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Harrogate Town

Club Information

GroundWetherby Road
AddressWetherby Road, Harrogate, North Yorkshire. HG2 7SA
DirectionsFrom Leeds/Bradford on the A61: At the roundabout where the A61 (from Leeds) intersects with the A658 (from Bradford), take the A658 signposted Knareborough/York. At the next roundabout turn left (1st exit) onto the A661 signposted Harrogate, passing the Kestrel pub on the left. Go straight ahead at the first traffic lights with Sainsbury's on the left. At the next lights, go straight ahead in the middle lane with the Woodlands pub on the left and a BP garage on the right. The Wetherby Road ground is 300 yards on the right.
Nearest StationHarrogate

Hyde's record against Harrogate Town

 PlayedHyde WinDrawHarrogate T winHyde GoalsHarrogate T Goals
At Hyde127322816
At Harrogate T113171318
Neutral venue000000
DateOpponentCompAttResultHyde Scorers 
14/03/2015Harrogate T (H)Conf North353  1-1Ng (90) Details
15/11/2014Harrogate T (A)Conf North506  1-4Hughes (90 pen) Details
31/10/2012Harrogate T (A)FAC247  0-1aet Details
20/10/2012Harrogate T (H)FAC393  1-1Jevons (8 pen) Details
29/10/2011Harrogate T (A)Conf North420  3-0Pearson (7), Hall (55), Havern (69) Details
03/09/2011Harrogate T (H)Conf North615  3-2Crowther (13), Broadbent (45), Berkeley (90 pen) Details
06/11/2010Harrogate T (H)Conf North343  1-0Stott (32) Details
02/10/2010Harrogate T (A)Conf North306  3-1Mooney (14), Johnson (56), Saunders (69) Details
05/04/2010Harrogate T (H)Conf North356  1-0McNiven (30) Details
31/08/2009Harrogate T (A)Conf North303  0-2 Details
28/03/2009Harrogate T (H)Conf North301  2-3Douglas-Pringle (35), Tolson (84) Details
30/08/2008Harrogate T (A)Conf North362  1-2Dean (89) Details
29/12/2007Harrogate T (H)Conf North511  2-2Band (15), Seddon (67) Details
27/08/2007Harrogate T (A)Conf North554  1-2Seddon (90) Details
03/03/2007Harrogate T (H)Conf North401  4-0Seddon (22), Clee (53, 72), Harrison (62) Details
14/11/2006Harrogate T (A)Conf North384  2-1Seddon (68), Gedman (87) Details
07/01/2006Harrogate T (H)Conf North404  3-1Clee (60), Johnson (74), Dean (77) Details
13/08/2005Harrogate T (A)Conf North371  0-1 Details
07/12/2002Harrogate T (H)NPL P268  1-5Foster (12) Details
21/09/2002Harrogate T (A)NPL P387  1-3Foster (33 pen) Details
08/09/1990Harrogate T (H)NPL PC403  7-0Chadwick (29, 57, 89), Kirkham (45, 77), Lutkevitch (63), Edwards (75) Details
14/10/1974Harrogate T (H)FAT  2-1Hewitt, O'Brien Details
12/10/1974Harrogate T (A)FAT  1-1Hazelhurst Details

* = Won on penalties
^ = Lost on penalties

Biggest Hyde win: 7-0 on 08 September 1990
Biggest Hyde defeat: 1-5 on 07 December 2002

