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DateOpponentCompAttResultAppearanceHyde Scorers
12/09/1925Hadfield (A)ML 5-2StartedWalker, Evans, Wheatcroft (2 goals), Meehan Details
19/09/1925Debdale United (H)ML 8-1StartedWalker (3 goals), Evans, Wheatcroft (3 goals), Sutcliffe Details
26/09/1925Debdale United (A)ML 4-1StartedWood, Wheatcroft, Meehan (2 goals) Details
03/10/1925Droylsden (H)ML 5-1StartedShore, Evans (2 goals), Wheatcroft (2 goals) Details
10/10/1925Reddish (A)ML 4-2StartedEvans (2 goals), Meehan (2 goals) Details
17/10/1925New Mills (H)ML 2-0StartedWalker, Wood Details
24/10/1925Denton U (H)GIL 1-1StartedBillingsley Details
31/10/1925Ashton Brothers (H)ML 3-2StartedEvans, Walker (2 goals) Details
07/11/1925Linotype (A)ML 4-1StartedEvans (2 goals), Norton, Seed Details
14/11/1925Chapel (H)ML 1-0StartedNorton Details
21/11/1925Denton U (A)GIL 1-9StartedWalker Details
28/11/1925Linotype (H)ML 3-4StartedSeed, Sutcliffe (2 goals) Details
05/12/1925Ashton Brothers (A)ML 3-2StartedWood, Evans (2 goals) Details
12/12/1925Glossop NE (H)ML 1-4StartedBarlow Details
19/12/1925Stockport County (Res) (A)CSC 2-5StartedShore, Walker Details
25/12/1925Denton U (H)ML 0-5Started Details
26/12/1925Manchester NE (A)ML 3-2StartedShore, Wood, Walker Details
01/01/1926Bredbury United (A)ML 2-4StartedWood, Hampson Details
02/01/1926Taylor Bros. (A)ML 1-5StartedHampson Details
09/01/1926Marple (H)ML 4-1StartedHampson, Traynor, Lomas (2 goals) Details
16/01/1926Didsbury (H)MJC 9-2StartedShore, Hampson, Traynor (5 goals), Lomas, Sutcliffe Details
23/01/1926Bredbury United (H)ML 4-1StartedWood, Hampson, Traynor, Lomas Details
30/01/1926Glossop NE (A)ML 2-1StartedWood, Lomas Details
06/02/1926Buxton (H)ML 3-1StartedWood, Hampson, Traynor Details
13/02/1926Bredbury United (A)MJC 1-1StartedHampson Details
20/02/1926Bredbury United (H)MJC 2-3StartedSutcliffe, Traynor Details
27/02/1926New Mills (A)ML 2-4StartedManifold, Traynor Details
06/03/1926Ashton Moss Colliery (H)ML 8-0StartedWood, Hampson (4 goals), Lomas (2 goals), Sutcliffe Details
13/03/1926Buxton (A)ML 0-3Started Details
20/03/1926Hadfield (H)ML 7-0StartedManifold (2 goals), Wood, Hampson, Traynor (2 goals), Lomas Details
27/03/1926Chapel (A)ML 1-1StartedHampson Details
02/04/1926Denton U (A)ML 3-1StartedManifold, Spruce, Lomas Details
03/04/1926Manchester NE (H)ML 2-0StartedManifold, Sutcliffe Details
05/04/1926Taylor Bros. (H)ML 4-0StartedShore, Bradley, Sutcliffe (2 goals) Details
10/04/1926Ashton Moss Colliery (A)ML 2-1StartedShore, Hampson Details
17/04/1926Newton Heath L (A)ML 4-0StartedWood, Hampson, Traynor, Lomas Details
20/04/1926Newton Heath L (H)ML 6-0StartedTraynor (2 goals), Sutcliffe (4 goals) Details
27/04/1926Droylsden (A)ML 2-1StartedWood, Traynor Details
