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Hyde's record against Maine Road

 PlayedHyde WinDrawMaine Road winHyde GoalsMaine Road Goals
At Hyde220070
At Maine Road210123
Neutral venue220064
DateOpponentCompAttResultHyde Scorers 
09/12/2013Maine Road (H)MPC131  4-0Tomsett (35), Kiwanda (75), Poole (81), Hughes (90) Details
12/11/2012Maine Road (A)MPC152  0-2 Details
30/03/2005Maine Road (N)MPC464  5-4Dean (45), Jones (74), Buckley (83), Johnson (90, 90) Details
18/09/2004Maine Road (H)FAC327  3-0Tolson (67), Johnson (68), Milligan (85 pen) Details
28/04/1999Maine Road (N)MPC562  1-0Yeo (57) Details
13/02/1996Maine Road (A)MPC100  2-1aetEsdaille (106), Carroll (108) Details

* = Won on penalties
^ = Lost on penalties

Biggest Hyde win: 4-0 on 09 December 2013
Biggest Hyde defeat: 0-2 on 12 November 2012

Most appearances v Maine Road
Andrew Fitzgerald2
Matty McNeil1 (1)
Craig Buckley0 (2)
Tim Mullock2
Gus Wilson2
Luke Ashworth1 (1)
Paul Cox0 (2)
Jake Pollard2
Dale Johnson2
Ashley Frith2
Paul Jones2
Nicky Hill2
Chris Lynch2
Jamie Milligan2
John O'Kane2
Wayne Dean2
Neil Tolson1 (1)
David Nolan1
Kelvin Lomax1
Callum Byrne1
Jake Hibbs1
Robbie Williams1
Tony Camilleri0 (1)
Ryan Eiselt1
Jack Benson1
Adam Thurston1
Connor Hughes1
Danny Carlton1
Tom Manship0 (1)
Damase Kiwanda0 (1)
James Kirby0 (1)
David Poole1
Adam Blakeman1
Karl Dailey0 (1)
Stefan Cox1
Josh Brizell1
Tony Carroll1
Liam Tomsett1
Matthew Harris1
Jason Gallagher1
Kojoe Taylor1
Kurt Edgington1
Richard Annan1
Paul Richardson1
Scott Brenchley1
Lee Brough0 (1)
Steven Clegg1
Phil Salt1
Alex Mortimer1
Carl Barrowclough0 (1)
John Gaynor1
Don Page1
Tony Rodwell1
Iain McLellan1
George Switzer1
Colin Murphy1
Ged Kimmins1
Val Owen1
Arthur Williams1
Steve Haw0 (1)
Simon Yeo1
Prince Moncrieffe1
Chris Dolby1
Alan Pringle0 (1)
David Esdaille1
Most goals v Maine Road
Dale Johnson3
Wayne Dean1
Paul Jones1
Craig Buckley1
Neil Tolson1
Jamie Milligan1
Simon Yeo1
David Esdaille1
Tony Carroll1
Liam Tomsett1
Damase Kiwanda1
David Poole1
Connor Hughes1

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