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Club Information

GroundHaig Avenue
AddressHaig Avenue, Southport, Lancashire. PR8 6JZ
DirectionsLeave the M6 at Junction 26 and take the M58 towards Southport. Leave the M58 at Junction 3 and take the A570 towards Skelmersdale/Ormskirk. Stay on the A570 going through Ormskirk towards Southport and after about another five miles you will reach the outskirts of Southport. At the roundabout with a McDonalds on the left take the third exit into Scarisbrick New Road (A570) you will see the ground on the right, it is situated just past the College (KGV). Turn right at first set of lights into Haig Avenue.
Nearest StationMeols Cop

Hyde's record against Southport

 PlayedHyde WinDrawSouthport winHyde GoalsSouthport Goals
At Hyde165382323
At Southport1853101927
Neutral venue000000
DateOpponentCompAttResultHyde Scorers 
11/01/2014Southport (A)Conf Prem871  1-1Spencer (38) Details
13/08/2013Southport (H)Conf Prem769  1-2Collins (28) Details
29/12/2012Southport (A)Conf Prem1068  1-0Griffin (21) Details
27/08/2012Southport (H)Conf Prem743  0-2 Details
17/04/2010Southport (A)Conf North1306  1-4McNiven (52 pen) Details
30/11/2009Southport (H)Conf North456  1-1Manship (52) Details
15/04/2009Southport (H)Conf North438  1-1Tolson (75) Details
07/02/2009Southport (A)Conf North851  0-2 Details
10/11/2007Southport (H)Conf North611  1-3Johnson (35) Details
18/09/2007Southport (A)Conf North802  1-2Tipton (30) Details
30/10/2004Southport (A)FAC1179  1-3Tolson (35) Details
20/03/1993Southport (H)NPL P576  1-1Graham (23) Details
22/09/1992Southport (A)NPL P534  0-1 Details
07/03/1992Southport (A)NPL P341  0-2 Details
07/09/1991Southport (H)NPL P425  4-0Kirkham (49, 54, 90), O'Gorman (86) Details
28/11/1990Southport (A)ILC281  1-2Hodgert (85) Details
03/11/1990Southport (H)NPL P506  1-3Lutkevitch (68) Details
01/09/1990Southport (A)NPL P441  1-1Edwards (85) Details
03/03/1990Southport (A)NPL P  0-0 Details
24/02/1990Southport (H)NPL P  0-1 Details
29/04/1989Southport (H)NPL P  2-0Rudge, Lutkevitch Details
25/03/1989Southport (A)NPL P  2-0Lutkevitch (2 goals) Details
31/10/1987Southport (H)NPL P  5-1Shepherd, Johnson, Rudge, Lutkevitch, O'Connor Details
19/09/1987Southport (A)NPL P  0-1 Details
01/11/1986Southport (H)NPL P  0-2 Details
16/08/1986Southport (A)NPL P  2-1O'Connor (2 goals, 1 pen) Details
03/05/1986Southport (A)NPL P  0-2 Details
21/09/1985Southport (H)NPL P  0-2 Details
30/03/1985Southport (H)NPL P  3-1Timmons, Marsden (pen), Howard Details
18/08/1984Southport (A)NPL P  4-1Timmons (3 goals), Howard Details
06/12/1983Southport (A)NPL P  1-2Johnson Details
10/09/1983Southport (H)NPL P  0-3 Details
09/04/1983Southport (H)NPL P  3-0Coyne, Oghani, Johnson Details
06/11/1982Southport (A)NPL P  3-2Oghani, Golder (pen), Coyne Details

* = Won on penalties
^ = Lost on penalties

Biggest Hyde win: 5-1 on 31 October 1987
Biggest Hyde defeat: 1-4 on 17 April 2010