01/05/1926Marple (A)ML 3-4StartedShore, Ford, Sutcliffe Details
28/08/1926Denton U (A)GIL 1-2StartedManifold Details
31/08/1926Ward Street OB (H)HCC 6-1StartedDavenport (2 goals), Marsland (3 goals), Own Goal Details
04/09/1926Marple (A)ML 2-1StartedYoud, Traynor Details
11/09/1926Man City A (H)ML 4-2StartedHampson, Traynor, Marsland, Sutcliffe Details
18/09/1926Manchester NE (A)ML 0-2Started Details
25/09/1926Taylor Bros. (H)ML 5-2StartedBirtwistle, Hampson (3 goals), Sutcliffe Details
02/10/1926Bredbury United (A)ML 2-2StartedTraynor, Sutcliffe Details
09/10/1926Marple (H)ML 5-2StartedHowarth, Cartwright (2 goals), Birtwistle, Hampson Details
16/10/1926Taylor Bros. (A)ML 3-5StartedWalker, Traynor, Sutcliffe Details
23/10/1926Bredbury United (H)ML 1-2StartedBirtwistle Details
30/10/1926British Dyes (A)ML 3-2StartedDean (2 goals), Traynor Details
06/11/1926Droylsden (H)ML 3-0StartedDean, Pugh (2 goals) Details
13/11/1926Linotype (A)ML 0-4Started Details
20/11/1926Chapel (H)ML 3-2StartedHowarth, Cartwright, Lomas Details
27/11/1926Ward Street OB (A)ML 2-2StartedHowarth, Smallridge Details
04/12/1926Buxton (H)ML 2-0StartedWalker, Smallridge Details
11/12/1926Northwich V (H)CSC 5-1StartedHampson, Smallridge (3 goals), Lomas Details
18/12/1926Glossop NE (H)ML 4-1StartedLomas (2 goals), Hampson, Own Goal Details
25/12/1926Denton U (A)ML 4-1StartedSutcliffe (4 goals) Details
26/12/1926Bredbury United (H)HCC 6-1StartedSmallridge (2 goals), Traynor (2 goals), Sutcliffe (2 goals) Details
01/01/1927Ashton Brothers (A)ML 2-1StartedHampson, Traynor Details
15/01/1927Man City A (A)ML 2-2StartedSmallridge, Sutcliffe Details
22/01/1927Macclesfield (A)CSC 1-3StartedSmallridge Details
29/01/1927Manchester NE (H)ML 2-3StartedLomas, Sutcliffe Details
05/02/1927Chapel (A)ML 4-1StartedWalker, Smallridge, Traynor (2 goals) Details
12/02/1927Taylor Bros. (H)MJC 6-2StartedManifold, Howarth, Cartwright, Lomas, Smallridge, Sutcliffe Details
19/02/1927Buxton (A)ML 0-5Started Details
26/02/1927British Dyes (H)ML 6-1StartedYoud (5 goals), Sutcliffe Details
05/03/1927New Mills (A)ML 4-1StartedLomas (2 goals), Humphries (2 goals) Details
12/03/1927Hardman-Holden (H)MJC 5-1StartedHowarth, Lomas, Youd (2 goals), Hampson Details
19/03/1927Ward Street OB (H)ML 3-1StartedHowarth, Lomas (2 goals) Details
09/04/1927Linotype (N)MJC 0-0Started Details
15/04/1927Denton U (H)ML 4-0StartedLomas, Traynor (2 goals), Humphries Details
16/04/1927Glossop NE (A)ML 0-0Started Details
18/04/1927Ashton Brothers (H)ML 2-4StartedTraynor, Humphries Details
23/04/1927Linotype (N)MJC 2-3StartedSimmons, Humphries Details
30/04/1927New Mills (H)ML 4-0StartedTraynor, Humphries, Sutcliffe (2 goals) Details
07/05/1927Ashton Brothers (H)HCC 1-3StartedSutcliffe Details
