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DateOpponentCompAttResultAppearanceHyde Scorers
30/11/2019Witton A (H)NPL P432 0-0Started Details
07/12/2019Atherton C (A)NPL P357 1-2StartedRoscoe (57) Details
10/12/2019Lancaster C (H)NPL LC57 0-0Started Details
14/12/2019Gainsboro' T (H)NPL P323 1-1StartedDyche (50) Details
21/12/2019Basford U (A)NPL P259 4-1StartedLane (7), Turner (17, 36), Hughes (25) Details
26/12/2019Stalybridge C (H)NPL P900 1-2StartedStarcenko (56) Details
01/01/2020Buxton (A)NPL P600 2-1StartedFagbola (37), Hughes (45) Details
04/01/2020FCUM (H)NPL P1293 1-5StartedTurner (90 pen) Details
11/01/2020Whitby T (H)NPL P291 0-2Started Details
18/01/2020Nantwich T (A)NPL P405 0-4Started Details
20/01/2020Winsford U (A)CSC105 4-2StartedRoscoe (22), Dyche (25), Pratt (51), Young (90) Details
25/01/2020Grantham T (H)NPL P351 3-0StartedPratt (13), Tongue (51), Sharp (83) Details
01/02/2020Matlock T (A)NPL P543 1-1StartedPratt (9) Details
08/02/2020Scarborough A (H)NPL P585 0-1Started Details
12/02/2020Widnes (A)NPL LC125 2-1StartedLane (5), Pratt (53) Details
25/02/2020Vauxhall M (A)CSC102 2-2StartedTongue (25), Own Goal (58) Details
29/02/2020Lancaster C (H)NPL P452 5-2StartedPratt (2, 49, 59), Tongue (19), McCombe (48) Details
04/03/2020Kidsgrove A (A)NPL LC133 2-1StartedPratt (18), Tongue (23) Details
07/03/2020Matlock T (H)NPL P354 3-1StartedLane (22), Own Goal (65), N'Diaye (86) Details
10/03/2020Morpeth T (A)NPL P420 1-2StartedPratt (61) Details
19/09/2020Gainsboro' T (A)NPL P583 0-2Started Details
22/09/2020West Allotment (A)FAC145 5-0StartedLane (15 pen), Tongue (22, 64), James (47), Own Goal (72) Details
26/09/2020South Shields (H)NPL P587 0-0Started Details
29/09/2020FCUM (H)NPL P600 2-2StartedTongue (19), Lane (42) Details
03/10/2020AFC Fylde (H)FAC404 2-4StartedHollins (24), Morris (83) Details
10/10/2020Stafford R (A)NPL P578 2-0StartedLane (34 pen), Uche (90) Details
27/10/2020Mickleover Sports (A)NPL P221 0-1Started Details
31/10/2020Frickley A (H)FAT273 2-1StartedJames (30), Hollins (59) Details
03/11/2020Lancaster C (H)NPL P305 1-1StartedHollins (7) Details
12/12/2020Marine (A)FAT400 0-1Started Details
14/08/2021Atherton C (H)NPL P494 0-1Started Details
17/08/2021Bamber B (A)NPL P261 1-4StartedHardy (60) Details
21/08/2021Matlock T (A)NPL P446 1-2StartedHardy (90) Details
24/08/2021Grantham T (H)NPL P380 3-0StartedPratt (6), Tongue (16), Hardy (85) Details
28/08/2021FCUM (H)NPL P1194 2-1StartedHardy (21), Benns (29) Details
30/08/2021Mickleover Sports (A)NPL P450 2-3StartedHardy (17, 60 pen) Details
04/09/2021Morpeth T (A)FAC471 1-6StartedHardy (49) Details
07/09/2021Nantwich T (A)NPL P314 2-0StartedPratt (7), Mitchell (35) Details
11/09/2021South Shields (H)NPL P522 1-2StartedSherratt (8) Details
14/09/2021Stafford R (H)NPL P338 1-0StartedMitchell (64) Details
25/09/2021Whitby T (A)NPL P502 0-1Started Details
28/09/2021Morpeth T (H)NPL P264 2-2StartedHardy (58), Roscoe (84) Details
05/10/2021Witton A (A)NPL P256 2-4StartedRoscoe (29), Pratt (90) Details
09/10/2021Lancaster C (H)NPL P546 0-1Started Details
12/10/2021Radcliffe (H)NPL P440 1-3StartedSummers (69) Details
16/10/2021Basford U (A)NPL P254 0-2Started Details
19/10/2021Glossop NE (A)MPC203 2-1StartedFogarty (12), Pratt (66) Details
23/10/2021Scarborough A (H)NPL P604 3-2StartedPratt (11, 53, 64) Details
30/10/2021Mossley (H)FAT609 1-2StartedPrifti (52) Details
06/11/2021Warrington T (A)NPL P505 0-1Started Details
