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Hyde's record against Emley

See also Wakefield-Emley; click here for combined stats

 PlayedHyde WinDrawEmley winHyde GoalsEmley Goals
At Hyde156272724
At Emley145453123
Neutral venue000000
DateOpponentCompAttResultHyde Scorers 
27/04/2002Emley (H)NPL P333  2-3Madin (48), Nolan (56) Details
24/09/2001Emley (H)NPL LC221  1-2McCready (16) Details
20/08/2001Emley (A)NPL P272  1-2Yeo (20) Details
30/03/2001Emley (H)NPL P623  1-2Grant (45) Details
17/03/2001Emley (A)NPL P379  1-3Taylor (45) Details
27/03/2000Emley (H)NPL CC602  2-0Yeo (23), Band (44) Details
11/03/2000Emley (A)NPL P301  1-0Aspinall (72) Details
23/10/1999Emley (H)NPL P552  2-3Hulse (44, 59) Details
12/04/1999Emley (A)NPL P175  1-1Moncrieffe (50) Details
28/11/1998Emley (H)NPL P549  0-1 Details
07/02/1998Emley (A)NPL P294  1-2Ioannou (63) Details
22/09/1997Emley (H)NPL P624  1-0Nolan (36) Details
22/03/1997Emley (H)NPL P576  1-2Henshaw Details
02/09/1996Emley (A)NPL P419  4-2Carroll (2 goals), Nolan (2 goals, 1 pen) Details
03/04/1996Emley (H)NPL P333  7-2Carroll (34, 68), Evans (49), Kimmins (56), Nolan (73), Varden (81, 89) Details
19/09/1995Emley (A)NPL P215  0-1 Details
29/04/1995Emley (A)NPL P222  3-1Tucker (17), Kimmins (43, 59) Details
05/09/1994Emley (H)NPL P378  1-1Chadwick (15) Details
12/03/1994Emley (H)NPL P255  2-1Thornton (2, 74) Details
23/08/1993Emley (A)NPL P317  2-2Daughtry (75, 88) Details
23/01/1993Emley (A)NPL P196  5-1Chadwick (39, 42, 57, 68, 86) Details
05/12/1992Emley (H)NPL P349  1-0Thornton (90) Details
15/02/1992Emley (H)NPL P427  5-3Cutler (13, 18), Chadwick (38), Edwards (60), Kirkham (62) Details
16/12/1991Emley (A)NPL P269  0-0 Details
18/02/1991Emley (A)FAT1348  2-3Harris (16), Kirkham (45) Details
02/02/1991Emley (H)FAT  0-0 Details
29/09/1986Emley (H)FAC  1-4Saunders Details
27/09/1986Emley (A)FAC  2-2Johnson, O'Connor (pen) Details
23/10/1982Emley (A)FAT  8-3Coyne (3 goals), Oghani (3 goals), Johnson, Golder (pen) Details

* = Won on penalties
^ = Lost on penalties

Biggest Hyde win: 8-3 on 23 October 1982
Biggest Hyde defeat: 1-4 on 29 September 1986

Most appearances v Emley
David Nolan13
Gus Wilson11
Phil Chadwick8 (1)
Peter Band9
Simon Yeo8
Ged Kimmins8
Neil Hall6 (1)
Val Owen6
Ian Callaghan3 (3)
George Switzer5
Terry Megram5
Tony Camilleri4 (1)
Graham Bennett5
Matty Taylor5
Gary Henshaw4
Tony Carroll3 (1)
Carl Hodgert4
Levi Edwards4
Richard Annan3 (1)
Jason Gallagher4
Billy Garton4
Russ Hooton4
Paul Kirkham3 (1)
Lloyd Richardson3 (1)
Dale Hawtin3 (1)
Gavin Salmon1 (3)
John Foster4
Simon Marsh3
Paul Cox2 (1)
Brendan Hudson3
Andy Graham3
Lutel James2 (1)
Darren Thornton3
Arthur Williams3
Steve Foster3
Mike Lutkevitch3
Steve Johnson3
Paul Robertson3
Paul Varden2 (1)
Neil Critchley3
Gordon Tucker1 (1)
Martin Jones2
Mike Housley2
Paul Daughtry2
Colin Lambert2
Mark Leacock0 (2)
Chris Cutler2
John Platt2
Chris Downes2
Colin Little2
Wayne Goodison2
Stuart Taylor1 (1)
Dave O'Brien2
Paul Hughes2
Richard Acton2
John McCarthy2
Darren Pybus2
Alan Waugh2
Alan Nicholas2
Dave O'Gorman1 (1)
Paul Taylor2
Kojoe Taylor2
Colin Hall1 (1)
Graham Bell2
Steve Guest2
Glyn Chamberlain2
Stuart Walker2
Paul Knight2
John Grant2
Mark Beeston2
Steve Saunders0 (2)
Chris Young2
Paul Ashwell2
Chris Hewitt2
Malcolm O'Connor2
Ian Hutchinson2
Simon Rudge2
Jody Banim1 (1)
Carl Laurie0 (2)
Darren Esdaille2
Kurt Edgington2
Tony Rodwell2
Jonathan Scargill2
Ally Pickering2
Richard Harris2
Willie Griffiths0 (2)
John Kilner2
Colin Jackson2
Dick Hodgson1
Tony Steenson1
Graham Holder1
Ray Redshaw1
Kevin Glendon1
Colin Darcy1
Mick Lacey1
Craig Hall1
Tony Coyle1
Peter Coyne1
John O'Neill1
Robin Simpson1
Paul Wroe1
Mark Wrench1
Chris O'Brien1
Chris Molloy1
Andy Baines1
David Blow1
George Oghani1
Micky Scrivner1
John Bramhall1
Jimmy Golder1
Jake Leberl1
Kenny Brady0 (1)
Damien Joyce0 (1)
Lee Evans1
Dominic Crookes1
Steve Rimmer1
Darren Lonergan1
Brendan Aspinall1
Scott Brenchley1
Rob Hulse1
Steve Tobin1
Lee Madin1
Steve Lyons1
Nehru McKenzie1
Josh Howard1
Stuart Taylor1
Clive Brown1
Gareth Rowe0 (1)
Lee Matthews0 (1)
Rico Richards0 (1)
Martin Doherty1
Jason Dormer1
Chris McCready1
Martin McDonald1
Karl Marginson1
Iain McLellan1
Colin Murphy1
Jimmy Cameron0 (1)
Andy Reid0 (1)
Jason Donnelly1
Keith Evans1
Dave Billows1
Ricky Mitchell1
Oshor Williams1
Julian Dowe0 (1)
Steve Jones1
Ademola Bankole1
Padi Wilson1
Leon Mills0 (1)
Chris Dolby1
Prince Moncrieffe1
Don Page1
Darren Washington0 (1)
Vince Brockie1
Paul Snape1
Steve Raffell1
Phil Ioannou1
Greg Wilson1
Most goals v Emley
Phil Chadwick7
David Nolan5
Tony Carroll4
Peter Coyne3
George Oghani3
Ged Kimmins3
Darren Thornton3
Paul Varden2
Simon Yeo2
Paul Daughtry2
Chris Cutler2
Rob Hulse2
Paul Kirkham2
Steve Johnson2
Phil Ioannou1
Steve Saunders1
Gary Henshaw1
Keith Evans1
Jimmy Golder1
Chris McCready1
Gordon Tucker1
Lee Madin1
Matty Taylor1
John Grant1
Levi Edwards1
Brendan Aspinall1
Richard Harris1
Peter Band1
Prince Moncrieffe1
Malcolm O'Connor1

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