29/09/1927Glossop NE (A)ML 0-4Started Details
08/10/1927Buxton (H)ML 4-1StartedStevens (2 goals), Shirt (2 goals) Details
15/10/1927Man City A (A)ML 3-0StartedWood (3 goals) Details
22/10/1927Manchester NE (H)ML 4-0StartedWalker, Shirt, Sutcliffe (2 goals) Details
05/11/1927New Mills (H)ML 1-5StartedShirt Details
12/11/1927Manchester NE (A)ML 2-2StartedWood (2 goals) Details
19/11/1927Ward Street OB (H)ML 7-3StartedMoores (2 goals), Shirt (3 goals), Stevens (2 goals) Details
10/12/1927Chester Res. (A)CSC 2-2StartedDickinson, Sutcliffe Details
15/12/1927Chester Res. (H)CSC 1-4StartedDickinson Details
17/12/1927Taylor Bros. (H)ML 2-2StartedMoores, Sutcliffe Details
24/12/1927Ward Street OB (A)ML 6-1StartedCartwright, Wood, Dickinson (2 goals), Adams, Sutcliffe Details
26/12/1927Denton U (H)ML 1-0StartedWood Details
31/12/1927Ashton Brothers (A)ML 0-2Started Details
07/01/1928Hadfield (A)ML 4-1StartedWood (3 goals), Dickinson Details
14/01/1928Stockport C A (H)ML 6-2StartedWood (2 goals), Wyers (2 goals), Shirt, Sutcliffe Details
21/01/1928Ashton Brothers (H)GIL 4-3StartedWyers (4 goals) Details
28/01/1928Glossop NE (H)ML 2-2StartedWyers, Clark Details
04/02/1928Chapel (A)ML 2-2StartedWood, Clark Details
11/02/1928Droylsden (H)MJC 4-3StartedWalker (2 goals), Clark (2 goals) Details
18/02/1928Linotype (A)ML 3-0StartedWood, Shirt, Clark Details
25/02/1928Droylsden (H)HCC 5-1StartedShirt, Clark, Sutcliffe (2 goals), Own Goal Details
10/03/1928Pendlebury (H)MJC 0-1Started Details
17/03/1928Marple (A)ML 7-1StartedCartwright, Shirt (3 goals), Adams (3 goals) Details
24/03/1928British Dyes (H)ML 6-0StartedCartwright, Wood, Shirt, Adams (3 goals) Details
31/03/1928Stockport C A (A)ML 6-2StartedCartwright, Shirt (3 goals), Adams, Moores Details
06/04/1928Denton U (A)ML 2-2StartedWyers, Shirt Details
07/04/1928Glossop NE (A)GIL 2-2StartedAdams, Sutcliffe Details
09/04/1928Linotype (H)ML 1-0StartedMoores Details
14/04/1928Mottram Amateurs (H)HCC 2-0StartedWyers, Adams Details
24/04/1928Droylsden (H)ML 0-0Started Details
28/04/1928Chapel (H)ML 3-1StartedMoores, Cartwright, Sutcliffe Details
30/04/1928Glossop NE (H)GIL 5-3StartedWood, Moores, Adams (2 goals), Sutcliffe Details
05/05/1928New Mills (N)GIL 2-1StartedWood, Moores Details
25/08/1928Rochdale Res. (H)ML 3-4StartedHoward, Bell, Moores Details
28/08/1928Denton U (H)GIL 2-1StartedBrown, Adams Details
01/09/1928Marple (A)ML 5-0StartedWood, Duffus (2 goals), Moores (2 goals) Details
18/09/1928Glossop NE (A)GIL 2-3Started Details
22/09/1928Ward Street OB (H)CSC 8-1StartedMoores (2 goals), Wood, Bell (2 goals), Duffus (3 goals) Details
22/09/1928Hollingworth (H)HCC 4-2StartedWalker, Johnson, Duffus (2 goals) Details
29/09/1928Ward Street OB (H)ML 4-0StartedDuffus (3 goals), Sutcliffe Details
