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Club Information

AddressOtley Road, Guiseley, West Yorkshire. LS20 8BT
DirectionsFrom West: M62, M606 to end then follow Airport/Harrogate signs to A65 at Rawdon then A65 through Guiseley to ground on right.
Nearest StationGuiseley

Hyde's record against Guiseley

 PlayedHyde WinDrawGuiseley winHyde GoalsGuiseley Goals
At Hyde124441412
At Guiseley124441214
Neutral venue000000
DateOpponentCompAttResultHyde Scorers 
11/03/2015Guiseley (A)Conf North334  0-2 Details
07/03/2015Guiseley (H)Conf North381  0-0 Details
24/03/2012Guiseley (H)Conf North832  0-1 Details
22/10/2011Guiseley (A)Conf North789  0-2 Details
03/01/2011Guiseley (H)Conf North342  0-1 Details
30/08/2010Guiseley (A)Conf North409  0-1 Details
11/12/2004Guiseley (H)NPL P320  3-1Buckley (18), Tolson (71), Johnson (90) Details
13/11/2004Guiseley (A)NPL P353  1-1Salt (83 pen) Details
27/03/2004Guiseley (H)NPL 1321  1-0Salt (45 pen) Details
18/10/2003Guiseley (A)NPL 1288  1-0Wright (45) Details
11/04/2000Guiseley (A)NPL P204  1-0Richardson (72) Details
11/09/1999Guiseley (H)NPL P414  2-0Moncrieffe (32), Yeo (64) Details
27/02/1999Guiseley (H)NPL P483  3-1Yeo (2, 86), Haw (46) Details
10/10/1998Guiseley (A)NPL P421  0-1 Details
14/03/1998Guiseley (A)NPL P431  1-1Nolan (84) Details
16/02/1998Guiseley (H)NPL P432  1-1James (45) Details
24/03/1997Guiseley (H)NPL P543  2-2Leberl, James Details
22/10/1996Guiseley (A)NPL P423  3-2Kimmins (2 goals), Carroll Details
24/04/1996Guiseley (H)NPL P264  1-1Carroll (48) Details
30/03/1996Guiseley (A)NPL PC307  1-1Carroll (8) Details
28/03/1996Guiseley (H)NPL PC241  0-2 Details
18/11/1995Guiseley (A)NPL P415  1-0Tobin (75) Details
11/03/1995Guiseley (A)NPL P616  3-3Little (11, 22), Nolan (24) Details
27/08/1994Guiseley (H)NPL P368  1-2Nolan (66) Details

* = Won on penalties
^ = Lost on penalties

Biggest Hyde win: 3-1 (2 times)
Biggest Hyde defeat: 0-2 (3 times)

Most appearances v Guiseley
Gus Wilson11
David Nolan10
Jason Gallagher8
Ged Kimmins8
George Switzer7
Gary Henshaw5 (1)
Arthur Williams6
Tony Carroll5 (1)
Billy Garton5
Lutel James5
David Esdaille1 (3)
Val Owen3 (1)
Andrew Pearson4
Jonathan Scargill4
Paul Varden4
Peter Band4
Matty McNeil4
Dale Johnson2 (2)
Neil Tolson4
Nicky Hill4
Steven Clegg3 (1)
Phil Salt4
Tim Mullock3
John O'Kane3
Gordon Tucker3
Josh Brizell3
Simon Yeo3
Tony Camilleri2 (1)
Paul Jones3
Chris Lynch3
Jason Donnelly1 (2)
Neil Hall3
Dale Hawtin3
Andrew Smart2
Colin Little2
Shaun Whalley2
John McMahon2
Julian Dowe1 (1)
Colin Lambert2
Mark Lees2
Marcus Calvert0 (2)
David Birch2
Gianluca Havern2
Dean Stott2
Adam Griffin2
David Carnell2
Ryan Crowther2
Darren Pybus2
Callum Byrne2
Chris Worsley2
Scott Spencer2
Tunji Moses0 (2)
Kojoe Taylor2
Ben Holmes2
Graham Bennett2
Luke Giverin2
Lee Gregory1 (1)
Jody Banim1 (1)
Ally Pickering2
Tony Ellis0 (2)
Connor Hughes2
John Gaynor2
Andy Waine2
Craig Buckley2
Wayne Dean2
Ian Pendlebury2
Erike Sousa1 (1)
Perry Ng2
Pete Boyle2
Paul Richardson2
Paul Taylor1 (1)
Chris Dolby2
Kyle Brownhill2
Richard Annan2
Steve Haw1 (1)
Lloyd Richardson2
Ed Wilczynski2
George Riley2
Ben Morris0 (1)
Ashley Stott0 (1)
Rob Turner0 (1)
Matty Burke1
Chris Rimmer0 (1)
Tom Manship1
Ryan Masterson0 (1)
Matthew Berkeley0 (1)
Lee Rick1
Russell Saunders1
Danny Broadbent1
Shelton Payne0 (1)
Mike Aspin0 (1)
Danny Hall1
David Poole0 (1)
Jack Pritchard0 (1)
Scott McNiven1
Steve Halford1
Reece Gray1
Scott Mooney1
Martin Jones1
Tony Rodwell1
Kieran Delaney1
Steve Tobin1
Gavin Salmon0 (1)
Cec Edey1
Mark Highfield1
Darren Washington0 (1)
Padi Wilson0 (1)
Don Page1
Matty Taylor1
Paul Robertson1
Anthony Wright1
John Baker1
Ged Kielty0 (1)
Jamie Milligan1
Darren Lonergan1
Brendan Aspinall1
John Foster1
Prince Moncrieffe1
Mark Howard1
Phil Ioannou0 (1)
Ademola Bankole1
Colin Murphy1
Ricky Mitchell0 (1)
Phil Chadwick1
Andy Graham1
Neill Hardy1
Chris Simms0 (1)
Michael Taylor1
Greg Traynor1
Craig Mawson1
Oshor Williams1
Dave O'Brien1
Andy Reid1
Tommy Murray0 (1)
Steve Jones1
Jake Leberl1
Vince Brockie1
Darren Esdaille0 (1)
Terry Megram1
Keith Evans1
Paul Cox1
Carlos Logan1
Most goals v Guiseley
Simon Yeo3
David Nolan3
Tony Carroll3
Phil Salt2
Lutel James2
Ged Kimmins2
Colin Little2
Craig Buckley1
Neil Tolson1
Dale Johnson1
Anthony Wright1
Prince Moncrieffe1
Lloyd Richardson1
Steve Haw1
Jake Leberl1
Steve Tobin1

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