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DateOpponentCompAttResultAppearanceHyde Scorers
19/08/1995Spennymoor U (A)NPL P321 1-0StartedLittle (8) Details
21/08/1995B Auckland (A)NPL P229 1-1StartedNolan (84) Details
26/08/1995Gainsboro' T (H)NPL P319 1-2StartedLittle (72) Details
28/08/1995Droylsden (A)NPL P286 2-0StartedCarroll (7), Owen (32) Details
02/09/1995Knowsley U (A)NPL P72 1-2StartedKimmins (85) Details
04/09/1995Winsford U (H)NPL P274 0-1Started Details
09/09/1995Winterton R (H)FAC240 6-0StartedEsdaille (30), Kimmins (33, 79), Nolan (36 pen, 49 pen), Carroll (50) Details
12/09/1995Colwyn Bay (A)NPL P338 3-1StartedKimmins (10, 27, 73) Details
16/09/1995Boston U (A)NPL P716 3-0StartedLittle (15), Kimmins (44, 62) Details
19/09/1995Emley (A)NPL P215 0-1Started Details
23/09/1995Denaby U (A)FAC185 2-1StartedNolan (12 pen), Little (77) Details
30/09/1995Bamber B (A)NPL P526 3-3StartedKimmins (16, 59), Little (61) Details
02/10/1995Winsford U (A)CSC213 4-1StartedLittle (30, 75), Carroll (51, 82) Details
07/10/1995Colwyn Bay (H)FAC414 1-2StartedKimmins (51) Details
09/10/1995Knowsley U (H)NPL P249 5-0StartedKimmins (65), Owen (77), Little (81, 90), Carroll (90) Details
14/10/1995Buxton (A)NPL P350 1-0StartedCarroll (36) Details
16/10/1995Colwyn Bay (H)NPL P286 5-1StartedGallagher (7), Little (30, 86), Carroll (40), Kimmins (83) Details
21/10/1995Bamber B (H)NPL P569 2-3Subbed onNolan (9), Kimmins (22) Details
23/10/1995Ashton U (H)NPL LC446 3-1Subbed onTobin (57), Nolan (58 pen), Little (75) Details
31/10/1995Gainsboro' T (A)NPL P423 0-0Started Details
09/12/1995Buxton (H)NPL P394 7-0StartedKimmins (12, 88), Little (17, 39), Carroll (43), Nolan (47, 82) Details
11/12/1995Marine (H)NPL LC330 5-3StartedLittle (14), Kimmins (16, 57), Carroll (62, 88) Details
03/02/1996Matlock T (A)NPL P415 3-1StartedDowe (4), Kimmins (34), Nolan (70 pen) Details
13/02/1996Maine Road (A)MPC100 2-1aetSubbed onEsdaille (106), Carroll (108) Details
17/02/1996Frickley A (H)NPL P485 4-1Subbed onGarton (7), Carroll (40, 61, 69) Details
22/02/1996Leek Town (H)NPL PC285 2-0Subbed onCarroll (80, 86) Details
05/03/1996Marine (A)NPL PC142 3-0StartedNolan (30, 35), Murphy (89) Details
07/03/1996Lancaster C (H)NPL LC231 5-1StartedVarden (2, 57), Kimmins (12, 76), Nolan (46 pen) Details
09/03/1996Chorley (H)NPL P603 3-1StartedVarden (26, 77), Murphy (63) Details
12/03/1996Macclesfield (A)CSC707 1-1StartedVarden (27) Details
16/03/1996Witton A (A)NPL P638 1-1Unused subCarroll (55) Details
18/03/1996Radcliffe B (H)MPC320 2-0StartedKimmins (15), Carroll (27) Details
23/03/1996Stevenage B (H)FAT2012 3-2Subbed onNolan (33 pen), Kimmins (47), Carroll (83) Details
03/04/1996Emley (H)NPL P333 7-2Subbed onCarroll (34, 68), Evans (49), Kimmins (56), Nolan (73), Varden (81, 89) Details
06/04/1996Boston U (H)NPL P604 2-4Subbed onMurphy (4), Carroll (14) Details
