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Hyde's record against Chester Reserves

 PlayedHyde WinDrawChester Res. winHyde GoalsChester Res. Goals
At Hyde3622778546
At Chester Res.35167125975
Neutral venue000000
DateOpponentCompAttResultHyde Scorers 
17/01/1976Chester Res. (A)CSC  4-0O'Keefe, Turner, Johnson (2 goals) Details
11/01/1969Chester Res. (H)CSC  2-0Hutchinson, Blyth Details
20/03/1968Chester Res. (A)CCL  0-7 Details
30/12/1967Chester Res. (H)CCL  3-2 Details
03/12/1966Chester Res. (H)CCL  3-1 Details
20/08/1966Chester Res. (A)CCL  2-1 Details
18/12/1965Chester Res. (A)CCL  2-1 Details
21/08/1965Chester Res. (H)CCL  1-1 Details
02/04/1965Chester Res. (A)CCL  4-1 Details
09/01/1965Chester Res. (H)CCL  2-0 Details
29/02/1964Chester Res. (H)CCL  1-1 Details
19/10/1963Chester Res. (A)CCL  1-1 Details
22/12/1962Chester Res. (A)CCL  3-2 Details
25/08/1962Chester Res. (H)CCL  0-5 Details
13/01/1962Chester Res. (A)CCL  2-1 Details
28/10/1961Chester Res. (H)CCL  5-0 Details
11/02/1961Chester Res. (H)CCL  0-1 Details
08/10/1960Chester Res. (A)CCL  4-2 Details
26/03/1960Chester Res. (A)CCL  1-0 Details
10/10/1959Chester Res. (H)CCL  5-0 Details
01/11/1958Chester Res. (A)CCL  2-0 Details
23/08/1958Chester Res. (H)CCL  2-1 Details
19/03/1958Chester Res. (A)CCL  0-4 Details
18/01/1958Chester Res. (H)CCL  2-3 Details
27/04/1957Chester Res. (A)CCL  2-3 Details
18/03/1957Chester Res. (H)CCL  3-0 Details
24/03/1956Chester Res. (A)CCL  3-2 Details
17/09/1955Chester Res. (H)CCL  3-1 Details
10/04/1955Chester Res. (A)CCL  2-1 Details
30/11/1954Chester Res. (H)CCL  0-0 Details
05/12/1953Chester Res. (A)CCL  1-4 Details
15/09/1953Chester Res. (H)CCL  3-2 Details
11/04/1953Chester Res. (A)CCL  1-1 Details
08/11/1952Chester Res. (H)CCL  4-3 Details
09/02/1952Chester Res. (A)CCL  1-2Johnston Details
27/10/1951Chester Res. (H)CCL  1-3Baines Details
10/02/1951Chester Res. (A)CCL  2-1Wood, Peel Details
07/10/1950Chester Res. (H)CCL  2-2Wood, Bond Details
01/04/1950Chester Res. (H)CCL  0-0 Details
02/03/1950Chester Res. (A)CSC  2-0 Details
25/02/1950Chester Res. (H)CSC  0-0 Details
10/09/1949Chester Res. (A)CCL  1-1Jones Details
19/02/1949Chester Res. (A)CCL  1-0 Details
06/11/1948Chester Res. (H)CCL  0-1 Details
17/04/1948Chester Res. (A)CCL  2-3 Details
13/03/1948Chester Res. (H)CCL  3-2 Details
03/05/1947Chester Res. (A)CCL  0-4 Details
14/04/1947Chester Res. (H)CCL  2-1 Details
09/02/1946Chester Res. (H)CSC  4-0 Details
10/11/1945Chester Res. (H)CCL  4-0 Details
03/11/1945Chester Res. (A)CCL  2-2 Details
14/01/1939Chester Res. (A)CCL  1-2 Details
29/10/1938Chester Res. (H)CCL  4-1 Details
30/04/1938Chester Res. (A)CCL  2-0 Details
06/11/1937Chester Res. (H)CCL  2-0 Details
03/04/1937Chester Res. (A)CCL  3-2 Details
12/12/1936Chester Res. (H)CCL  2-2 Details
07/03/1936Chester Res. (A)CCL  2-2 Details
15/10/1935Chester Res. (H)CCL  5-4 Details
24/04/1935Chester Res. (A)CCL  0-8 Details
24/11/1934Chester Res. (H)CCL  4-1 Details
09/12/1933Chester Res. (A)CCL  0-1 Details
14/10/1933Chester Res. (H)CCL  6-1 Details
22/03/1933Chester Res. (A)CCL  1-5 Details
05/11/1932Chester Res. (H)CCL  2-1 Details
03/05/1932Chester Res. (A)CCL  2-2 Details
05/03/1932Chester Res. (H)CCL  4-1 Details
25/12/1930Chester Res. (A)CCL  1-7 Details
18/10/1930Chester Res. (H)CCL  0-1 Details
15/12/1927Chester Res. (H)CSC  1-4 Details
10/12/1927Chester Res. (A)CSC  2-2 Details

* = Won on penalties
^ = Lost on penalties

Biggest Hyde win: 6-1 on 14 October 1933
Biggest Hyde defeat: 0-8 on 24 April 1935

Most appearances v Chester Res.
1950 Bond5
1950 Shore4
1950 McConnell4
N Wood4
1950 Campbell3
1950 GK Teece3
1951 Johnston2
J Jones2
1950 Cooper2
Ron Wood2
A Jones2
1951 Baines2
1950 Peel1
1950 Pither1
B Harrison1
1951 Walkden1
1951 Gray1
1951 Hutton1
1951 Woods1
1951 Gourlay1
1952 Greenwood1
Jack Hilton1
J Harrison1
1950 Barron1
1950 Henderson1
Jimmy Richardson1
1950 Jones1
1951 Barber1
1951 Williams1
1952 Crump1
1950 GK Grimshaw1
Jack Dobson1
Ronnie Swann1
Des Bunn1
Paul Fitzgerald1
Ian Blyth1
Joe Clayton1
Rudi Mancini0 (1)
Eric Fitzsimmons1
Eamonn O'Keefe1
Mike Turner1
Peter O'Brien1
Jeff Johnson1
Danny Healey1
John Crawley1
Kenny Hewitt1
Jack Boothway1
1950 Eastham1
David Elder1
Paul Bennett1
Simon Farrell1
Ron Jenkins1
1950 Briggs1
Ian Sandiford1
1969 Hutchinson1
Geoff Fry1
John Cooke1
David Constantine1
J Wood1
Most goals v Chester Res.
Jeff Johnson2
N Wood2
Eamonn O'Keefe1
Mike Turner1
1969 Hutchinson1
Ian Blyth1
1950 Bond1
1950 Peel1
1951 Baines1
1951 Johnston1
A Jones1

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