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Frickley Athletic

Club Information

GroundWestfield Lane
AddressSouth Elmsall, Pontefract, West Yorkshire. WF9 2EQ
DirectionsM62 to J33 and then A1 (South). Leave A1 to join A639, go over flyover to junction. Turn left and immediately right, signed South Elmsall. At roundabout take 2nd exit to traffic lights and turn left onto B6474. Turn right at the T-junction and continue down hill to next T-junction. Turn right and immediately left up Westfield Lane.
Nearest StationSouth Elmsall

Hyde's record against Frickley Athletic

See also Frickley Colliery; click here for combined stats

 PlayedHyde WinDrawFrickley A winHyde GoalsFrickley A Goals
At Hyde2010823814
At Frickley A2045112140
Neutral venue000000
DateOpponentCompAttResultHyde Scorers 
31/10/2020Frickley A (H)FAT273  2-1James (30), Hollins (59) Details
02/04/2016Frickley A (A)NPL P222  0-3 Details
28/11/2015Frickley A (H)NPL P286  1-1Spencer (45 pen) Details
25/03/2005Frickley A (A)NPL P362  2-1Dean (4), Harrison (24) Details
12/02/2005Frickley A (H)NPL P382  1-1Lynch (7) Details
14/12/2002Frickley A (A)NPL P119  0-0 Details
05/10/2002Frickley A (H)NPL P281  2-3Eyre (21), Anthony (48) Details
16/11/2001Frickley A (H)NPL P307  0-0 Details
13/10/2001Frickley A (A)NPL P169  2-2Critchley (26), Foster (38) Details
06/01/2001Frickley A (A)NPL P139  1-1Band (32) Details
28/10/2000Frickley A (A)FAC330  0-1 Details
16/09/2000Frickley A (H)NPL P428  0-0 Details
04/12/1999Frickley A (H)NPL P303  2-3Banim (60), Yeo (81) Details
02/10/1999Frickley A (A)NPL P145  1-3Walker (87) Details
22/03/1999Frickley A (H)NPL P357  2-0Taylor (26), Moncrieffe (88) Details
20/03/1999Frickley A (A)NPL P180  0-3 Details
21/03/1998Frickley A (H)NPL P332  1-1James (39) Details
29/11/1997Frickley A (A)NPL P146  1-2Lambert (2) Details
25/01/1997Frickley A (H)NPL P449  5-1Brockie, Kimmins (2 goals), Carroll, Moncrieffe Details
26/11/1996Frickley A (A)NPL P178  3-0Brockie, Kimmins (2 goals) Details
24/02/1996Frickley A (A)NPL P176  0-3 Details
17/02/1996Frickley A (H)NPL P485  4-1Garton (7), Carroll (40, 61, 69) Details
05/05/1995Frickley A (A)NPL P226  2-1Nolan (64), Donnelly (65) Details
10/04/1995Frickley A (H)NPL P403  6-0Kirkham (7), Little (13, 72), Kimmins (17, 56), Tucker (22) Details
19/04/1994Frickley A (A)NPL P206  1-4Kimmins (9) Details
25/09/1993Frickley A (H)NPL P289  4-0Appleton (24), Chadwick (58), Nolan (65), Kimmins (90) Details
20/02/1993Frickley A (A)NPL P191  1-1Chadwick (19) Details
29/08/1992Frickley A (H)NPL P278  0-0 Details
01/02/1992Frickley A (A)NPL P238  0-3 Details
25/01/1992Frickley A (H)NPL P404  1-1Chadwick (87 pen) Details
20/10/1990Frickley A (H)NPL P483  2-0Baines (40), McCluskie (77) Details
11/09/1990Frickley A (A)NPL P341  1-3Lutkevitch (65) Details
06/01/1990Frickley A (A)NPL P  1-1McCluskie Details
10/10/1989Frickley A (A)ILC  3-2aetRudge, Lutkevitch (2 goals) Details
18/09/1989Frickley A (H)NPL P  2-1Smith, Connor Details
22/04/1989Frickley A (A)NPL P  0-2 Details
23/01/1989Frickley A (H)ILC  2-0Nisbett (2 goals) Details
12/09/1988Frickley A (H)NPL P  1-0Parker Details
02/05/1988Frickley A (H)NPL P  0-0 Details
27/10/1987Frickley A (A)NPL P  2-4O'Connor, Lutkevitch Details

