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Hyde's record against Worcester City

 PlayedHyde WinDrawWorcester C winHyde GoalsWorcester C Goals
At Hyde631297
At Worcester C61321114
Neutral venue000000
DateOpponentCompAttResultHyde Scorers 
11/04/2015Worcester C (A)Conf North489  1-4Boyle (47) Details
01/12/2014Worcester C (H)Conf North330  0-3 Details
03/12/2011Worcester C (A)Conf North782  2-2Poole (9), Pearson (33) Details
13/08/2011Worcester C (H)Conf North361  2-1Crowther (25), Spencer (30 pen) Details
14/02/2011Worcester C (A)Conf North472  2-4Holsgrove (25), Lynch (28) Details
16/10/2010Worcester C (H)Conf North341  0-2 Details
23/02/2008Worcester C (H)Conf North465  3-1Morley (18), Simm (35), Seddon (63) Details
11/08/2007Worcester C (A)Conf North842  2-0Tipton (24), Davis (50) Details
10/03/2007Worcester C (A)Conf North935  2-2Adams (46), Seddon (75 pen) Details
04/11/2006Worcester C (H)Conf North401  0-0 Details
22/04/2006Worcester C (A)Conf North803  2-2Brackenridge (11), Tolson (57) Details
31/12/2005Worcester C (H)Conf North401  4-0Wharton (23, 41 pen), McNeil (87), Clee (90) Details

* = Won on penalties
^ = Lost on penalties

Biggest Hyde win: 4-0 on 31 December 2005
Biggest Hyde defeat: 1-4 on 11 April 2015

Most appearances v Worcester C
Dale Johnson6 (1)
Chris Lynch5 (1)
Nicky Clee4 (1)
Craig Dootson4
Gerry Harrison4
Steve Pickford4
Neil Tolson1 (2)
Lincoln Adams2 (1)
Michael Taylor3
Gareth Seddon3
Danny Caldecott0 (3)
David German3
Nathan Wharton3
Andrew Pearson3
Matthew Berkeley1 (1)
Chris Simm1 (1)
Scott Mooney1 (1)
Peter Band1 (1)
Lee Cartwright2
Connor Hughes2
Danny Broadbent0 (2)
Matthew Tipton2
Scott McNiven2
Dean Stott2
Luke Giverin2
Mark Lees2
Scott Spencer2
David Carnell2
Josh Brizell2
Chris Worsley2
David Birch2
Paul Armstrong2
Steve Brackenridge1 (1)
Earl Davis2
Jean-Paul Ndjebayi2
Paul Gedman1 (1)
Mike Flynn2
Callum Byrne2
Adam Blakeman1
Matthew Flynn1
Tunji Moses0 (1)
Adam Griffin1
Danny Hall1
Tom Fisher1
David Poole1
Connor Hunt1
Jordan Bove0 (1)
Jack Pritchard1
Kieran Burrywood1
James Burke1
Perry Ng1
Erike Sousa1
George Riley0 (1)
Jake Hibbs1
Pete Boyle1
Ed Wilczynski1
Joel Richardson1
Ted Cribley1
Kelvin Lomax1
Louis Almond1
Tom Bentham1
Ryan Masterson0 (1)
Rhys Day0 (1)
Adam Thurston0 (1)
Alex McQuade1
Tom Manship1
Andrew Teague1
Chris Brass1
David Morley1
Shane Killock1
Russell Saunders1
Mark Innes1
Tom Cowan1
Lee Rick1
Wayne Dean1
Paul Jones1
Matty McNeil1
John O'Kane1
Paul Howarth1
Mark Quayle0 (1)
Steve Halford1
Greg Traynor1
Kyle Clancy1
Andrew Smart1
Joseph Evans0 (1)
Adam Birchall0 (1)
Brett Renshaw1
Ryan Crowther1
Kevin Holsgrove1
Ashley Young1
Shaun Whalley1
Matty Burke1
Ben Morris0 (1)
Chris Rimmer0 (1)
Danny Hudson1
Gianluca Havern1
Most goals v Worcester C
Gareth Seddon2
Nathan Wharton2
Lincoln Adams1
Earl Davis1
Matthew Tipton1
David Morley1
Chris Simm1
Kevin Holsgrove1
Chris Lynch1
Scott Spencer1
Ryan Crowther1
David Poole1
Andrew Pearson1
Matty McNeil1
Pete Boyle1
Nicky Clee1
Steve Brackenridge1
Neil Tolson1

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