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Accrington Stanley

Club Information

GroundCrown Ground
AddressLivingstone Road, Accrington, Lancashire. BB5 5BX
Telephone0871 434 1968
DirectionsAt the end of the M66 follow the A56 until you come to the Rising Bridge roundabout. Take the first turning, the A680 towards Accrington for around 3 miles. After passing the police and fire stations on the left follow the ring road dual carriageway around the town centre, through the pelican crossing and three sets of traffic lights. At the fourth set of lights, opposite the Castle pub, turn right to rejoin the A680. Follow this road up the hill for approximately 1 mile, Livingstone Road is approx 400 yards past Accrington Victoria Hospital on the right.
Nearest StationAccrington

Hyde's record against Accrington Stanley

 PlayedHyde WinDrawAccrington S winHyde GoalsAccrington S Goals
At Hyde198474346
At Accrington S151681529
Neutral venue000000
DateOpponentCompAttResultHyde Scorers 
26/04/2003Accrington S (A)NPL P1290  0-1 Details
24/11/2002Accrington S (H)NPL P692  3-3Foster (39), Hulme (45), Hayder (65) Details
06/04/2002Accrington S (A)NPL P470  1-4Foster Details
18/01/2002Accrington S (H)NPL P416  2-4Yeo (42, 68) Details
17/02/2001Accrington S (A)NPL P567  1-4Banim (64) Details
14/12/2000Accrington S (H)NPL P455  3-3Hanson (38, 56), Beeston (85) Details
08/11/1999Accrington S (H)NPL LC305  1-3Band (15) Details
30/01/1999Accrington S (H)NPL P491  3-2Yeo (19, 37, 90) Details
12/09/1998Accrington S (A)NPL P419  1-1Wilson Details
25/11/1997Accrington S (A)NPL P362  1-1Nolan (73) Details
08/11/1997Accrington S (H)NPL P572  1-1James (76) Details
15/02/1997Accrington S (H)NPL P587  7-2Kimmins, Owen (2 goals), James (2 goals), Carroll, Nolan (pen) Details
05/10/1996Accrington S (A)NPL P574  2-3Nolan (pen), Donnelly Details
06/01/1996Accrington S (H)NPL P512  0-0 Details
02/12/1995Accrington S (A)NPL P464  1-1Little (64) Details
14/01/1995Accrington S (A)NPL P478  0-1 Details
03/12/1994Accrington S (H)NPL P472  4-1Nolan (37), Kimmins (59), Little (66), McMahon (89) Details
02/11/1994Accrington S (A)NPL LC249  0-2 Details
16/04/1994Accrington S (A)NPL P467  1-4Nolan (41) Details
27/11/1993Accrington S (H)FAT335  2-0Thornton (71, 89) Details
21/08/1993Accrington S (H)NPL P401  1-4Graham (89) Details
12/04/1993Accrington S (A)NPL P604  1-1Chadwick (28) Details
12/09/1992Accrington S (H)FAC333  1-5Wrench (43) Details
07/09/1992Accrington S (H)NPL P444  2-6Henshaw (16 pen), Graham (44) Details
16/11/1991Accrington S (H)NPL P489  2-1Parker (18), Kirkham (77) Details
12/10/1991Accrington S (A)NPL P623  1-1Hodgert (87) Details
28/04/1987Accrington S (H)LFT  5-2Johnson (2 goals), Rudge, O'Connor, Own Goal Details
17/02/1982Accrington S (A)CCL  1-0Oghani Details
26/10/1981Accrington S (H)CCL  1-0Johnson Details
13/09/1975Accrington S (H)FAC  3-2O'Keefe (pen), Johnson, Healey Details
20/03/1915Accrington S (A)LANCOMB1  3-3 Details
27/11/1914Accrington S (H)LANCOMB1  0-2 Details
21/12/1912Accrington S (H)LANCOMB1  2-5 Details
16/11/1912Accrington S (A)LANCOMB1  1-2 Details

* = Won on penalties
^ = Lost on penalties

Biggest Hyde win: 7-2 on 15 February 1997
Biggest Hyde defeat: 2-6 on 07 September 1992