08/04/1996Matlock T (H)NPL P508 1-1Subbed onCarroll (1) Details
10/04/1996Marine (A)NPL P333 0-4Started Details
13/04/1996Northwich V (H)FAT2253 1-2Subbed onVarden (43) Details
15/04/1996Witton A (H)NPL P367 1-0StartedCarroll (16) Details
20/04/1996Northwich V (A)FAT2809 0-1Subbed on Details
22/04/1996Blyth S (A)NPL P396 1-5StartedEvans (1) Details
24/04/1996Guiseley (H)NPL P264 1-1StartedCarroll (48) Details
26/04/1996Droylsden (H)NPL P491 1-1StartedCarroll (14) Details
28/04/1996Blyth S (H)NPL P396 4-1StartedNolan (16), Switzer (45), Carroll (68, 73) Details
30/04/1996Chorley (A)NPL P348 1-1StartedEvans (58) Details
03/05/1996Leek Town (N)NPL LC501 1-1*StartedOwn Goal (90) Details
04/05/1996Leek Town (A)NPL P213 1-0StartedDonnelly (30) Details
06/05/1996Witton A (N)CSC768 1-3aetStartedEvans (115) Details
07/05/1996Curzon Ashton (N)MPC390 2-2*StartedEsdaille (67), Henshaw (71) Details
17/08/1996Bamber B (A)NPL SH353 4-2StartedGallagher (3), Owen (20), Varden (71, 90) Details
24/08/1996Lancaster C (A)NPL P410 4-0StartedGallagher, Owen, Carroll, Nolan Details
26/08/1996Runcorn (H)NPL P670 2-0Subbed onVarden, Nolan Details
31/08/1996B Auckland (H)NPL P615 1-1Unused subNolan Details
02/09/1996Emley (A)NPL P419 4-2StartedCarroll (2 goals), Nolan (2 goals) Details
07/09/1996Blyth S (A)NPL P687 1-2StartedNolan Details
28/10/1996Curzon Ashton (H)NPL LC263 3-0StartedCarroll (2 goals), Nolan Details
02/11/1996Chorley (A)NPL P519 3-3StartedGallagher, James, Nolan Details
09/11/1996Leek Town (H)NPL P609 3-1StartedCox, Brockie, Donnelly Details
18/11/1996Witton A (H)CSC 2-1StartedCarroll, Donnelly Details
23/11/1996Runcorn (A)NPL P377 3-1StartedBrockie, Carroll (2 goals) Details
26/11/1996Frickley A (A)NPL P178 3-0StartedBrockie, Kimmins (2 goals) Details
30/11/1996Chorley (H)NPL P622 3-2StartedOwen, Carroll (2 goals) Details
02/12/1996Boston U (H)NPL LC296 1-1StartedNolan Details
07/12/1996Marine (A)NPL P387 1-1StartedBrockie Details
11/12/1996Boston U (A)NPL LC496 2-3StartedCox, Carroll Details
21/12/1996Boston U (H)NPL P509 2-2StartedKimmins (2 goals) Details
26/12/1996Buxton (H)NPL P604 2-0StartedCox, Kimmins Details
28/12/1996Winsford U (A)NPL P222 1-2StartedOwen Details
18/01/1997Bedworth United (H)FAT512 4-2StartedKimmins (2 goals), Owen, Carroll Details
25/01/1997Frickley A (H)NPL P449 5-1StartedBrockie, Kimmins (2 goals), Carroll, Moncrieffe Details
03/11/1997Salford C (H)MPC356 1-2StartedKimmins Details
10/04/1999Spennymoor U (A)NPL P221 0-2Unused sub Details
24/04/1999Lancaster C (A)NPL P257 0-1Started Details
28/04/1999Maine Road (N)MPC562 1-0Subbed onYeo (57) Details
05/10/1999Flixton (A)NPL LC96 2-1Subbed onYeo (55, 70) Details
09/10/1999Worksop T (H)NPL P 0-0Subbed on Details

* = Won on penalties
^ = Lost on penalties

Hyde's record for all matches featuring Paul Cox:
Played 73, Won 43, Drawn 13, Lost 17, For 166, Against 90

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