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Hyde's record in Lancashire Floodlight Trophy


* = Promoted
^ = Relegated

Hyde's results in Lancashire Floodlight Trophy

DateOpponentCompAttResultHyde Scorers 
11/11/1985Droylsden (A)LFT  1-1Curran Details
18/11/1985Stalybridge C (H)LFT  0-3 Details
09/12/1985Droylsden (H)LFT  2-1Timmons, Marsden Details
09/03/1986Stalybridge C (A)LFT  1-3Curley Details
17/04/1986Mossley (A)LFT  0-4 Details
21/04/1986Mossley (H)LFT  3-2O'Connor (3 goals) Details
02/12/1986Stalybridge C (A)LFT  1-0Lutkevitch Details
15/12/1986Mossley (A)LFT  1-1Rudge Details
06/01/1987Droylsden (A)LFT  2-1Lutkevitch (2 goals) Details
09/02/1987Stalybridge C (H)LFT  4-0Johnson, Lutkevitch, O'Connor, Kilner Details
23/02/1987Ashton U (H)LFT  3-0Lutkevitch, O'Connor (2 goals) Details
03/03/1987Droylsden (H)LFT  4-1Guest, Lutkevitch, O'Connor (2 goals) Details
23/03/1987Ashton U (A)LFT  3-0Rudge (2 goals), Wagstaffe Details
02/04/1987Mossley (H)LFT  3-1Rudge, O'Connor, Saunders Details
28/04/1987Accrington S (H)LFT  5-2Johnson (2 goals), Rudge, O'Connor, Own Goal Details
05/05/1987Barrow (N)LFT  2-1Saunders, O'Connor Details
02/11/1987Radcliffe (H)LFT  6-1Lutkevitch, O'Connor (2 goals, 1 pen), Valentine, O'Brien (2 goals) Details
30/11/1987Curzon Ashton (H)LFT  3-1Lutkevitch, O'Connor, Kilner Details
14/12/1987Irlam (H)LFT  3-1Rudge, Bunter, O'Connor Details
13/01/1988Radcliffe (A)LFT  3-2Megram (pen), Glendon, Bunter Details
02/03/1988Curzon Ashton (A)LFT  4-2Connor, O'Connor (3 goals, 1 pen) Details
12/04/1988Irlam (A)LFT  2-0Rudge, Glendon Details
26/10/1988Darwen (A)LFT  4-2Megram (pen), Rudge, Lutkevitch (2 goals) Details
31/10/1988Horwich RMI (A)LFT  2-1Diamond, Harris Details
11/12/1988S Liverpool (A)LFT164  1-3Diamond Details
18/12/1988S Liverpool (H)LFT500  4-2aet*Bishop, Lutkevitch, Harris (2 goals) Details
30/01/1989Stalybridge C (H)LFT745  2-1Blackwood, Connor Details
11/11/1989Stalybridge C (A)LFT  0-2 Details
05/02/1990Stalybridge C (H)LFT  3-0O'Brien (pen), McCluskie (2 goals) Details

* = Won on penalties
^ = Lost on penalties

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