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Boston United

Club Information

GroundYork Street
AddressYork Street, Boston, Lincolnshire. PE21 6JN
DirectionsA1 to A17 Sleaford to Boston. Over railway crossing, bear right at Eagle Pub to lights over Haven Bridge. Straight along John Adams Way [dual carriageway] Turn right at traffic lights into Main Ridge, then right again into York Street [this is opposite Eagles Fisheries] [The ground is signposted after railway crossing]

Hyde's record against Boston United

 PlayedHyde WinDrawBoston U winHyde GoalsBoston U Goals
At Hyde159242520
At Boston U142391626
Neutral venue000000
DateOpponentCompAttResultHyde Scorers 
07/02/2015Boston U (H)Conf North456  1-3Boyle (82) Details
18/10/2014Boston U (A)Conf North942  1-3Conchie (84) Details
21/04/2012Boston U (H)Conf North1046  4-1Poole (2), Broadbent (19), Spencer (83 pen), Payne (90) Details
10/12/2011Boston U (A)FAT710  1-2Spencer (40) Details
12/11/2011Boston U (A)Conf North1160  2-0Payne (49), Broadbent (71) Details
16/04/2011Boston U (A)Conf North1346  2-2Holsgrove (18), Smart (78 pen) Details
09/10/2010Boston U (H)Conf North479  0-3 Details
26/04/2008Boston U (A)Conf North1740  1-2Tipton (37) Details
03/02/2008Boston U (H)Conf North477  2-1Innes (45), Clee (89) Details
14/02/1998Boston U (H)NPL P526  0-2 Details
10/01/1998Boston U (H)FAT792  2-1Lambert (6), Kimmins (29) Details
17/09/1997Boston U (A)NPL P751  1-1Nolan (78) Details
22/02/1997Boston U (A)NPL P1391  0-0 Details
21/12/1996Boston U (H)NPL P509  2-2Kimmins (2 goals) Details
11/12/1996Boston U (A)NPL LC496  2-3Cox, Carroll Details
02/12/1996Boston U (H)NPL LC296  1-1Nolan Details
06/04/1996Boston U (H)NPL P604  2-4Murphy (4), Carroll (14) Details
16/09/1995Boston U (A)NPL P716  3-0Little (15), Kimmins (44, 62) Details
01/04/1995Boston U (H)NPL P608  1-0Little (65) Details
08/03/1995Boston U (A)NPL PC337  0-3 Details
26/11/1994Boston U (H)FAT354  1-0McMahon (64) Details
14/09/1994Boston U (A)NPL P657  1-2Kimmins (13) Details
14/10/1993Boston U (A)NPL P902  1-3Nolan (24) Details
09/10/1993Boston U (H)NPL P379  2-1Chadwick (14, 53) Details
20/01/1982Boston U (H)FAT  1-0Oghani Details
02/05/1970Boston U (A)NPL P2035  0-2 Details
31/01/1970Boston U (H)NPL P634  2-1Howard, Crawley Details
18/01/1969Boston U (H)NPL P  4-0Hewitt, Fry (3 goals) Details
23/11/1968Boston U (A)NPL P1845  1-3 Details

* = Won on penalties
^ = Lost on penalties

Biggest Hyde win: 4-0 on 18 January 1969
Biggest Hyde defeat: 0-3 (2 times)

Most appearances v Boston U
David Nolan15
Ged Kimmins13 (1)
Gus Wilson9
George Switzer8
Jason Gallagher8
Billy Garton7
Gary Henshaw6
Val Owen6
Tony Carroll5 (1)
Colin Little5
Paul Cox4 (1)
Arthur Williams5
Jason Donnelly0 (5)
Martin Jones5
Lutel James5
Terry Megram4
Colin Murphy4
Joe Clayton4
John Crawley2 (2)
Jack Dobson4
Gordon Tucker3 (1)
Paul Varden2 (2)
Ronnie Swann4
Paul Fitzgerald4
Andrew Pearson4
Dave O'Brien4
Ray Perry4
Josh Brizell4
Chris Worsley2 (1)
Tunji Moses1 (2)
Adam Griffin3
David Carnell3
Callum Byrne3
Chris Lynch2 (1)
Gianluca Havern2 (1)
Danny Broadbent3
David Birch3
Phil Chadwick3
David Poole2 (1)
Ian Blyth3
Andy Reid3
Colin Lambert3
Darren Pybus1 (2)
Vince Brockie2 (1)
Kenny Hewitt3
Geoff Fry3
Tony Camilleri2 (1)
Dean Stott2
Russell Saunders2
Ian Sandiford2
Scott McNiven2
Jonathan Scargill2
Steve Halford2
Matty Burke2
Danny Hall2
Scott Spencer2
Reece Gray2
Connor Hughes2
Tom Bentham2
Neil Tolson0 (2)
Kyle Brownhill2
Ian McQueen2
Shelton Payne1 (1)
Barry Howard2
Mark Lees2
Ian Callaghan2
Greg Wilson2
Andy Graham2
Craig Dootson2
Peter Band2
David Morley2
Neil Horwood2
Tony Henry2
Prince Moncrieffe2
Richard Annan1 (1)
Dale Hawtin2
Oshor Williams2
Steve Appleton2
Chris Simms2
Mark Innes2
Simon Marsh2
Matthew Tipton2
Gareth Seddon2
Nicky Clee2
Chris Brass1 (1)
Steve Pickford2
Lee Cartwright2
Pete Boyle1
Luke Giverin1
Daniel Racchi1
Ben Holmes1
Bob Walker1
Jimmy Elms1
Peter Green1
Perry Ng1
Ed Wilczynski1
Scott Kerr1
Adam Blakeman1
Gary Simpson0 (1)
Steve Tames0 (1)
George Riley0 (1)
Joe Conchie0 (1)
Ryan Masterson0 (1)
Phil Ioannou1
Andrew Teague1
Ronnie Grabner1
Kurt Edgington1
Paul Snape1
Peter Carty0 (1)
Dale Johnson1
Mike Phoenix1
Lee Rick1
Keith Evans1
Des Bunn1
Ricky Mitchell1
Louis Almond1
Chris Simm0 (1)
Julian Dowe0 (1)
Ricky Blackman1
Ian Wooler1
John McMahon1
Ben Morris0 (1)
George Oghani1
Jimmy Golder1
Matty Barlow1
Kevin Holsgrove1
David McNiven0 (1)
Andrew Smart1
Steve Johnson1
Peter Coyne1
Mick Lacey1
Phil Parry1
Paul McMahon1
Gary Blore1
Graham Holder1
Tony Steenson1
Shaun Whalley1
Scott Mooney1
Godwin Abadaki0 (1)
Neill Hardy1
Billy O'Brien1
Colin Darcy1
Kelvin Lomax1
Alex McQuade1
Matthew Berkeley0 (1)
Shane Killock0 (1)
Michael Taylor1
Danny Warner1
Tom Fisher1
Nathan Wharton0 (1)
Paul Kirkham0 (1)
Joel Richardson0 (1)
Colin Finch0 (1)
Most goals v Boston U
Ged Kimmins6
David Nolan3
Geoff Fry3
Shelton Payne2
Danny Broadbent2
Scott Spencer2
Tony Carroll2
Colin Little2
Phil Chadwick2
Mark Innes1
Nicky Clee1
Matthew Tipton1
George Oghani1
Kevin Holsgrove1
Andrew Smart1
Colin Lambert1
David Poole1
Paul Cox1
Joe Conchie1
Pete Boyle1
Barry Howard1
Colin Murphy1
John Crawley1
John McMahon1
Kenny Hewitt1

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