13/11/2021Buxton (A)NPL P1010 0-3Started Details
20/11/2021Ashton U (H)NPL P686 2-1StartedTongue (45, 66) Details
23/11/2021West Dids & Chorlton (A)MPC321 5-2StartedMitchell (29, 60, 68), Fagbola (64), Pratt (66) Details
04/12/2021Nantwich T (H)NPL P375 1-0StartedRoscoe (65) Details
21/12/2021Gainsboro' T (A)NPL P514 1-1StartedRoscoe (85) Details
27/12/2021Stalybridge C (A)NPL P1367 1-1StartedMitchell (45) Details
01/01/2022Mickleover Sports (H)NPL P582 1-4StartedRoscoe (69) Details
04/01/2022Warrington T (A)CSC213 5-2StartedBenns (20), Pratt (42), Fagbola (54), Mitchell (60, 83) Details
11/01/2022Matlock T (H)NPL P460 2-3StartedPrifti (1), Roscoe (74) Details
15/01/2022Stafford R (A)NPL P718 0-0Started Details
22/01/2022Whitby T (H)NPL P471 1-2StartedDyche (16 pen) Details
29/01/2022Buxton (H)NPL P749 1-2StartedMitchell (76) Details
05/02/2022Scarborough A (A)NPL P1068 1-1StartedTongue (49) Details
08/02/2022Radcliffe (A)NPL P357 2-3StartedRoscoe (7), Tongue (37 pen) Details
12/02/2022Warrington T (H)NPL P470 2-1StartedDitchfield (81), Earl (89) Details
19/02/2022Morpeth T (A)NPL P620 2-2StartedTongue (45), Pratt (90) Details
22/02/2022Trafford (H)MPC428 2-1StartedUche (15), Earl (66) Details
05/03/2022Atherton C (A)NPL P340 1-0StartedDyche (68) Details
12/03/2022Lancaster C (A)NPL P219 0-0Started Details
19/03/2022Witton A (H)NPL P656 3-2StartedTongue (32 pen), Dyche (72), Earl (90) Details
26/03/2022Gainsboro' T (H)NPL P604 1-0StartedEarl (60) Details
02/04/2022Ashton U (A)NPL P575 3-0StartedDyche (8, 51), Pratt (18) Details
09/04/2022Bamber B (H)NPL P507 0-4Started Details
11/04/2022Ashton U (N)MPC963 0-1Started Details
16/04/2022Grantham T (A)NPL P259 0-2Started Details
18/04/2022Stalybridge C (H)NPL P1053 2-2StartedBrown (23), Pratt (76) Details
23/04/2022FCUM (A)NPL P2307 2-0StartedPratt (28), Brown (78) Details
13/08/2022Radcliffe (H)NPL P470 1-1StartedRedshaw (89) Details
16/08/2022Gainsboro' T (A)NPL P468 1-1StartedTrusty (59) Details
20/08/2022Atherton C (A)NPL P426 1-0StartedRoscoe (10) Details
23/08/2022Belper T (H)NPL P413 2-0StartedRedshaw (72, 90) Details
27/08/2022Morpeth T (A)NPL P406 0-3Started Details
29/08/2022Ashton U (H)NPL P855 0-1Started Details
03/09/2022Warrington R (A)FAC282 4-0StartedPratt (5, 17), Redshaw (9 pen), Brown (51) Details
06/09/2022FCUM (H)NPL P962 1-0StartedSwaby-Neavin (36) Details
13/09/2022Warrington R (A)NPL P331 4-2StartedRoscoe (32, 45), Redshaw (82), Djankpata (89) Details
17/09/2022Warrington T (H)FAC511 1-0StartedTongue (54) Details
24/09/2022Guiseley (H)NPL P597 2-1StartedBrown (6), Fagbola (58) Details
27/09/2022Nantwich T (H)NPL P421 1-0StartedDawson (83) Details
01/10/2022Darlington (H)FAC870 1-0StartedRedshaw (79) Details
04/10/2022Trafford (A)MPC242 1-3StartedMampala (17) Details
08/10/2022Colne (H)FAT475 2-3StartedOwn Goal (19), Roscoe (77) Details
15/10/2022Buxton (A)FAC1425 1-2StartedRedshaw (38) Details
18/10/2022Bamber B (A)NPL P403 0-1Started Details
22/10/2022Marske U (H)NPL P452 1-0StartedMampala (25) Details
25/10/2022Stafford R (A)NPL P567 1-1StartedPratt (24) Details
29/10/2022Bamber B (H)NPL P576 7-0StartedRoscoe (10), McGlynn (41), Mampala (42, 87, 90), Redshaw (45 pen), Spooner (55) Details
05/11/2022Liversedge (A)NPL P464 3-1StartedRedshaw (11), Mampala (59), McGlynn (75) Details
08/11/2022South Shields (A)NPL P1735 1-0StartedRoscoe (77) Details
12/11/2022Matlock T (H)NPL P689 0-1Started Details
