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List of all games featuring Allen Knowles

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DateOpponentCompAttResultAppearanceHyde Scorers
20/09/1919Glossop NE Res. (H)LCF 1-1StartedSmith Details
27/09/1919Macclesfield (H)LCF 1-3StartedAldred Details
11/10/1919Compstall (H)CHE 1-3StartedAldred Details
18/10/1919Newton Heath L (A)LCF 2-1StartedWorthington (2 goals) Details
25/10/1919Macclesfield (A)LCF 3-1StartedKirby (2 goals), Turner Details
01/11/1919Hadfield Eth (H)LCF 2-1StartedLeah, Aldred Details
08/11/1919Glossop NE Res. (A)LCF 3-1StartedKnowles, Bertenshaw (2 goals) Details
15/11/1919Compstall (H)LCF 3-1StartedMorrison (2 goals), Aldred Details
22/11/1919New Mills (H)LCF 5-6StartedKirby, Morrison (4 goals) Details
29/11/1919Castleton C (A)LCF 2-6StartedKirby (2 goals) Details
06/12/1919New Mills (A)HC 2-3StartedAldred, Galley Details
13/12/1919Hadfield Eth (A)LCF 2-1StartedBertenshaw, Morrison Details
20/12/1919Hadfield Eth (H)LCF 4-1StartedKirby (2 goals), Aldred (2 goals) Details
25/12/1919Middleton Borough (A)LCF 0-1Started Details
26/12/1919Compstall (A)LCF 2-3StartedMoores, Lever Details
27/12/1919New Mills (A)LCF 0-6Started Details
01/01/1920Middleton Borough (H)LCF 3-1StartedParkes, Parkes, Aldred Details
03/01/1920Compstall (H)LCF 2-1StartedParkes, Morrison Details
10/01/1920Castleton C (H)LCF 5-1StartedTurner (2 goals), Knowles (2 goals), Own Goal Details
17/01/1920Glossop NE Res. (H)LCF 2-1StartedKnowles, Aldred Details
24/01/1920Hadfield Eth (A)LCF 3-1StartedParkes (2 goals), Own Goal Details
31/01/1920Middleton Borough (H)LCF 2-1StartedParkes, Parkes Details
07/02/1920Castleton C (A)LCF 2-0StartedRowbottom, Knowles Details
14/02/1920Newton Heath L (H)LCF 1-1StartedMorrison Details
21/02/1920Castleton C (H)LCF 9-0StartedParkes (3 goals), Morrison (3 goals), Bertenshaw (3 goals) Details
06/03/1920Newton Heath L (H)LCF 1-4StartedOwn Goal Details
10/04/1920New Mills (H)LCF 5-1StartedParkes, Morrison (2 goals), Shelmerdine, Knowles Details
21/04/1920Macclesfield (H)LCF 7-1StartedParkes, Morrison (3 goals), Shelmerdine (3 goals) Details
27/08/1921Hadfield (H)ML 2-0StartedHutchinson, Parkes Details
24/09/1921New Moss C (A)ML 2-0StartedHutchinson, Bradshaw Details
06/05/1922New Cross (A)ML 1-1StartedMorrison Details
13/05/1922Droylsden (N)MJC 3-0StartedParkes, Flaherty, Taylor Details

* = Won on penalties
^ = Lost on penalties

Hyde's record for all matches featuring Allen Knowles:
Played 32, Won 20, Drawn 3, Lost 9, For 83, Against 53

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