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Hyde's record against multiple opponents

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 PlayedHyde WinDrawOpponent winHyde GoalsOpponent Goals
At Hyde5333101013364
At Opponent599133779135
Neutral venue72141112
DateOpponentCompAttResultHyde Scorers 
09/04/2003Runcorn (A)NPL P112  1-1Coleman (3) Details
28/10/2002Runcorn (H)NPL P334  0-2 Details
29/03/2002Runcorn (H)NPL P527  0-1 Details
19/03/2002Runcorn (A)NPL P202  1-3Foster (2) Details
12/04/2001Runcorn (H)NPL P276  1-1Yeo (33) Details
28/03/2001Runcorn (A)NPL P177  1-1Grant (50) Details
29/04/2000Runcorn (A)NPL P229  3-0Hall (35), Yeo (68), Foster (85) Details
09/02/2000Runcorn (A)FAT649  2-3aetAspinall (20), Wilson (96) Details
05/02/2000Runcorn (H)FAT764  0-0 Details
29/11/1999Runcorn (H)NPL P535  0-0 Details
16/01/1999Runcorn (A)FAT428  1-2Yeo (58) Details
30/11/1998Runcorn (H)NPL P424  2-0Page (9), Moncrieffe (15) Details
08/09/1998Runcorn (A)NPL P315  1-1Highfield Details
02/05/1998Runcorn (H)NPL P747  0-2 Details
20/09/1997Runcorn (A)NPL P400  1-0Annan (44) Details
23/11/1996Runcorn (A)NPL P377  3-1Brockie, Carroll (2 goals) Details
26/08/1996Runcorn (H)NPL P670  2-0Varden, Nolan Details
06/03/1995Runcorn (H)FAT931  4-0Hawtin (19), Murphy (45), Little (60), Simms (90) Details
04/03/1995Runcorn (A)FAT1059  0-0 Details
01/12/1993Runcorn (A)CSC272  1-2Callaghan (22) Details
09/01/1993Runcorn (H)FAT425  1-2Henshaw (24) Details
10/04/1989Runcorn (H)ILC  2-1Kirkham, Megram Details
29/03/1989Runcorn (H)CSC  0-2 Details
14/03/1989Runcorn (A)CSC  2-3Rudge, Lutkevitch Details
06/03/1984Runcorn (N)CSC  0-2 Details
01/10/1983Runcorn (H)FAC  3-0Holt, Coyne, Oghani Details
06/03/1982Runcorn (N)CSC  0-1 Details
08/01/1980Runcorn (A)CSC  0-2 Details
05/01/1980Runcorn (H)CSC  0-0 Details
05/10/1974Runcorn (A)FAC  0-3 Details
03/05/1973Runcorn (H)NWFL  1-1Lawton Details
27/01/1973Runcorn (A)CSC  2-1Hallsworth (2 goals) Details
13/11/1972Runcorn (A)NWFL  2-4Hallsworth (2 goals) Details
21/03/1970Runcorn (A)NPL P  1-1Hewitt Details
22/11/1969Runcorn (H)NPL P  1-0Wooler Details
30/08/1969Runcorn (H)NPL LC  3-1Sandiford, Fry (2 goals) Details
05/04/1969Runcorn (H)NPL P  4-3Hewitt (2 goals), Sandiford (2 goals) Details
18/11/1968Runcorn (H)NWFL  1-1Elms Details
07/10/1968Runcorn (A)NWFL  2-2Middleton, Mitchell Details
13/09/1968Runcorn (A)NPL P  2-2Fry, Mitchell Details
14/02/1968Runcorn (N)CSC  1-3McQueen Details
29/01/1968Runcorn (N)CSC  3-3McQueen, Hallsworth, Cunliffe Details
23/01/1968Runcorn (H)CSC  3-3Hallsworth (3 goals) Details
20/01/1968Runcorn (A)CSC  3-3Elms, Hallsworth, Cunliffe Details
16/12/1967Runcorn (A)CCL  1-3Cunliffe Details
04/11/1967Runcorn (H)CCL  4-0Crawley, McQueen (2 goals), Hallsworth Details
04/02/1967Runcorn (H)CCL  8-0Hallsworth (4 goals), Panter, McGowan (2 goals) Details
24/09/1966Runcorn (A)CCL  0-2 Details
19/03/1966Runcorn (H)CCL  4-0Wilford, Worth, Wood, Own Goal Details
27/09/1965Runcorn (A)CCL  0-1 Details
14/09/1964Runcorn (A)CCL  0-5 Details
07/09/1964Runcorn (H)CCL  2-1Worth Details
18/04/1964Runcorn (A)CCL  2-3Worth (2 goals) Details
16/03/1964Runcorn (H)CCL  2-0Farrell, Worth Details
18/05/1963Runcorn (N)CSC  3-1Taylor, Bannister, Duff Details
08/04/1963Runcorn (H)CCL  3-1Gordon, Bannister (2 goals) Details
10/11/1962Runcorn (A)CCL  1-5Davenport Details
07/04/1962Runcorn (N)CSC  1-2Bannister Details
