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DateOpponentCompAttResultAppearanceHyde Scorers
07/01/2017Clitheroe (A)NPL 1N414 1-2StartedKhamsuk (70) Details
21/01/2017Prescot C (H)NPL 1N293 1-1StartedBeadle (85) Details
25/02/2017Burscough (A)NPL 1N115 2-0Subbed onBeadle (18), Sutherland (81 pen) Details
04/03/2017Farsley C (H)NPL 1N438 4-5StartedBeadle (52), Harrison (55), Lipka (70), Hunter (90) Details
11/03/2017Radcliffe B (H)NPL 1N277 1-1StartedHunter (77) Details
14/03/2017Ramsbotton U (A)NPL 1N213 3-1StartedKhamsuk (17, 49), Branker (76) Details
21/03/2017Kendal T (A)NPL 1N124 1-1StartedBeadle (17) Details
25/03/2017Ossett A (A)NPL 1N176 3-0StartedPerel (25), Osborne (47), Boyle (89) Details
01/04/2017Ramsbotton U (H)NPL 1N430 5-0StartedPerel (1), Miller (30), Khamsuk (54), Sutherland (73), Boyle (90) Details
08/04/2017Clitheroe (H)NPL 1N377 4-4StartedOsborne (33), Perel (50, 65), Coates (67) Details
15/04/2017Tadcaster A (A)NPL 1N412 2-1StartedBeadle (38, 74) Details
17/04/2017Droylsden (H)NPL 1N549 2-0StartedMiller (52), Boyle (80) Details
22/04/2017Goole AFC (A)NPL 1N223 0-0Started Details
12/08/2017Scarborough A (A)NPL 1N1385 0-0Started Details
15/08/2017Prescot C (H)NPL 1N308 2-1StartedPratt (19, 66) Details
19/08/2017Congleton T (H)FAC332 4-2StartedPratt (18, 71), Stockdill (29), Beadle (82) Details
26/08/2017Ramsbotton U (H)NPL 1N310 1-1StartedJones (85) Details
28/08/2017Glossop NE (A)NPL 1N604 0-0Started Details
02/09/2017Kendal T (H)FAC305 1-0StartedKhamsuk (79) Details
05/09/2017Radcliffe B (H)NPL 1N255 4-1StartedBeadle (4, 45), Porritt (30), Jones (76) Details
09/09/2017Skelmersdale United (A)NPL 1N184 2-0StartedKhamsuk (49), Porritt (82) Details
12/09/2017Colwyn Bay (A)NPL 1N194 3-0StartedPorritt (46), Beadle (75 pen), Sutherland (89) Details
16/09/2017Warrington T (A)FAC429 1-1StartedJones (90) Details
19/09/2017Warrington T (H)FAC433 2-0StartedJones (37), Own Goal (48) Details
23/09/2017Ossett T (H)NPL 1N378 1-1StartedBeadle (36) Details
30/09/2017Boston T (A)FAC410 3-2StartedBeadle (45, 59 pen, 89 pen) Details
10/10/2017Radcliffe B (H)MPC187 1-0Subbed onPorritt (69) Details
14/10/2017Scarborough A (A)FAC2003 2-0StartedBeadle (13), Porritt (45) Details
18/11/2017Clitheroe (A)NPL 1N303 0-2Subbed on Details
28/11/2017Ramsbotton U (A)NPL LC156 0-0Started Details
02/12/2017Tadcaster A (H)NPL 1N383 4-1StartedMiller (44), Jones (60), Beadle (76), Burke (88) Details
23/12/2017Scarborough A (H)NPL 1N638 3-1Unused subKhamsuk (11), Beadle (14 pen), Marie (72) Details
01/01/2018Glossop NE (H)NPL 1N657 2-0Subbed onPratt (16), Porritt (86) Details
05/02/2018Stockport Town (A)CSC147 1-1^Subbed onBeadle (81) Details
13/02/2018FCUM (H)MPC497 0-1Started Details
17/02/2018Ossett T (A)NPL 1N310 2-0Subbed onBrown (54), Porritt (61) Details
20/02/2018South Shields (H)NPL 1N739 1-1Subbed onLeonard (6) Details
28/04/2018Colwyn Bay (H)NPL 1N640 4-3Subbed onPratt (10 pen, 45), Gay (47), Brown (85) Details
03/11/2018Marine (A)NPL P366 0-0Subbed on Details
21/12/2019Basford U (A)NPL P259 4-1Subbed onLane (7), Turner (17, 36), Hughes (25) Details
26/12/2019Stalybridge C (H)NPL P900 1-2Subbed onStarcenko (56) Details
01/01/2020Buxton (A)NPL P600 2-1Subbed onFagbola (37), Hughes (45) Details
04/01/2020FCUM (H)NPL P1293 1-5Subbed onTurner (90 pen) Details
11/01/2020Whitby T (H)NPL P291 0-2Subbed on Details
18/01/2020Nantwich T (A)NPL P405 0-4Started Details
20/01/2020Winsford U (A)CSC105 4-2Unused subRoscoe (22), Dyche (25), Pratt (51), Young (90) Details
25/01/2020Grantham T (H)NPL P351 3-0StartedPratt (13), Tongue (51), Sharp (83) Details
01/02/2020Matlock T (A)NPL P543 1-1StartedPratt (9) Details

* = Won on penalties
^ = Lost on penalties

Hyde's record for all matches featuring Chris Sutherland:
Played 46, Won 23, Drawn 13, Lost 10, For 82, Against 50

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