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Hyde's record against Leigh RMI

See also Horwich RMI; click here for combined stats

 PlayedHyde WinDrawLeigh RMI winHyde GoalsLeigh RMI Goals
At Hyde61321111
At Leigh RMI613298
Neutral venue000000
DateOpponentCompAttResultHyde Scorers 
09/02/2008Leigh RMI (H)Conf North404  1-1Pickford (43) Details
30/10/2007Leigh RMI (A)Conf North231  5-1Pickford (10), Seddon (26), Johnson (40), Tipton (50, 90) Details
16/02/2007Leigh RMI (H)Conf North334  2-0Clee (51), Seddon (74) Details
01/12/2006Leigh RMI (A)Conf North151  0-2 Details
24/03/2006Leigh RMI (A)Conf North195  1-1Tolson (90) Details
12/11/2005Leigh RMI (H)Conf North436  3-3Tolson (7, 64), McNeil (38) Details
13/03/2000Leigh RMI (H)NPL P903  1-2Yeo (73) Details
08/01/2000Leigh RMI (A)NPL P427  0-0 Details
19/04/1999Leigh RMI (H)NPL P364  1-2Haw (88) Details
04/12/1998Leigh RMI (A)NPL P287  2-2Yeo (13, 87) Details
04/04/1998Leigh RMI (A)NPL P251  1-2Nolan (19) Details
22/11/1997Leigh RMI (H)NPL P522  3-3Snape (46), Owen (48), James (59) Details

* = Won on penalties
^ = Lost on penalties

Biggest Hyde win: 5-1 on 30 October 2007
Biggest Hyde defeat: 0-2 on 01 December 2006

Most appearances v Leigh RMI
Gus Wilson6
Peter Band4 (1)
Nicky Clee4 (1)
Dale Johnson4 (1)
Chris Lynch4 (1)
Gareth Seddon4
Simon Yeo4
Steve Pickford3
Danny Caldecott2 (1)
Richard Annan3
Neil Hall3
Lincoln Adams3
Craig Dootson3
Steve Brackenridge1 (2)
David German3
Jonathan Scargill3
Don Page2
Val Owen2
Lutel James2
Tony Rodwell2
Michael Taylor2
Earl Davis2
Colin Lambert2
Nathan Wharton2
Prince Moncrieffe2
Lloyd Richardson1 (1)
Paul Varden1 (1)
Paul Gedman2
Stuart Walker0 (2)
Gerry Harrison2
Matthew Tipton2
Graham Bennett2
David Morley1 (1)
Wayne Dean1 (1)
Neil Tolson1 (1)
Ged Kimmins1 (1)
Mike Flynn2
John Foster2
Jody Banim2
Paul Robertson2
Mark Innes2
David Nolan2
Billy Garton2
Brendan Aspinall2
Paul Taylor2
Steve Tobin1 (1)
Lee Unsworth1
Lee Rick0 (1)
Chris Simm0 (1)
Tom Cowan0 (1)
Danny Warner1
Lee Cartwright1
Chris Brass1
Mark Crossley1
Jean-Paul Ndjebayi1
David Flitcroft1
Damien Quigley1
Scott Warner0 (1)
Mark Quayle1
Alan Pringle0 (1)
Karl Marginson1
Martin McDonald1
Ally Pickering0 (1)
Kurt Edgington1
Kojoe Taylor1
Darren McConnell0 (1)
Paul Armstrong1
Jamie Milligan1
Carlos Meakin1
Matty McNeil1
Phil Salt0 (1)
Paul Jones0 (1)
Scott Brenchley1
Chris Dolby1
Gordon Tucker1
George Switzer1
Ged Manning0 (1)
Gary Finley1
Paul Snape1
Jason Gallagher1
Darren Washington1
Mike Turner0 (1)
Steve Haw0 (1)
Mark Westhead1
Matty Taylor1
Vince Brockie0 (1)
Most goals v Leigh RMI
Neil Tolson3
Simon Yeo3
Gareth Seddon2
Steve Pickford2
Matthew Tipton2
Matty McNeil1
Steve Haw1
David Nolan1
Paul Snape1
Val Owen1
Lutel James1
Nicky Clee1
Dale Johnson1

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