Most appearances v Southport
Steve Johnson11 (1)
Terry Megram10 (1)
Levi Edwards9
Mike Lutkevitch9
Colin Jackson8
Colin Darcy8
Graham Bell7
Phil Chadwick6 (1)
Russ Hooton7
Simon Rudge6
Chris Lynch5 (1)
Carl Hodgert6
Peter Coyne5
Richard Harris4 (1)
Malcolm O'Connor5
Liam Tomsett4
Dave Lees4
Paul Knight4
Paul Kirkham4
Nicky Clee4
Craig Dootson4
Jim McCluskie3 (1)
Gary Blore4
Terry Cook3 (1)
Ian Callaghan4
Keith Hicks4
Scott Spencer4
Joe Connor4
Kevin Glendon4
Mark Innes3 (1)
Glyn Chamberlain4
Dave Lutkevitch3
Kelvin Lomax2 (1)
Andy Cutts3
David Moran3
David Carnell3
Josh Brizell3
Nigel Smith3
Chris Simm1 (2)
Daniel Douglas-Pringle1 (2)
Neil Tolson1 (2)
Luke Ashworth3
Alex Brown3
Phil Marsden3
Wayne Goodison3
John Timmons3
Tony Steenson3
George Oghani2 (1)
Simon Marsh3
Tom Manship3
George Shepherd3
Barry Howard3
Dale Johnson2 (1)
Jimmy Golder3
Lee Rick2 (1)
David Constantine2
Phil Pritchard2
Farrell Kilbane2
Mark Lees2
Ricky Mercer2
Scott McNiven2
Matty Burke2
Kevin Holsgrove2
David McNiven2
Steve Waywell2
Jimmy Clayton2
David Morley2
Mick Lacey2
Dave Betts2
Peter Coutts2
Wayne Roberts1 (1)
Steve Saunders2
Lee Cartwright2
Tunji Moses1 (1)
Louis Almond2
Danny Carlton1 (1)
Paul Hughes2
Dave O'Gorman0 (2)
Chris Downes2
Adam Griffin2
David Poole1 (1)
David Nolan2
Andy Graham2
Mark Wrench2
Adam Blakeman2
Adam Thurston2
John Platt2
Walter Nisbett2
Ged Elliott2
Gary Walker2
Chris O'Brien0 (2)
John Bishop1 (1)
Chris Brass2
Gareth Seddon2
Scott Mooney1 (1)
Steve Pickford2
Domaine Rouse0 (1)
Bevan Blackwood0 (1)
Dean Stott0 (1)
Andrew Fitzgerald0 (1)
D'Arcy O'Connor1
James Kirby0 (1)
Rhys Day0 (1)
Lawrence Vigouroux1
Connor Hughes1
Barry Diamond1
Will Burns1
Nathan Arnold1
Chris Rimmer1
Chris Sedgwick0 (1)
Gerry Quinn1
Phil Jevons1
John Evans1
Kevin Tully1
Robbie Williams1
Andrew Pearson1
Callum Byrne1
Darryl Brook1
Ray Redshaw1
Colin Skillen1
Matthew Harris0 (1)
David Holt1
Will Haining1
Ryan Crowther1
Matthew Blinkhorn1
Brian Hart1
Gary Riley1
Paul Mather1
Tom Collins1
Andy Kilner1
Gary Henshaw1
Paul Daughtry1
Brendan Hudson1
Tony Henry1
Mike Hardman0 (1)
Chris Molloy1
John O'Neill0 (1)
Tony Coyle1
John Mercer1
David Blow1
Neil Peters1
Chris Cutler1
Andy Hodkinson0 (1)
Jon Healey0 (1)
Steve Holland1
Jamie Milligan1
John O'Kane1
Paul Jones1
Nicky Hill1
Steven Clegg1
John Gaynor1
Phil Salt1
Darren Heesom1
Mark Rutter1
Arthur Williams1
Craig Buckley0 (1)
Matty McNeil1
Paul Williams0 (1)
Craig Robinson1
Joel Igenoza0 (1)
Jim Curran1
Karl Munroe1
Neil Fitzhenry1
Adam Oakes1
Ian Rogers1
David Thompson1
Mal Bailey1
Michael Jones1
Leon Kelly1
David Owens1
Aiden Kirkbride1
Chris Cooke1
Malcolm Wagstaffe1
Nathan Wharton0 (1)
Tom Cowan0 (1)
Earl Davis1
Matthew Tipton1
Peter Band1
Tony Valentine1
John Tanner1
John Kilner1
Tim Mullock1
Chris Hewitt1
Steve Guest1
Micky Scrivner1
Adam Dugdale1
Most goals v Southport
Mike Lutkevitch5
John Timmons4
Paul Kirkham3
Steve Johnson3
Malcolm O'Connor3
George Oghani2
Peter Coyne2
Simon Rudge2
Barry Howard2
Neil Tolson2
Andy Graham1
Phil Marsden1
Dave O'Gorman1
Jimmy Golder1
Levi Edwards1
Adam Griffin1
Carl Hodgert1
Tom Collins1
Matthew Tipton1
Scott Spencer1
Dale Johnson1
George Shepherd1
Tom Manship1
David McNiven1

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