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1919/1920 Matches

DateOpponentCompAttResultHyde Scorers 
20/09/1919Glossop NE Res. (H)LCF  1-1Smith Details
27/09/1919Macclesfield (H)LCF  1-3Aldred Details
11/10/1919Compstall (H)CHE  1-3Aldred Details
18/10/1919Newton Heath L (A)LCF  2-1Worthington (2 goals) Details
25/10/1919Macclesfield (A)LCF  3-1Kirby (2 goals), Turner Details
01/11/1919Hadfield Eth (H)LCF  2-1Leah, Aldred Details
08/11/1919Glossop NE Res. (A)LCF  3-1Knowles, Bertenshaw (2 goals) Details
15/11/1919Compstall (H)LCF  3-1Morrison (2 goals), Aldred Details
22/11/1919New Mills (H)LCF  5-6Kirby, Morrison (4 goals) Details
29/11/1919Castleton C (A)LCF  2-6Kirby (2 goals) Details
06/12/1919New Mills (A)HC  2-3Aldred, Galley Details
13/12/1919Hadfield Eth (A)LCF  2-1Bertenshaw, Morrison Details
20/12/1919Hadfield Eth (H)LCF  4-1Kirby (2 goals), Aldred (2 goals) Details
25/12/1919Middleton Borough (A)LCF  0-1 Details
26/12/1919Compstall (A)LCF  2-3Moores, Lever Details
27/12/1919New Mills (A)LCF  0-6 Details
01/01/1920Middleton Borough (H)LCF  3-1Parkes, Parkes, Aldred Details
03/01/1920Compstall (H)LCF  2-1Parkes, Morrison Details
10/01/1920Castleton C (H)LCF  5-1Turner (2 goals), Knowles (2 goals), Own Goal Details
17/01/1920Glossop NE Res. (H)LCF  2-1Knowles, Aldred Details
24/01/1920Hadfield Eth (A)LCF  3-1Parkes (2 goals), Own Goal Details
31/01/1920Middleton Borough (H)LCF  2-1Parkes, Parkes Details
07/02/1920Castleton C (A)LCF  2-0Rowbottom, Knowles Details
14/02/1920Newton Heath L (H)LCF  1-1Morrison Details
21/02/1920Castleton C (H)LCF  9-0Parkes (3 goals), Morrison (3 goals), Bertenshaw (3 goals) Details
28/02/1920New Mills (A)LCF  2-5Parkes, Bertenshaw Details
06/03/1920Newton Heath L (H)LCF  1-4Own Goal Details
13/03/1920Compstall (A)LCF  1-4Shelmerdine Details
27/03/1920Middleton Borough (A)LCF  0-0 Details
03/04/1920Newton Heath L (A)LCF  2-2Galley, Brian Details
10/04/1920New Mills (H)LCF  5-1Parkes, Morrison (2 goals), Shelmerdine, Knowles Details
21/04/1920Macclesfield (H)LCF  7-1Parkes, Morrison (3 goals), Shelmerdine (3 goals) Details
24/04/1920Glossop NE Res. (A)LCF  2-1Shelmerdine Details
29/04/1920Macclesfield (A)LCF  1-0 Details

* = Won on penalties
^ = Lost on penalties

1919/1920 Season Statistics

1919/1920 League Table
League table is not available.
1919/1920 Appearances
Allen Knowles28
1919 Parkin27
1919 Turner22
1919 Galley21
1919 Aldred19
1919 Hilton17
Arthur Parkes16
1919 Rowbottom15
Willy Knowles15
Bob Morrison14
Tommy Parkes13
1919 Kirby10
1919 Swindells8
1919 Bertenshaw7
1919 Howles6
1919 Firth6
1919 Whitehead6
1919 Travis5
1919 Smith5
1920 Shelmerdine4
1919 Thompson4
1919 Leah3
1919 Massey3
1919 Broadbent3
1919 Wilson3
1919 GK Carr3
1920 Birtwistle2
1919 Hadfield2
1920 Sutton2
1919 Wilkinson2
1919 Lever2
1920 Kershaw2
1919 Moores2
1919 Orford2
1919 Bell1
J Worthington1
1919 Worthington1
1919 Carson1
1919 Hobson1
1919 Burney1
1919 Gosling1
1919 Gibbs1
1920 Holt1
1920 Brian1
1919 Phillips1
1919 Palfreyman1
1919 Chatterton1
1919 GK Beresford1
1919/1920 Goalscorers
Bob Morrison17
Tommy Parkes11
1919 Aldred9
1919 Kirby7
1919 Bertenshaw7
1920 Shelmerdine6
Willy Knowles4
1919 Turner3
Allen Knowles2
1919 Galley2
1919 Worthington2
Arthur Parkes2
1919 Lever1
1919 Leah1
1919 Smith1
1920 Brian1
1919 Moores1
1919 Rowbottom1

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