Oghani Details
31/03/1979Droylsden (A)CCL  0-1 Details
09/12/1978Droylsden (H)CCL  1-1Ablott Details
17/04/1978Droylsden (A)REP  0-0 Details
05/04/1978Droylsden (H)REP  2-1Ablott, Holt Details
25/03/1978Droylsden (H)CCL  3-2Gannon (2 goals), Constantine Details
09/01/1978Droylsden (H)MSC  2-1Johnson, Ablott Details
19/12/1977Droylsden (H)MSC  2-2aetGoulding, Holt (pen) Details
12/12/1977Droylsden (A)MSC  0-0 Details
08/10/1977Droylsden (A)CCL  0-1 Details
16/05/1977Droylsden (A)REP  2-2Clarke, Hudders Details
09/05/1977Droylsden (H)REP  0-1 Details
28/12/1976Droylsden (H)CCL  3-1Bennett, Thorley (2 goals) Details
25/10/1976Droylsden (A)NWFL  1-2Thorley Details
18/10/1976Droylsden (H)NWFL  4-2O'Brien (3 goals), Ryan Details
23/08/1976Droylsden (A)CCL  1-1Johnson (pen) Details
26/04/1976Droylsden (A)MSC  1-2Johnson Details
29/03/1976Droylsden (H)REP  1-0Johnson Details
22/03/1976Droylsden (A)REP  1-0Healey Details
28/02/1976Droylsden (H)CCL  3-2Riley, Johnson, Healey Details
25/10/1975Droylsden (A)CCL  1-1Riley Details
04/10/1975Droylsden (A)FAC  2-3Turner, Tutty Details
29/03/1975Droylsden (H)CCL  0-3 Details
24/02/1975Droylsden (A)REP  1-0Hadfield Details
17/02/1975Droylsden (H)REP  3-1Johnson (2 goals), Cooke Details
07/12/1974Droylsden (A)CCL  1-1O'Brien Details
09/11/1974Droylsden (A)FAT  3-0Graham (2 goals), Johnson Details
06/05/1974Droylsden (H)REP  3-0McDermott, Kirk, Taylor Details
12/04/1974Droylsden (H)CCL  1-2Arden Details
23/02/1974Droylsden (A)CCL  1-3O'Brien Details
28/04/1973Droylsden (A)CCL  1-0Delaney Details
05/04/1973Droylsden (H)REP  1-0Clarke Details
29/03/1973Droylsden (A)REP  1-1Sanderson Details
02/10/1972Droylsden (H)CCL  1-1Greenhalgh (pen) Details
30/10/1971Droylsden (A)FAT  1-4Howard Details
23/08/1971Droylsden (H)CCL  1-1McQueen Details
16/08/1971Droylsden (A)CCL  3-0O'Brien, McQueen (2 goals) Details
03/10/1970Droylsden (H)CCL  2-2Clarke, Phillips Details
15/08/1970Droylsden (A)CCL  3-3Blyth, Phillips, McQueen Details
24/04/1969Droylsden (A)MIC  1-2Wilford Details
05/04/1960Droylsden (H)MIC  1-3 Details
10/12/1955Droylsden (H)MIC  6-1 Details
03/11/1953Droylsden (A)MCFAS  4-0 Details
08/04/1950Droylsden (H)CCL  3-1 Details
03/12/1949Droylsden (A)CCL  2-3 Details
18/04/1949Droylsden (H)CCL  3-0 Details
11/04/1949Droylsden (A)ASH  3-2 Details
15/01/1949Droylsden (A)CCL  2-4 Details
23/04/1948Droylsden (H)ASH  3-0 Details
31/01/1948Droylsden (A)CCL  1-2 Details
01/01/1948Droylsden (H)CCL  1-0 Details
16/11/1946Droylsden (A)CCL  1-4 Details
24/09/1946Droylsden (H)ASH  4-2 Details