06/10/1928Linotype (H)ML 7-1StartedWalker, Wood, Bell (2 goals), Duffus (2 goals), Fairbrother Details
13/10/1928Eccles United (H)ML 4-2StartedBell (2 goals), Duffus (2 goals) Details
20/10/1928Marple (H)CSC 5-3StartedDuffus (3 goals), Sutcliffe, Fairbrother Details
03/11/1928Denton U (H)ML 3-0StartedWood, Bell, Duffus Details
10/11/1928New Mills (H)ML 5-0StartedHoward, Bell, Duffus (2 goals), Sutcliffe Details
17/11/1928Barnton V (A)CSC 2-0StartedBell, Duffus Details
24/11/1928Hollingworth (H)ML 5-0StartedWalker, Bell (2 goals), Duffus, Own Goal Details
01/12/1928Hollingworth (A)ML 1-0StartedDuffus Details
11/12/1928Sandbach R (H)CSC 0-3Started Details
15/12/1928McMahon's (A)ML 0-4Started Details
22/12/1928Buxton (H)ML 1-1StartedFairbrother Details
25/12/1928Denton U (A)ML 4-3StartedCartwright, Wood, Bell, Duffus Details
26/12/1928Droylsden (H)ML 6-4StartedWalker, Bell, Duffus (2 goals), Sutcliffe, Fairbrother Details
29/12/1928Rochdale Res. (A)ML 3-1StartedWood, Bell (2 goals) Details
05/01/1929Taylor Bros. (A)ML 4-0StartedDuffus (3 goals), Fairbrother Details
12/01/1929Hardman-Holden (H)MJC 3-0StartedBell, Duffus (2 goals) Details
19/01/1929Glossop NE (A)ML 5-2StartedWood (3 goals), Bell, Fairbrother Details
26/01/1929Stockport C A (H)ML 3-3StartedDuffus (2 goals), Sutcliffe Details
02/02/1929Droylsden (A)ML 3-2StartedBell, Duffus, Fairbrother Details
16/02/1929New Mills (A)ML 0-0Started Details
09/03/1929Marple (H)ML 6-0StartedBell, Duffus (5 goals) Details
23/03/1929Buxton (A)MJC 1-2StartedWood Details
20/04/1929Manchester NE (H)ML 3-1StartedWood, Duffus (2 goals) Details
29/04/1929Stockport C A (A)ML 5-2StartedBell, Duffus (4 goals) Details
01/05/1929Denton U (H)HCC 1-0StartedDuffus Details
04/05/1929Rest Of League (N)Misc 6-2StartedCartwright, Walker, Lomas (2 goals), Duffus, Fairbrother Details
10/05/1929Droylsden (H)HCC 2-1StartedDuffus (2 goals) Details
31/08/1929Hollingworth (H)ML 4-1StartedBardsley, Gillibrand (2 goals), Sutcliffe Details
09/09/1929Hurst (A)ASH 6-1StartedGillibrand (5 goals), Sutcliffe Details
14/09/1929Buxton (A)ML 2-3StartedGillibrand (2 goals) Details
21/09/1929Manchester NE (H)ML 2-6StartedGillibrand Details
28/09/1929New Mills (A)ML 3-2StartedGillibrand (3 goals) Details
05/10/1929Droylsden (H)ML 6-1StartedSutcliffe, Bell (2 goals), Gillibrand, Keers (2 goals) Details
12/10/1929Rochdale Res. (H)ML 0-2Started Details
26/10/1929New Mills (H)ML 7-0StartedGillibrand (4 goals), Fairbrother (3 goals) Details
02/11/1929Stockport C A (A)ML 7-2StartedBell, Gillibrand (4 goals), Fairbrother (2 goals) Details
09/11/1929Ward Street OB (H)ML 4-0StartedGillibrand (3 goals), Keers Details
16/11/1929McMahon's (A)ML 1-1StartedGillibrand Details
07/12/1929Glossop NE (H)ML 4-2StartedBardsley, Gillibrand, Fairbrother (2 goals) Details
