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Hyde's record against multiple opponents

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 PlayedHyde WinDrawOpponent winHyde GoalsOpponent Goals
At Hyde73221412
At Opponent104151212
Neutral venue000000
DateOpponentCompAttResultHyde Scorers 
08/02/2020Scarborough A (H)NPL P585  0-1 Details
15/10/2019Scarborough A (A)NPL P885  0-1 Details
08/12/2018Scarborough A (A)NPL P964  2-0Simpson (18), Platt (22) Details
01/09/2018Scarborough A (H)NPL P577  2-3Jones (76), McCombe (83) Details
23/12/2017Scarborough A (H)NPL 1N638  3-1Khamsuk (11), Beadle (14 pen), Marie (72) Details
14/10/2017Scarborough A (A)FAC2003  2-0Beadle (13), Porritt (45) Details
12/08/2017Scarborough A (A)NPL 1N1385  0-0 Details
04/02/2017Scarborough A (H)NPL 1N366  3-2Beadle (35), Branker (44, 80) Details
15/10/2016Scarborough A (A)NPL 1N329  2-3Bevins (47), Dempsey (84) Details
24/02/2007Scarborough (A)Conf North748  2-1Seddon (64 pen, 90) Details
09/12/2006Scarborough (H)Conf North388  1-1Gedman (55) Details
12/11/1986Scarborough (A)ILC  1-2O'Connor Details
24/01/1970Scarborough (A)NPL P  1-3McQueen Details
03/01/1970Scarborough (H)NPL P  3-3Blyth, Hewitt, Fry Details
22/03/1969Scarborough (A)NPL P  2-1Hewitt, Perry Details
15/03/1969Scarborough (H)NPL P  2-1Hewitt, Green Details
20/10/1962Scarborough (A)FAC  0-1 Details

* = Won on penalties
^ = Lost on penalties

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