31/08/1946Droylsden (H)CCL  3-0 Details
01/09/1945Droylsden (H)CCL  1-0 Details
25/08/1945Droylsden (A)CCL  1-1 Details
13/12/1941Droylsden (H)MWL  2-2 Details
11/10/1941Droylsden (A)MWL  4-4 Details
24/05/1941Droylsden (A)MWL  8-3 Details
11/01/1941Droylsden (H)MWL  7-2 Details
05/10/1940Droylsden (H)MWL  3-7 Details
28/09/1940Droylsden (A)MWL  2-3 Details
18/05/1940Droylsden (H)CCL  0-1 Details
11/05/1940Droylsden (A)CCL  5-6 Details
27/04/1940Droylsden (A)CCL  1-2 Details
13/04/1940Droylsden (H)CCL  1-0 Details
07/10/1939Droylsden (A)CCL  0-5 Details
30/09/1939Droylsden (H)CCL  1-2 Details
18/04/1939Droylsden (H)ASH  1-3 Details
12/04/1938Droylsden (A)ASH  0-4 Details
25/04/1935Droylsden (H)ASH  1-2 Details
28/04/1933Droylsden (N)ASH  3-1 Details
01/03/1930Droylsden (A)ML  4-1 Details
18/01/1930Droylsden (A)HCC  8-1 Details
05/10/1929Droylsden (H)ML  6-1 Details
10/05/1929Droylsden (H)HCC  2-1 Details
02/02/1929Droylsden (A)ML  3-2 Details
26/12/1928Droylsden (H)ML  6-4 Details
24/04/1928Droylsden (H)ML  0-0 Details
25/02/1928Droylsden (H)HCC  5-1 Details
11/02/1928Droylsden (H)MJC  4-3 Details
26/11/1927Droylsden (A)ML  9-4 Details
02/04/1927Droylsden (A)ML  7-0 Details
06/11/1926Droylsden (H)ML  3-0 Details
27/04/1926Droylsden (A)ML  2-1 Details
03/10/1925Droylsden (H)ML  5-1 Details
31/01/1925Droylsden (H)ML  2-0 Details
06/09/1924Droylsden (A)ML  0-1 Details
15/03/1924Droylsden (A)ML  0-2 Details
25/12/1923Droylsden (H)ML  2-2Tasker (2 goals) Details
12/05/1923Droylsden (N)MJC  1-2Taylor Details
05/05/1923Droylsden (N)MJC  0-0 Details
10/03/1923Droylsden (A)ML  3-1Norman, O'Brien, Flaherty Details
04/11/1922Droylsden (H)ML  5-0Norman, Newton, Broady (2 goals), Flaherty Details
13/05/1922Droylsden (N)MJC  3-0Parkes, Flaherty, Taylor Details
06/05/1922Droylsden (N)MJC  2-2Flaherty, Taylor Details
25/03/1922Droylsden (A)ML  3-1Morrison, Broady, Flaherty Details
07/01/1922Droylsden (H)ML  5-0Parkes, Broady, Flaherty (2 goals), Taylor Details

* = Won on penalties
^ = Lost on penalties

Biggest Hyde win: 8-1 on 18 January 1930
Biggest Hyde defeat: 0-5 on 07 October 1939

Most appearances v Droylsden
Steve Johnson23 (1)
Peter O'Brien19
David Elder17
Chris Lynch13 (2)
David Constantine15
Eric Fitzsimmons15
Paul Bennett15
David Nolan13
Jeff Johnson12
David Holt11 (1)
Jack Hewitt11
Pete Hadfield11
John Cooke11
Tony Steenson10
Phil Chadwick9
Peter Band9
Alan Clarke9
Jimmy Golder7 (1)
Clarence Kent8
1975 Leech8
Jack Flaherty8
Alan Goulding8
Harry Broady8
Terry Megram8
Arthur Parkes8
Dale Johnson8
Mark Lees7
Jack Dobson7
