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Hyde's record against Whitby Town

 PlayedHyde WinDrawWhitby T winHyde GoalsWhitby T Goals
At Hyde105412416
At Whitby T106221711
Neutral venue000000
DateOpponentCompAttResultHyde Scorers 
14/09/2019Whitby T (A)NPL P462  0-2 Details
23/02/2019Whitby T (H)NPL P351  3-0Pratt (12, 87), McCombe (73) Details
22/09/2018Whitby T (A)NPL P251  1-0McCombe (15) Details
22/02/2016Whitby T (H)NPL P225  2-1Bevins (52, 66) Details
14/10/2015Whitby T (A)NPL P201  3-0Bevins (14, 64), Spencer (66) Details
19/01/2005Whitby T (A)FAT249  1-0Tolson (71) Details
15/01/2005Whitby T (H)FAT402  3-3Johnson (32), McNeil (49), Milligan (61 pen) Details
20/11/2004Whitby T (H)NPL P371  2-2McNeil (75), Buckley (86) Details
28/08/2004Whitby T (A)NPL P289  1-1Johnson (83) Details
26/10/2002Whitby T (A)NPL P304  2-3Foster (32), Hargreaves (70) Details
24/08/2002Whitby T (H)NPL P287  3-3Evans (13), Madin (53, 59) Details
22/04/2002Whitby T (H)NPL P316  1-1Madin (83) Details
16/03/2002Whitby T (A)NPL P324  2-1Band (48), Madin (56) Details
25/03/2001Whitby T (A)NPL P257  3-1Beeston (20), Hall (61), Salmon (90) Details
18/11/2000Whitby T (H)NPL P362  3-2Beeston (6), Band (60), Hanson (71) Details
26/02/2000Whitby T (H)NPL P407  4-1Banim (16), Band (42), Robertson (58), Taylor (68 pen) Details
04/09/1999Whitby T (A)NPL P369  1-1Banim (70) Details
05/04/1999Whitby T (H)NPL P423  3-2Moncrieffe (9), Brenchley (75), Turner (80) Details
19/12/1998Whitby T (A)NPL P429  3-2Band (14), Annan (69), Yeo (76) Details
28/09/1996Whitby T (H)FAC507  0-1 Details

* = Won on penalties
^ = Lost on penalties

Biggest Hyde win: 4-1 on 26 February 2000
Biggest Hyde defeat: 0-2 on 14 September 2019

Most appearances v Whitby T
Simon Yeo6
Peter Band5 (1)
Gus Wilson5
Prince Moncrieffe3 (1)
Lloyd Richardson2 (2)
Kyle Brownhill4
Matty Taylor4
Dominic Crookes4
Graham Bennett4
Tim Mullock4
Paul Taylor4
Wayne Dean3 (1)
Neil Hall4
John O'Kane4
John Gaynor4
Dale Johnson4
Chris Lynch4
Matty McNeil4
John McCombe2 (1)
Steve Foster3
Jordan Fagbola3
Tom Brookes0 (3)
Andy Waine1 (2)
Tom Pratt3
Kojoe Taylor3
David Nolan3
Craig Buckley1 (2)
Neil Tolson2 (1)
Jody Banim2 (1)
Lee Madin3
Phil Salt3
Paul Ashwell3
Scott Brenchley2
Mike Turner0 (2)
Brendan Aspinall2
Darren McConnell0 (2)
Richard Annan2
Peter Crook2
Tony Rodwell1 (1)
Pete Boyle1 (1)
Jordan Snodin0 (2)
Reece Gray1 (1)
Don Page2
Ayrton Bevins2
Rob Woodhead2
Leon Smith2
Janni Lipka2
Andrew Pearson2
Peter Crookes2
Steve Smith1 (1)
Dale Hawtin2
Gavin Salmon2
John Foster2
Paul Robertson2
Paul Jones2
Kieran Delaney0 (2)
Nicky Hill2
Carl Barrowclough2
Jamie Milligan2
Mark Beeston2
Lee Evans2
Paddy Lane2
Steve Tobin1 (1)
Adam M Jones1
Laurie Bell1
Billy Reeves1
Andreas Bianga0 (1)
Ben Holmes1
Phattaraphol 'Big' Khamsuk1
Daniel Turner0 (1)
James Burke1
Oladapo Olarewaju1
Scott Spencer1
Daniel O'Brien0 (1)
Ross Daly1
Michael Muscat0 (1)
Sam Fitton1
Dominic Smalley1
Sam Vince1
Kyle Harrison1
Astley Mulholland1
Luke Mewitt1
Jacko Hardacre1
Morgan James0 (1)
Alex O'Connor0 (1)
Luke Porritt0 (1)
Gavin Rothery0 (1)
Tom Greaves1
Liam Tongue1
Jamal Crawford1
Martyn Woolford1
Lewis Haydock0 (1)
Matty Hughes1
Nicky Platt1
Oran Thompson1
Grant Roberts1
Jack Dyche1
David Linighan1
Desmond Rooms0 (1)
Colin Hall1
Steve Rimmer1
Carl Laurie1
George Switzer1
Mark Howard1
Ged Smith1
Danny Webster1
Karl Marginson1
Martin McDonald1
David Hanson1
Stuart Walker1
David Felgate1
Lee Brough1
Ged Kielty0 (1)
Steven Clegg1
Chris Young1
Mike Meszaros1
Martin Filson0 (1)
Damien Joyce1
Richard Acton1
Neil Critchley1
Mike Lomax1
Dave Swanick1
Tony Carroll1
Lutel James1
Val Owen1
Ged Kimmins1
Jimmy Cameron0 (1)
Jindrich Stanek1
Shane Killock1
Joe Wilkinson1
Lee Neville1
Ryan Ellison1
Vince Brockie1
Andy Reid1
Steve Haw1
Kurt Edgington1
Larry Farren1
Anthony Hargreaves1
Chris Dolby0 (1)
Jonathan Scargill1
Derek Hall1
Darren Esdaille1
Martin Jones1
Spencer Harris1
Most goals v Whitby T
Peter Band4
Lee Madin4
Ayrton Bevins4
Mark Beeston2
John McCombe2
Tom Pratt2
Jody Banim2
Matty McNeil2
Dale Johnson2
Jamie Milligan1
Mike Turner1
Neil Tolson1
Richard Annan1
Simon Yeo1
Scott Spencer1
David Hanson1
Colin Hall1
Gavin Salmon1
Paul Robertson1
Paul Taylor1
Lee Evans1
Steve Foster1
Anthony Hargreaves1
Craig Buckley1
Prince Moncrieffe1
Scott Brenchley1

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