Most appearances v Harrogate T
Chris Lynch9 (3)
Dale Johnson8
Nicky Clee6
Craig Dootson5
Lee Rick0 (5)
Ryan Crowther4
Gareth Seddon3 (1)
Adam Griffin4
David Carnell4
Gerry Harrison4
Nathan Wharton4
Josh Brizell3
Daniel Douglas-Pringle2 (1)
Earl Davis2 (1)
Chris Simm2 (1)
Paul Gedman1 (2)
Michael Taylor3
Callum Byrne2 (1)
Chris Brass3
Matthew Tipton2 (1)
Tom Manship3
Scott Mooney1 (2)
Matty Burke3
Andrew Pearson3
Mark Lees3
Danny Caldecott1 (2)
Lincoln Adams2 (1)
Dean Stott3
Shaun Whalley2
Luke Ashworth2
Liam Tomsett2
Peter Band2
Ben Morris0 (2)
Steve Halford2
Alex Brown2
Andrew Smart2
David Poole1 (1)
Lee Cartwright2
Russell Saunders2
Kevin Holsgrove2
Steve Pickford2
Mark Innes2
Nathan Arnold2
Matthew Berkeley2
Scott McNiven2
David Birch2
Nathan D'Laryea2
Danny Broadbent2
Danny Hall1 (1)
David Morley2
David McNiven2
Scott Spencer2
Tunji Moses1 (1)
Elliot Bernstein2
Kelvin Lomax2
Matthew Cassidy1 (1)
Pete Hadfield2
Barry Hazelhurst2
Steve Foster2
Jeff Johnson2
Jack Hewitt2
Dave Swanick2
Dominic Crookes2
Geoff McDermott2
Paul McGuire1 (1)
Paul Armstrong1 (1)
Wayne Dean1 (1)
1974 Crossland2
Paul Jones2
Lee Evans1 (1)
Phil Jevons2
Steve Brackenridge1 (1)
Johnny Taylor2
Matty McNeil2
Connor Hughes2
Martin Dunkerley2
1975 Leech2
1974 Lennon1
Peter O'Brien1
Mike Aspin1
Jimmy Lomas1
Brett Renshaw1
Chris Worsley1
Lee Gregory0 (1)
Ted Cribley1
Rhys Day1
George Riley1
Scott Kerr1
Adam Thurston1
Alex McQuade1
Adam Blakeman1
Matthew Blinkhorn0 (1)
Stefan Cox0 (1)
Robbie Williams1
Christian Thewlis1
Louis Almond1
Pete Boyle1
Ben Holmes1
Sean Williams0 (1)
Gianluca Havern1
Mike Whitwell0 (1)
Ryan Masterson0 (1)
Luke Giverin1
Erike Sousa1
Ed Wilczynski1
James Burke1
Kyle Brownhill1
Perry Ng1
1974 GK Healey1
Farrell Kilbane1
Martin Diggle1
Phil Lockett1
Matthew Wright1
Steve Lyons1
Steve Nolan0 (1)
Mike Lomax0 (1)
Jason Tee1
Andy Shelton1
Russ Hooton1
David Moran1
Terry Megram1
John Platt1
Kevin Hulme1
Rick Whelan1
Richard Eyre0 (1)
David Nolan1
Nicky Allen0 (1)
Jean-Paul Ndjebayi1
Jamie Milligan1
Phil Salt1
Simon Garner1
Nicky Hill1
Mike Flynn1
Neil Tolson0 (1)
Julian Dowe1
Anthony Hargreaves1
Paul Ashwell1
Ged Smith1
Peter Crookes1
Carl Hodgert1
Levi Edwards1
Neil Fitzhenry1
Mark Westhead1
Chris Cooke1
Milton Turner0 (1)
James Dean1
Mitchell Bailey0 (1)
David Owens1
Adam Oakes0 (1)
Mark Halstead1
Ricky Mercer1
Robbie Smith1
Ashley Eastham1
Aiden Kirkbride1
Karl Munroe1
Wayne Maden1
Paul Kirkham1
Neil Peters0 (1)
Mike Lutkevitch1
Phil Chadwick1
Graham Bell1
Andy Hodkinson1
Steve Mercer0 (1)
David German1
Scott Warner1
Dale Stephens1
Tom Cowan1
Damien Quigley1
Paul Howarth1
Greg Traynor0 (1)
Most goals v Harrogate T
Gareth Seddon4
Nicky Clee3
Phil Chadwick3
Dale Johnson2
Steve Foster2
Paul Kirkham2
James Dean1
Barry Hazelhurst1
Daniel Douglas-Pringle1
Jack Hewitt1
Neil Tolson1
Peter O'Brien1
David McNiven1
Scott Mooney1
Russell Saunders1
Wayne Dean1
Dean Stott1
Ryan Crowther1
Danny Broadbent1
Matthew Berkeley1
Mike Lutkevitch1
Andrew Pearson1
Levi Edwards1
Danny Hall1
Gianluca Havern1
Paul Gedman1
Phil Jevons1
Gerry Harrison1
Connor Hughes1
Peter Band1
Perry Ng1

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