Jimmy Lomas7
Ian Callaghan6 (1)
Lee Rick3 (4)
Nicky Clee6 (1)
Ralph Darlington7
Gary Henshaw7
Scott McNiven7
Neil Hall7
Danny Healey7
Geoff McDermott7
Simon Yeo7
1976 Tutty7
Gary Collins5 (1)
Paul Taylor5 (1)
Matty Burke6
Gus Wilson6
S Taylor6
Scott Mooney4 (2)
Ian Greenhalgh6
Johnny Taylor6
Ged Kimmins5 (1)
Paul Fitzgerald6
Colin Darcy6
Tommy Noble6
Mike Turner6
Micky Haughton6
Dean Stott6
Russell Saunders6
Lincoln Adams5 (1)
George Switzer4 (1)
Andrew Smart5
Nathan Wharton5
Mike Lutkevitch5
Craig Dootson5
Carl Hodgert5
Rudi Mancini5
Arthur Williams5
Dale Hawtin5
Gavin Salmon2 (3)
Ray Perry5
Andy Graham5
Michael Taylor5
W Taylor5
Paul Kirkham4 (1)
Neil Tolson3 (2)
Barry Howard5
John Gannon5
Ian McQueen4
Tom Manship4
Simon Marsh4
Barry Hazelhurst4
Levi Edwards4
Richard Harris4
Malcolm O'Connor4
Phattaraphol 'Big' Khamsuk3 (1)
Wayne Goodison4
Janni Lipka4
Prince Moncrieffe2 (2)
1976 Riley4
Graham Bennett4
Paul McMahon4
Neil Colbourne4
Matty Taylor4
Paul Jones3 (1)
Danny Caldecott4
1976 Thorley4
Paul Hudders4
John Foster4
Graham Holder4
Don Graham3 (1)
1921 GK Moss4
Harold Montgomery4
Bob Morrison4
Stuart Kirk3 (1)
Tommy Parkes4
Tony Unsworth3
John O'Neill3
Carlos Logan1 (2)
Harry Coates2 (1)
Chris Downes3
Mickey Saile3
1975 Ash3
Kyle Harrison3
Alan Nicholas3
Gary Ablott3
James Burke3
Danny Hall3
David McNiven1 (2)
George Oghani3
Shaun Whalley3
Glyn Chamberlain3
Paddy Miller3
1972 Delaney3
Callum Byrne3
Scott Spencer3
George Shepherd3
David Carnell3
Paul Gedman0 (3)
Russ Hooton3
Gareth Seddon3
Jonathan Scargill3
Gerry Harrison3
Mike Flynn3
Richard Annan3
Paul Richardson3
Iain McLellan2 (1)
Don Page3
Cec Edey3
Lloyd Richardson3
Paul Ashwell3
Steve Brackenridge1 (2)
Wayne Dean1 (2)
Steve Foster2 (1)
Jody Banim2 (1)
Paul Robertson3
David German3
Padi Wilson2 (1)
Ronnie Grabner3
Tony Camilleri3
Joe Clayton3
Brendan Hudson2
Peter Coyne2
Chris Hartford0 (2)
Rob Woodhead1 (1)
Colin Little2
Barney Daniels2
Mick Lacey2
Mark Beeston2
Eddie Birchall2
Denzil Hart2
Graham Whittaker2
Ged Coyne2
Lee Bradley2
Dave Swanick2
Dominic Marie1 (1)
Michael Jones2
Kyle Brownhill2
Daniel Douglas-Pringle2
Alan Waugh2
Colin Murphy2
Peter Crook2
Ross Daly2
Tyrone Gay2
Lee Potts0 (2)
Ally Pickering2
Luke Porritt2
Max Leonard1 (1)
Nathan D'Laryea1 (1)
Karl Jones0 (2)
Steve Halford2
Richard Acton2
Tony Ryan2
Lee Matthews0 (2)
1977 Hallam2
Tony Ellis0 (2)
Paul Brears2
Paul Armstrong2
Jamie Milligan2
Phil Salt2
Matty McNeil2
Ian Graham2
Ian Sandiford2
Simon Farrell2
Chris Worsley2
Mike Aspin2
John Evans2
Gary Blore2
Darren Thornton2
Chris Simms1 (1)