14/12/1929Chapel (A)ML 2-0StartedGillibrand, Keers Details
21/12/1929McMahon's (H)ML 6-1StartedWinskill, Gillibrand (3 goals), Keers (2 goals) Details
25/12/1929Denton U (H)ML 3-1StartedGillibrand (3 goals) Details
26/12/1929Ward Street OB (A)ML 4-2StartedBardsley, Winskill, Gillibrand, Keers Details
28/12/1929Taylor Bros. (H)ML 6-1StartedCartwright, Bardsley, Winskill (2 goals), Gillibrand, Keers Details
04/01/1930Runcorn (A)CSC 3-6StartedWinskill, Gillibrand, Fairbrother Details
11/01/1930New Mills (H)MJC 8-0StartedGillibrand (7 goals), Fairbrother Details
18/01/1930Droylsden (A)HCC 8-1StartedWinskill (2 goals), Gillibrand (3 goals), Fairbrother (2 goals), Keers Details
25/01/1930Taylor Bros. (A)MJC 8-0StartedRooks, Gillibrand (2 goals), Fairbrother, Keers (4 goals) Details
01/02/1930Stockport C A (H)ML 6-0StartedBardsley, Winskill, Gillibrand (3 goals), Keers Details
08/02/1930Taylor Bros. (A)ML 5-3StartedWinskill (2 goals), Birch, Fairbrother (2 goals) Details
15/02/1930Manchester NE (A)ML 0-3Started Details
22/02/1930Linotype (H)ML 3-2StartedBardsley, Winskill, Gillibrand Details
01/03/1930Droylsden (A)ML 4-1StartedGillibrand (2 goals), Fairbrother, Keers Details
08/03/1930Manchester Central (H)MJC 4-1StartedGillibrand (2 goals), Fairbrother, Keers Details
15/03/1930Glossop NE (A)ML 5-3StartedBardsley, Winskill, Gillibrand (3 goals) Details
29/03/1930Linotype (A)ML 1-1StartedGillibrand Details
05/04/1930Chapel (N)MJC 0-0Started Details
12/04/1930Chapel (N)MJC 4-0StartedWinskill (2 goals), Gillibrand (2 goals) Details
18/04/1930Denton U (A)ML 10-1StartedGillibrand (4 goals), Winskill, Bardsley (2 goals), Cartwright, Fairbrother (2 goals) Details
19/04/1930Barnton V (H)ML 4-0StartedGillibrand (2 goals), Fairbrother, Keers Details
21/04/1930Hollingworth (H)HCC 9-1StartedBardsley, Winskill (2 goals), Gillibrand (5 goals), Keers Details
26/04/1930Denton U (H)HCC 5-1StartedGillibrand (3 goals), Keers, Own Goal Details
29/04/1930Stalybridge C (A)ASH 0-2Started Details
03/05/1930Linotype (N)MJC 2-2StartedGillibrand (2 goals) Details
10/05/1930Linotype (N)MJC 2-3aetStartedKeers (2 goals) Details
15/11/1930Northwich V (A)CCL 3-1StartedRobinson, Royle, Wood Details
22/11/1930Congleton T (H)CCL 5-2StartedRoyle, Cheetham, Wood, Keers (2 goals) Details
25/12/1930Chester Res. (A)CCL 1-7StartedCheetham Details
06/04/1931Ashton Nat (H)CCL 3-2StartedRobinson, Cheetham (2 goals) Details
28/04/1931Stalybridge C (A)CCL 0-2Started Details
02/05/1931Winsford U (A)CCL 1-6StartedCartwright Details

* = Won on penalties
^ = Lost on penalties

Hyde's record for all matches featuring L Sutcliffe:
Played 188, Won 123, Drawn 23, Lost 42, For 617, Against 320

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