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DateOpponentCompAttResultAppearanceHyde Scorers
13/08/2011Worcester C (H)Conf North361 2-1StartedCrowther (25), Spencer (30 pen) Details
16/08/2011Colwyn Bay (A)Conf North394 1-0StartedSpencer (89) Details
20/08/2011Corby T (A)Conf North793 4-0StartedSpencer (13, 50, 78, 90) Details
22/08/2011Hinckley U (H)Conf North329 4-0StartedBerkeley (10, 51), Spencer (32 pen), Crowther (39) Details
27/08/2011Altrincham (H)Conf North745 2-1StartedSpencer (10, 60) Details
29/08/2011Gloucester C (A)Conf North472 2-0StartedBerkeley (27 pen), Broadbent (55) Details
03/09/2011Harrogate T (H)Conf North615 3-2StartedCrowther (13), Broadbent (45), Berkeley (90 pen) Details
10/09/2011Workington (A)Conf North383 3-0StartedBroadbent (13), Spencer (19), Crowther (61) Details
13/09/2011Droylsden (A)Conf North625 3-2StartedByrne (41), Spencer (58), Hall (78) Details
17/09/2011Gainsboro' T (H)Conf North642 3-1StartedCrowther (2), Hall (17), Spencer (21) Details
20/09/2011Chester (H)CSC262 0-2Unused sub Details
24/09/2011Eastwood T (A)Conf North232 2-2StartedSpencer (30), Hall (90) Details
01/10/2011Staveley MW (A)FAC320 3-0StartedBerkeley, Crowther (2 goals) Details
08/10/2011Nuneaton T (H)Conf North682 1-1StartedCrowther (37) Details
15/10/2011Bradford PA (H)FAC560 0-1Started Details
22/10/2011Guiseley (A)Conf North789 0-2Started Details
25/10/2011FC Halifax (A)Conf North1534 2-3StartedCrowther (57), Griffin (90) Details
29/10/2011Harrogate T (A)Conf North420 3-0StartedPearson (7), Hall (55), Havern (69) Details
14/01/2012Corby T (H)Conf North537 2-2StartedPearson (17), Berkeley (77) Details
21/01/2012Gloucester C (H)Conf North509 0-0Started Details
28/01/2012Solihull M (A)Conf North365 0-1Started Details
25/02/2012Droylsden (H)Conf North546 4-0StartedGray (33), Pearson (62), Spencer (67 pen), Poole (74) Details
03/03/2012Vauxhall M (A)Conf North242 2-0StartedSpencer (60), Abadaki (90) Details
05/03/2012Workington (H)Conf North528 4-0StartedByrne (40), Spencer (65, 76), Gray (74) Details
10/03/2012FC Halifax (H)Conf North1354 1-1StartedWorsley (46) Details
17/03/2012Nuneaton T (A)Conf North902 0-2Started Details
24/03/2012Guiseley (H)Conf North832 0-1Started Details
27/03/2012B Stortford (A)Conf North314 1-0StartedGray (83 pen) Details
31/03/2012B Stortford (H)Conf North499 5-0StartedSpencer (10, 65, 71), Crowther (55, 87) Details
07/04/2012Altrincham (A)Conf North1290 3-1StartedSpencer (33 pen, 50 pen), Broadbent (39) Details
14/04/2012Blyth S (A)Conf North321 1-0StartedPearson (6) Details
01/09/2012Forest Green (A)Conf Prem768 1-3StartedCrowther (56) Details
04/09/2012Wrexham (A)Conf Prem3176 0-2Started Details
08/09/2012Hereford U (H)Conf Prem688 5-2StartedSpencer (38), Brown (51), Jevons (71, 80, 84) Details
22/09/2012Nuneaton T (H)Conf Prem585 2-2StartedGriffin (19), Jevons (65) Details
29/09/2012Dartford (A)Conf Prem1338 1-2Subbed onBrown (28) Details
06/10/2012Gateshead (H)Conf Prem470 1-1Subbed onSpencer (6) Details
09/10/2012Kidderminster H (A)Conf Prem1457 0-3Started Details
13/10/2012Tamworth (H)Conf Prem657 2-1StartedJevons (54, 75 pen) Details
20/10/2012Harrogate T (H)FAC393 1-1StartedJevons (8 pen) Details
27/10/2012Cambridge U (A)Conf Prem1779 1-0StartedCrowther (83) Details
31/10/2012Harrogate T (A)FAC247 0-1aetStarted Details
06/11/2012Grimsby T (H)Conf Prem822 3-2StartedBrown (4, 67), Crowther (17) Details
10/11/2012Ebbsfleet U (A)Conf Prem779 2-3StartedCrowther (4), Blinkhorn (11) Details
17/11/2012Newport C (A)Conf Prem2096 3-1StartedJevons (29 pen), Ashworth (76), Spencer (90) Details
20/11/2012Alfreton T (H)Conf Prem444 1-1StartedJevons (43) Details
04/12/2012Macclesfield (A)Conf Prem1124 2-3StartedBrown (4), Jevons (45 pen) Details
08/12/2012AFC Telford (H)Conf Prem523 2-1Subbed onPoole (55), Spencer (66) Details
26/12/2012Stockport C (A)Conf Prem3963 2-0StartedGriffin (10), Sedgwick (20) Details
29/12/2012Southport (A)Conf Prem1068 1-0StartedGriffin (21) Details
01/01/2013Stockport C (H)Conf Prem2540 0-1Started Details
23/03/2019South Shields (A)NPL P1857 0-4Subbed on Details

* = Won on penalties
^ = Lost on penalties

Hyde's record for all matches featuring Ryan Crowther:
Played 51, Won 27, Drawn 9, Lost 15, For 91, Against 58

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