Adam Griffin2
Andrew Pearson2
Ryan Crowther2
Matthew Berkeley1 (1)
Danny Broadbent2
Adam Birchall2
David Birch2
Matthew Beadle2
Kevin Holsgrove2
Barry Smallwood2
Paul Cox2
Ronnie Swann2
Graham Bell2
John Platt2
Chris O'Brien2
Colin Jackson1 (1)
David Morley2
Lutel James2
John Kilner2
Chris Simm1 (1)
Darren Washington0 (2)
Karl Munroe1 (1)
David Esdaille2
Billy Bell2
John McMahon2
Steve Pickford2
Geoff Fry2
Mike Phoenix2
John McCarthy2
1976 Chapman2
Don Phillips2
Dave O'Gorman1 (1)
Tony Carroll2
John Bramhall2
Ian Blyth2
Jason Donnelly0 (2)
Dave Lutkevitch2
Tommy Arden1 (1)
Ryan Ellison1 (1)
Chris Hewitt1 (1)
Andy Kilner2
John Timmons2
Jim Curran2
Steve Curley1 (1)
Phil Marsden2
Simon Rudge2
Pete Boyle1 (1)
Steve Saunders1 (1)
Steve Haw1 (1)
1973 Sanderson1
Elliot Rokka1
Jimmy Elms1
Mick Turner1
Mike Lacey1
1974 Shaw1
1978 Fingleton1
1974 Lewis1
Melvin Winterbottom1
1974 Crossland1
1973 Partridge1
Jim Clark1
Malcolm Wagstaffe1
David McGurk1
Eric Dey1
1974 Whitaker1
Daniel Pilkington1
Laurie Bell1
1973 Lovery1
Ryan White1
1974 White1
1975 Hollingworth1
Lawrence Hunter0 (1)
Harvey Purcer1
Martin Dunkerley1
Des Bunn1
Louis Holt0 (1)
Jimmy Simms1
Allen Knowles1
Omry Perel1
Roy Wilford1
Oliver Ford0 (1)
GK1970 Percival1
Chris Sutherland1
1976 Waring1
1974 Lennon1
Joe Dean1
Kenny Hewitt1
Danny Tavares0 (1)
Adam Gilchrist1
Jimmy Hallsworth1
Eamonn O'Keefe1
1975 Hargreaves1
Roy Baker1
John Crawley1
David Wilde1
1974 Pritt1
Ricky Mercer1
Steve Gunby1
Jason Lydiate1
Mark Sertori1
Mike Meszaros0 (1)
Tony Rodwell1
Chris Dolby1
Darren Esdaille1
Nicky Spooner1
Paul Williams1
Tom Brookes1
Lee Madin1
Lee Evans1
Anthony Hargreaves0 (1)
Ged Smith0 (1)
Simon Coleman1
David Fish1
Val Owen1
Garry Vaughan1
Steve Appleton1
Darren Pybus0 (1)
Dave O'Brien1
Jez Rowson1
Dave Christie1
Ricky Blackman1
Craig Hall1
Oshor Williams1
Neill Hardy1
Mark Crossley1
Doug Owen0 (1)
Jason Gallagher1
Keith Evans1
Billy Garton1
Gordon Tucker1
Richard Eyre1
Steve Nolan1
Nehru McKenzie1
Martin Doherty1
Chris McCready1
Neil Critchley1
Josh Howard0 (1)
Jason Dormer1
Chris Young1
Andy Waine0 (1)
Carl Barrowclough1
Alex Mortimer1
Tim Mullock1
Jean-Paul Ndjebayi1
Ged Kielty1
Craig Buckley1
Kieran Delaney1
John O'Kane1
Gareth Liddle0 (1)
Gareth Rowe0 (1)
Mark Howard1
Brendan Aspinall1
Kojoe Taylor1
Scott Brenchley1
Steve Tobin0 (1)
Dominic Crookes1
Peter Crookes1
John Grant1
Steve Rimmer1
Ben Obong1
Steve Lyons1
Martin McDonald1
David Hanson1
Carl Laurie1
Karl Marginson0 (1)
Dave Bancroft0 (1)
Stuart Owen1
Ashley Stott0 (1)
Lee Pugh0 (1)
Ben Morris1