22/11/2022Lancaster C (H)NPL P421 1-2StartedRedshaw (53) Details
26/11/2022Marine (A)NPL P1417 0-0Started Details
03/12/2022Gainsboro' T (H)NPL P668 1-0StartedWhittingham (7) Details
06/12/2022Whitby T (A)NPL P315 1-1StartedRedshaw (40) Details
20/12/2022Macclesfield (A)CSC501 1-3StartedMaieco (20) Details
26/12/2022Stalybridge C (H)NPL P1708 0-1Started Details
02/01/2023Ashton U (A)NPL P703 6-0StartedPratt (4, 79), Tongue (33), Fearnley (43, 63), Mampala (47) Details
07/01/2023Atherton C (H)NPL P721 1-1StartedMaieco (79) Details
10/01/2023Warrington T (H)NPL P435 2-2StartedRedshaw (20), Roscoe (49) Details
14/01/2023FCUM (A)NPL P1764 4-4StartedRuss (7, 77), Pratt (38, 45) Details
21/01/2023Stafford R (H)NPL P988 1-0StartedMaieco (69) Details
28/01/2023Guiseley (A)NPL P803 3-2StartedRuss (30), Redshaw (41 pen), Tongue (73) Details
31/01/2023Belper T (A)NPL P480 1-1StartedMaieco (90) Details
04/02/2023Warrington R (H)NPL P577 0-1Started Details
11/02/2023Marske U (A)NPL P512 2-0StartedTongue (49), Russ (75) Details
18/02/2023Liversedge (H)NPL P739 4-2StartedPratt (19), Fearnley (41), Tongue (54 pen), Russ (83) Details
18/03/2023South Shields (H)NPL P987 0-1Started Details
25/03/2023Lancaster C (A)NPL P833 1-2StartedFleming (49) Details
01/04/2023Whitby T (H)NPL P576 0-0Started Details
07/04/2023Morpeth T (H)NPL P598 1-2StartedPratt (20) Details
10/04/2023Stalybridge C (A)NPL P1348 2-2StartedDitchfield (41), Fearnley (51) Details
15/04/2023Marine (H)NPL P811 4-0StartedMampala (57, 60), Dawson (76), Redshaw (78) Details
22/04/2023Warrington T (A)NPL P1415 1-3StartedLeitch-Smith (83) Details
12/08/2023Guiseley (H)NPL P741 1-1StartedThompson (61) Details
15/08/2023Bamber B (A)NPL P515 0-2Started Details
19/08/2023Radcliffe (A)NPL P974 0-2Started Details
22/08/2023Marine (H)NPL P528 2-1StartedFearnley (1, 45) Details
26/08/2023Worksop T (H)NPL P631 3-1StartedBunn (18), Alessandra (28), Thompson (90) Details
28/08/2023Ashton U (A)NPL P641 1-2StartedMakoli (26) Details
02/09/2023Clitheroe (A)FAC738 2-1StartedSpooner (17), Makoli (45) Details
09/09/2023Lancaster C (H)NPL P676 0-3Started Details
16/09/2023Albion S (H)FAC430 2-1StartedFearnley (62), Redshaw (63) Details
23/09/2023Basford U (H)NPL P489 1-0StartedMakoli (90) Details
26/09/2023Stafford R (A)NPL P461 2-1StartedChikukwa (53), Redshaw (75 pen) Details
30/09/2023Marine (H)FAC620 0-2Started Details
03/10/2023Atherton C (A)NPL P223 2-1StartedRedshaw (42, 61) Details
11/10/2023Avro (A)MPC184 0-2Started Details
14/10/2023Bradford PA (A)NPL P419 3-0StartedFearnley (43), White (51), Redshaw (76) Details
21/10/2023Warrington R (A)NPL P582 0-1Started Details
24/10/2023Ilkeston T (H)NPL P339 2-0StartedAlessandra (55), Redshaw (59) Details
28/10/2023Nuneaton B (A)FAT305 0-2Started Details
31/10/2023Cheadle Heath Nomads (H)CSC210 2-0Subbed onMellor (14, 58) Details
04/11/2023FCUM (A)NPL P1711 2-0StartedAlessandra (32), Fearnley (48) Details
07/11/2023Whitby T (H)NPL P294 1-2StartedAlessandra (65) Details
11/11/2023Marske U (H)NPL P482 3-0StartedMakoli (45), Redshaw (54 pen), Jones-Griffiths (75) Details
14/11/2023Matlock T (A)NPL P538 2-3StartedAlessandra (4), Redshaw (75) Details
25/11/2023Morpeth T (H)NPL P456 2-1StartedBunn (17), Redshaw (78) Details

* = Won on penalties
^ = Lost on penalties

Hyde's record for all matches featuring Bradley Roscoe:
Played 147, Won 63, Drawn 26, Lost 58, For 219, Against 201

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