* = Won on penalties
^ = Lost on penalties

Biggest Hyde win: 6-0 on 10 April 1995
Biggest Hyde defeat: 1-4 on 19 April 1994

Most appearances v Frickley A
David Nolan14
Terry Megram11 (2)
Gus Wilson11
Mike Lutkevitch8 (1)
Carl Hodgert9
Levi Edwards7 (2)
Neil Hall8
Paul Kirkham6 (2)
Simon Yeo8
Ged Kimmins8
Peter Band6 (2)
Simon Rudge7
Joe Connor7
Gary Henshaw4 (3)
Phil Chadwick7
Matty Taylor6
Russ Hooton6
Gary Walker6
Val Owen6
Simon Marsh5
Jason Donnelly1 (4)
Billy Garton5
George Switzer5
Jason Gallagher5
Richard Harris4 (1)
Steve Tobin2 (3)
Graham Bennett5
Graham Bell5
Lloyd Richardson4
Andy Graham4
George Shepherd4
Tony Carroll4
Lutel James4
Arthur Williams4
Walter Nisbett4
Kojoe Taylor4
Ian Callaghan4
Jody Banim3 (1)
Keith Hicks3 (1)
Dale Hawtin3 (1)
John Foster4
Stuart Walker3
Paul Ashwell3
Wayne Goodison3
Paul Cox2 (1)
Prince Moncrieffe2 (1)
Chris O'Brien3
Richard Annan3
Neil Critchley3
Jim McCluskie2 (1)
Mark Beeston3
Gavin Salmon0 (3)
Paul Taylor3
Steve Foster3
Tony Coyle2
Paul Hughes2
Paul Varden1 (1)
Colin Jackson2
Gordon Tucker2
John Bramhall2
Jonathan Scargill2
David Moran2
John Platt2
Dave O'Gorman0 (2)
Colin Lambert2
Chris Downes2
Craig Farnaby2
Martin Jones2
Tony Camilleri1 (1)
Tim Mullock2
Tony Henry2
Colin Little2
Mark Leacock0 (2)
Nigel Smith2
Julian Dowe2
Vince Brockie2
David Blow1 (1)
Neil Peters2
Alan Nicholas2
Darren Thornton2
Chris Simms1 (1)
Scott Brenchley1 (1)
Mike Lomax1 (1)
Scott Spencer2
Matty McNeil1 (1)
Chris Young2
Phil Lockett1 (1)
Ayrton Bevins2
David Hanson2
Dominic Crookes2
Ben Obong1 (1)
Peter Crookes2
Richard Acton2
Dale Johnson2
Sam Fitton2
Nicky Hill2
John Gaynor2
Don Page0 (2)
Malcolm O'Connor2
Wayne Dean1 (1)
Kurt Edgington2
John O'Kane2
Paul Robertson2
Phil Salt2
Lincoln Adams2
Alex Mortimer2
Kingsley James1
Bradley Roscoe1
Kyle Brownhill1
Bevan Blackwood0 (1)
Andrew Hollins1
Chinedu Uche1
Jack Dyche1
Joe Green1
Theo Bailey-Jones0 (1)
Tom Pratt1
Liam Tongue1
Steve Bramwell1
Tom Morris1
Paddy Lane1
Andy Baines1
Phattaraphol 'Big' Khamsuk1
David Birch1
Phil Pritchard1
Reece Gray1
Kevin Glendon1
Bill Morris1
Ben Jago1
Steve Saunders1
Shane Killock1
Ed Wilczynski1
Andy Kilner1
James Burke1
Lee Neville1
Spencer Harris1
Andrew Pearson1
Stuart Parker1
Steve Johnson1
Andreas Bianga1
Zeekell Parkes0 (1)
Luke Trimble0 (1)
John Bishop1
William Bailey0 (1)
Ben Holmes1
Billy Reeves1
Pete Boyle1
Jordan Snodin0 (1)
Kieran Harrison1
Neil Fairclough1
Adam N Jones1
Andy Cutts1
Keith Evans1
Dave Swanick1
Richard Eyre1
Jay Anthony1
Leon Smith1
Paul McGuire1
Darren McConnell0 (1)
Steve Haw0 (1)
Ged Smith1
Tom Brookes1
Jason Tee1
Andy Shelton1
Martin Diggle1
Matthew Wright1
Tahir Sadiq0 (1)
Kenny Brady0 (1)
Brendan Aspinall1
Micky Beirne0 (1)
Chris Lynch1
Phil Eastwood1
Andrew Mangan0 (1)
Jamie Milligan0 (1)
Gerry Harrison1
Paul Jones0 (1)
Neil Tolson1
Gareth Liddle1
Steve Rimmer1
Anthony Charles1
Lee Wilkinson1
Martin McDonald1
Martin Filson1
Martin Doherty0 (1)
Lee Evans1
Ryan Hevicon1
Dave Christie1
Dave Bancroft1
Brendan Hudson1
Alan Waugh1
Matthew Holt0 (1)
Jez Rowson1
Lee Potts0 (1)
Tony Bullock1
Jon Healey0 (1)
John O'Neill1
Steve Holland1
Mark Wrench1
Darren Heesom1
Lee Morris1
Greg Wilson1
Steve Appleton1
Chris Dolby1
Ged Manning0 (1)
Tony Rodwell1
Paul Richardson1
Troy Hayder0 (1)
Mike Turner0 (1)
Gary Finley1
Paul Snape1
Dave O'Brien1
Darren Pybus1
Iain McLellan1
David Esdaille1
Andy Reid1
Colin Murphy1
Chris Cutler0 (1)
Most goals v Frickley A
Ged Kimmins8
Mike Lutkevitch4
Tony Carroll4
Phil Chadwick3
David Nolan2
Prince Moncrieffe2
Jim McCluskie2
Vince Brockie2
Walter Nisbett2
Colin Little2
Stuart Walker1
Jody Banim1
Jason Donnelly1
Simon Yeo1
Steve Appleton1
Richard Eyre1
Jay Anthony1
Paul Taylor1
Andy Baines1
Lutel James1
Nigel Smith1
Colin Lambert1
Joe Connor1
Simon Rudge1
Wayne Dean1
Stuart Parker1
Gerry Harrison1
Chris Lynch1
Billy Garton1
Malcolm O'Connor1
Neil Critchley1
Paul Kirkham1
Scott Spencer1
Steve Foster1
Kingsley James1
Peter Band1
Gordon Tucker1
Andrew Hollins1

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