Kyle Wilson0 (1)
Martin Stevens1
Ashley Young1
Carl Culley1
Craig Mawson1
Nathan Arnold0 (1)
Farrell Kilbane1
David Thompson1
Neil Fitzhenry1
Aiden Kirkbride1
Leon Kelly1
Adam Dugdale1
Mark Westhead1
Rob Turner0 (1)
Matty Barlow1
Mark Devine1
David Poole0 (1)
Godwin Abadaki0 (1)
1979 Hurst1
Frank Pearson1
Roger Lechanpantier1
Ray Charter1
Josh Brizell0 (1)
Reece Gray1
Gary Riley1
Jake Simpson0 (1)
Tunji Moses1
Joel Richardson1
Gianluca Havern1
Nathan Martin1
Tony Walker1
Gary Lowe1
Andy Baines1
Chris Cutler1
Paul Hughes1
Damien Quigley1
Paul Howarth1
John Bishop1
Gary Walker1
Mike Stephens1
Alan Zelem1
Jon Pacey1
Colin Blain1
Neil Horwood1
Mike Housley1
Stuart Taylor1
Earl Davis1
David Eyres1
Barry Diamond1
Kevin Glendon1
Wayne Roberts1
Terry Cook1
Steve Guest1
Billy Wane0 (1)
Paul Knight0 (1)
Dave Noble1
Mark Tiplady1
Steve Coles0 (1)
Jamie Tandy1
Wayne Maden1
Joe Connor0 (1)
Mitchell Bailey1
Lee Cartwright1
James Dean1
Mark Innes1
1976 Osbourne1
Most goals v Droylsden
Jeff Johnson7
Phil Chadwick7
Jack Flaherty7
Steve Johnson7
Simon Yeo6
Peter O'Brien6
David Nolan5
Barney Daniels4
Mike Lutkevitch4
Ian McQueen4
Ged Kimmins4
Andy Graham4
Jody Banim4
Harry Broady4
S Taylor4
Gary Ablott3
Gavin Salmon3
Peter Band3
1976 Thorley3
Alan Clarke3
Paul Gedman3
1976 Riley2
Neil Tolson2
Don Phillips2
Wayne Dean2
David Holt2
Tony Ellis2
Paul McMahon2
John Gannon2
Don Graham2
Chris Simms2
Gary Henshaw2
Malcolm O'Connor2
Max Leonard2
Scott Spencer2
Tommy Parkes2
Darren Thornton2
Gareth Seddon2
Tony Carroll2
Danny Healey2
Lincoln Adams1
Terry Megram1
George Oghani1
Barry Howard1
Colin Little1
Jimmy Golder1
Ryan White1
Matty McNeil1
Kevin Glendon1
Shaun Whalley1
Alan Goulding1
Matthew Beadle1
Neill Hardy1
Nicky Clee1
Martin Stevens1
Daniel Pilkington1
Ian Blyth1
Tony Camilleri1
James Dean1
Roy Wilford1
Carl Barrowclough1
Steve Guest1
Carl Culley1
David Constantine1
Paddy Miller1
Karl Jones1
Matty Barlow1
Pete Boyle1
Jez Rowson1
Jim Curran1
Gary Riley1
Paul Bennett1
John Cooke1
Elliot Rokka1
John Timmons1
Callum Byrne1
Pete Hadfield1
Dominic Marie1
Paul Taylor1
Phil Marsden1
Geoff McDermott1
Scott Mooney1
Danny Hall1
Tony Ryan1
Stuart Kirk1
Lee Evans1
Steve Pickford1
Chris Lynch1
Danny Broadbent1
Johnny Taylor1
Padi Wilson1
Andrew Smart1
Reece Gray1
Paul Hudders1
Tommy Arden1
Lutel James1
Richard Harris1
Dale Johnson1
Andrew Pearson1
Mike Turner1
1973 Sanderson1
Bob Morrison1
David Poole1
1976 Tutty1
Ian Greenhalgh1
Val Owen1
Russ Hooton1
Denzil Hart1
Tony Steenson1
1972 Delaney1

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