Most appearances v Accrington S
David Nolan16
Ged Kimmins11
Gus Wilson9
Gary Henshaw9
Terry Megram8
Billy Garton6 (1)
Andy Graham7
Phil Chadwick6 (1)
Ian Callaghan7
George Switzer6
Peter Band5 (1)
Jason Gallagher4 (1)
Arthur Williams5
Simon Marsh5
Colin Little5
Val Owen5
Lutel James5
Simon Yeo5
Tony Carroll4
Matty Taylor4
Steve Foster3 (1)
Neil Hall4
Alan Waugh3
Paul Taylor2 (1)
Dave O'Gorman3
Dominic Crookes3
Gordon Tucker3
Richard Annan3
Steve Johnson2 (1)
Darren Pybus2 (1)
Lee Evans3
Colin Darcy3
Paul Ashwell2 (1)
Russ Hooton3
Darren Thornton2 (1)
Alan Nicholas2 (1)
Kurt Edgington3
Chris Downes2 (1)
Brendan Hudson3
Andy Reid2
Tony Henry2
Steve Holland2
Jez Rowson1 (1)
Martin Jones2
Darren Heesom2
Graham Bennett2
Gareth Gray2
Vince Brockie1 (1)
Robbie Lunt1 (1)
Prince Moncrieffe0 (2)
Colin Lambert2
Greg Wilson2
John McMahon2
Wayne Goodison2
Carl Hodgert2
Paul Kirkham0 (2)
Oshor Williams1 (1)
Richard Harris2
Dale Hawtin2
Paul Varden1 (1)
Jody Banim1 (1)
Mick Lacey2
Dave Swanick2
Tony Steenson2
Steve Tobin1 (1)
George Oghani2
Lloyd Richardson1 (1)
Gary Blore2
Barney Daniels1 (1)
Paul McMahon2
Kojoe Taylor2
Paul Richardson2
Phil Trainer2
Mark Beeston2
Jimmy Golder2
Peter Coyne2
Paul Robertson2
John Foster2
Mark Wrench2
Anthony Charles2
Chris Dolby2
Don Page2
David Holt2
Jonathan Scargill2
Steve Haw0 (2)
John O'Neill0 (1)
Chris Molloy1
1975 Leech1
1976 Tutty1
Chris Williams1
Simon Farrell1
1975 Seaton1
Mike Lacey1
Paul Bennett1
John Carter1
Danny Healey1
Malcolm O'Connor1
Andy Kilner1
Malcolm Wagstaffe0 (1)
Keith Hicks1
Mike Lutkevitch1
Eric Fitzsimmons1
Steve Saunders1
1975 Ash1
Simon Rudge1
Jeff Johnson1
Dave Lutkevitch1
George Shepherd1
John Bramhall1
Eamonn O'Keefe1
Gary Collins0 (1)
Mike Stephens1
Lee Bradley1
Levi Edwards1
Tony Coyle1
Derrick Parker1
Scott Taylor0 (1)
Alan Zelem1
Jimmy Cameron0 (1)
David Linighan1
Steven Ferguson1
Matthew Wright1
Peter Crookes1
Willie Griffiths0 (1)
Julian Ward1
Larry Farren1
Tony Rodwell1
Leon Mills0 (1)
Troy Hayder0 (1)
Rick Whelan1
Kevin Hulme1
Stuart Walker1
Rob Hulse1
Richard Acton1
Damien Joyce1
Lee Matthews0 (1)
Ben Obong1
Gareth Rowe1
Chris Young1
Lee Madin1
Micky Beirne0 (1)
Brendan Aspinall1
Steve Rimmer1
Steve Smith1
David Hanson1
Mark Highfield1
Padi Wilson1
Tony Camilleri1
Colin Finch1
Colin Murphy0 (1)
David Esdaille0 (1)
Iain McLellan0 (1)
Dave O'Brien1
Dave Billows0 (1)
Lee Potts0 (1)
Dave Christie0 (1)
Dave Bancroft1
Steve Appleton1
Paul Daughtry0 (1)
Jason Donnelly0 (1)
David Felgate1
Simon Coleman1
Paul Williams1
David Fish1
Paul Snape1
Gary Finley1
Paul Jones1
Mark Sertori1
Darren Esdaille1
Craig Buckley1
John Gaynor1
Jason Lydiate1
Jon Healey1
Most goals v Accrington S
Simon Yeo5
David Nolan5
Steve Johnson3
Lutel James3
Ged Kimmins2
Val Owen2
Colin Little2
Steve Foster2
Andy Graham2
David Hanson2
Darren Thornton2
Malcolm O'Connor1
George Oghani1
Tony Carroll1
Eamonn O'Keefe1
Jason Donnelly1
Jeff Johnson1
Danny Healey1
John McMahon1
Mark Beeston1
Gary Henshaw1
Jody Banim1
Mark Wrench1
Peter Band1
Phil Chadwick1
Kevin Hulme1
Carl Hodgert1
Troy Hayder1
Derrick Parker1
Padi Wilson1
Paul Kirkham1
Simon Rudge1

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