02/10/1961Runcorn (H)CCL  2-4Bannister (2 goals) Details
13/09/1961Runcorn (A)CCL  2-1Bannister, Dey Details
03/12/1960Runcorn (A)CCL  2-2Drake (2 goals) Details
29/10/1960Runcorn (H)CCL  2-1McLoughlin, McFarlane Details
12/12/1959Runcorn (A)CCL  0-3 Details
21/11/1959Runcorn (H)CCL  4-2Morrissey (2 goals), Evison (2 goals) Details
28/03/1959Runcorn (A)CCL  0-1 Details
07/02/1959Runcorn (H)CCL  8-5Cook (3 goals), Megson (2 goals), Tristram (2 goals), Wilson Details
26/03/1958Runcorn (A)CCL  0-4 Details
01/02/1958Runcorn (A)CSC  1-3Morrissey Details
09/09/1957Runcorn (H)CCL  3-0Barber, Rogers, Wilson Details
26/01/1957Runcorn (H)CCL  7-1Rogers (3 goals), Dimond (3 goals), Webster Details
13/10/1956Runcorn (A)CCL  4-2Morrissey (2 goals), Rogers, Dimond Details
26/10/1955Runcorn (A)CCL  6-3Morrissey, Williams, Hilton (2 goals), Webster, Lansley Details
20/09/1955Runcorn (H)CCL  6-2Williams, Hilton, Webster (3 goals), Own Goal Details
02/04/1955Runcorn (H)CCL  8-1Barber, Morrissey, Hilton (3 goals), Webster (2 goals), Lansley Details
04/12/1954Runcorn (A)CCL  2-2Hilton, Lansley Details
17/03/1954Runcorn (A)CCL  0-1 Details
13/03/1954Runcorn (H)CCL  2-0Rogers, Cookson Details
18/04/1953Runcorn (H)CCL  1-1Brooke Details
10/03/1953Runcorn (A)CLCC  6-1McLeod, Morrissey, Wheeler (2 goals), Pye (2 goals) Details
15/11/1952Runcorn (A)CCL  1-3Barber Details
11/10/1952Runcorn (H)CLCC  0-0 Details
26/04/1952Runcorn (H)CCL  4-6McConnell, Webster, Wood, Bond Details
01/09/1951Runcorn (A)CCL  0-6 Details
09/12/1950Runcorn (A)CCL  1-3Bond Details
18/11/1950Runcorn (A)CCL  0-4 Details
17/10/1950Runcorn (H)FAC  3-0Boothway (2 goals), Peel Details
14/10/1950Runcorn (A)FAC  1-1Jenkins Details
18/02/1950Runcorn (H)CCL  2-1Jones, Shore Details
07/01/1950Runcorn (A)CCL  0-1 Details
07/05/1949Runcorn (H)CCL  2-2White, Lovery Details
02/04/1949Runcorn (A)CCL  1-1Bond Details
10/01/1948Runcorn (A)CCL  3-1Elliott, Nicol (2 goals) Details
27/09/1947Runcorn (A)CCL  2-3Howe, Trentham Details
28/12/1946Runcorn (A)CCL  0-2 Details
26/10/1946Runcorn (H)CCL  3-2Lovery, Webber, Graham Details
09/03/1946Runcorn (N)CSC  3-0Hession, Spencer, Jones Details
29/09/1945Runcorn (H)CCL  2-1Hession, Lovery Details
22/09/1945Runcorn (A)CCL  1-2Porter Details
07/02/1939Runcorn (H)CCL  0-3 Details
08/10/1938Runcorn (A)CCL  0-1 Details
15/01/1938Runcorn (A)CCL  0-1 Details
08/01/1938Runcorn (H)CCL  1-0 Details
06/04/1937Runcorn (H)CCL  1-3Roscoe Details
02/09/1936Runcorn (A)CCL  1-4Roscoe Details
29/02/1936Runcorn (H)CCL  4-3Valentine, Roscoe (3 goals) Details
11/09/1935Runcorn (A)CCL  3-3Stockton, Smith, Davies Details
20/10/1934Runcorn (H)CCL  2-0Jones, Roscoe Details
13/10/1934Runcorn (A)CCL  0-2 Details
20/01/1934Runcorn (A)CSC  0-1 Details
18/11/1933Runcorn (H)CCL  3-1Liggins (2 goals), Keers Details
11/11/1933Runcorn (A)CCL  3-4Astley, Liggins (2 goals) Details
18/02/1933Runcorn (H)CSC  3-0Cheetham (2 goals), Thompson Details
04/02/1933Runcorn (H)CCL  6-1Izon, Cheetham (4 goals), Thompson Details
28/01/1933Runcorn (A)CCL  0-1 Details
06/02/1932Runcorn (H)CCL  0-2 Details
23/09/1931Runcorn (A)CCL  1-3Cheetham Details
07/03/1931Runcorn (H)CCL  3-0Royle, Wood (2 goals) Details
01/11/1930Runcorn (A)CCL  2-5Royle, Keers Details
04/01/1930Runcorn (A)CSC  3-6Winskill, Gillibrand, Fairbrother Details

* = Won on penalties
^ = Lost on penalties

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