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Hyde's record against Grantham Town

 PlayedHyde WinDrawGrantham T winHyde GoalsGrantham T Goals
At Hyde9711208
At Grantham T814358
Neutral venue000000
DateOpponentCompAttResultHyde Scorers 
16/04/2022Grantham T (A)NPL P259  0-2 Details
24/08/2021Grantham T (H)NPL P380  3-0Pratt (6), Tongue (16), Hardy (85) Details
25/01/2020Grantham T (H)NPL P351  3-0Pratt (13), Tongue (51), Sharp (83) Details
12/10/2019Grantham T (A)NPL P305  2-2Morrison (75), Lane (79 pen) Details
01/12/2018Grantham T (H)NPL P350  3-0Pratt (3 pen, 29), Chilaka (88) Details
15/09/2018Grantham T (A)NPL P275  0-1 Details
07/11/2015Grantham T (A)NPL P292  0-2 Details
15/08/2015Grantham T (H)NPL P509  2-2Bevins (30, 56) Details
13/10/1984Grantham T (A)NPL P  0-0 Details
08/10/1984Grantham T (H)NPL P  4-0Griffin, Timmons (3 goals) Details
27/02/1984Grantham T (H)NPL LC  1-0Gorman Details
21/02/1984Grantham T (A)NPL LC  0-0 Details
17/12/1983Grantham T (H)FAT  0-4 Details
04/10/1983Grantham T (A)NPL P  3-1Oghani, Coyne, Johnson Details
20/08/1983Grantham T (H)NPL P  2-1Coyne (2 goals) Details
11/09/1982Grantham T (A)NPL P  0-0 Details
04/09/1982Grantham T (H)NPL P  2-1Holt, Redshaw Details

* = Won on penalties
^ = Lost on penalties

Biggest Hyde win: 4-0 on 08 October 1984
Biggest Hyde defeat: 0-4 on 17 December 1983

Most appearances v Grantham T
Steve Johnson8
Peter Coyne7
Terry Cook7
Tom Pratt6
Jordan Fagbola6
Colin Darcy6
Peter Coutts4 (1)
David Holt5
Kevin Glendon5
Tony Steenson4 (1)
Gary Blore4
Jimmy Golder4
Kyle Brownhill4
Dave Lees4
Brian Hart3
Colin Skillen3
George Oghani3
John McCombe3
Liam Tongue3
Bradley Roscoe3
Mark Deaville3
Paul Knight2 (1)
Barry Howard3
Spencer Harris2
Jack Sherratt1 (1)
Ben Jago1 (1)
Reece Gray2
Scott Spencer2
Jonah Mitchell1 (1)
Janni Lipka2
Chib Chilaka1 (1)
Paddy Lane1 (1)
Ayrton Bevins2
Matty Hughes2
Jack Dyche0 (2)
Peter Crook2
Andrew Pearson2
Jimmy Clayton2
John Evans2
Dick Hodgson2
John Timmons2
Brian Griffin2
Gary Lowe2
Mal Bailey2
Steve Waywell2
Ray Redshaw2
Kevin Gorman2
James Burke2
Ryan Ellison2
Ashley Young1
Chris Sutherland1
Jaheim Headley1
Iliman N'Diaye1
Lloyd Allinson1
Jamal Crawford0 (1)
Cain Noble1
James Chew1
Daniel Turner1
Harry Ditchfield1
Ryan Grant1
Harry Benns0 (1)
Alex Starcenko0 (1)
Liam Hardy1
Callum Spooner1
Joe Green1
Cameron Fogarty1
Tom Morris1
Tayt Trusty1
Harry Pratt1
Ciaran Summers0 (1)
Theo Bailey-Jones0 (1)
Chris Sharp0 (1)
Lewis Earl1
Luis Morrison1
Kingsley James1
Kyle Harrison1
Erike Sousa0 (1)
George Riley0 (1)
Pete Boyle0 (1)
Sam Fitton1
Joe Wilkinson1
Ed Wilczynski1
Shane Killock1
Lee Neville1
Paul Mather1
Phil Marsden0 (1)
Charlie Pawsey1
Gary Riley1
Josh Ollerenshaw1
Mick Lacey1
Jordan Snodin1
David Birch0 (1)
Nicky Platt1
Connor Simpson1
Luke Porritt1
Oladapo Olarewaju0 (1)
Luke Mewitt1
Alex O'Connor0 (1)
Grant Roberts1
Jerome Wright1
Astley Mulholland1
Ross Daly1
Gavin Rothery0 (1)
Tom Greaves0 (1)
Dominic Smalley1
Oran Thompson1
Most goals v Grantham T
Tom Pratt4
John Timmons3
Peter Coyne3
Ayrton Bevins2
Liam Tongue2
Brian Griffin1
George Oghani1
Steve Johnson1
Kevin Gorman1
David Holt1
Ray Redshaw1
Chib Chilaka1
Luis Morrison1
Paddy Lane1
Chris Sharp1
Liam Hardy1

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