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Hyde's record against Prestwich Heys

 PlayedHyde WinDrawPrestwich Heys winHyde GoalsPrestwich Heys Goals
At Hyde115332518
At Prestwich Heys104242322
Neutral venue000000
DateOpponentCompAttResultHyde Scorers 
04/03/1978Prestwich Heys (A)CCL  0-0 Details
22/10/1977Prestwich Heys (H)CCL  2-0Bennett, Clarke Details
12/02/1977Prestwich Heys (H)CCL  1-2Own Goal Details
11/10/1976Prestwich Heys (A)CCL  1-4O'Brien Details
25/09/1976Prestwich Heys (A)CLCC  1-2O'Brien Details
06/09/1976Prestwich Heys (H)CLCC  2-2Tutty, Johnson Details
17/04/1976Prestwich Heys (H)CCL  1-2Healey (pen) Details
04/04/1976Prestwich Heys (A)MSC  5-4Johnson, Johnson (2 goals), Collins (2 goals) Details
13/12/1975Prestwich Heys (A)CCL  3-0Riley, Johnson (2 goals) Details
24/11/1975Prestwich Heys (H)MSC  2-2Johnson, Healey Details
23/09/1974Prestwich Heys (H)CCL  4-2Hadfield, Byrom, O'Brien, Johnson Details
18/09/1974Prestwich Heys (A)CCL  5-1O'Brien (4 goals), Johnson Details
20/04/1974Prestwich Heys (A)CCL  0-3 Details
22/12/1973Prestwich Heys (H)CCL  3-2O'Brien, Clarke, Grabner Details
20/01/1973Prestwich Heys (A)CCL  3-0Hallsworth, Kirk (2 goals) Details
11/09/1972Prestwich Heys (H)CCL  4-0O'Brien (4 goals) Details
29/04/1972Prestwich Heys (A)CCL  2-5Hallsworth, Howard Details
27/03/1972Prestwich Heys (H)CLCC  2-1aetHallsworth, McQueen Details
22/03/1972Prestwich Heys (A)CLCC  3-3 Details
19/02/1972Prestwich Heys (H)CCL  3-3Hallsworth, McQueen (pen), Howard Details
10/04/1967Prestwich Heys (H)MIC  1-2 Details

* = Won on penalties
^ = Lost on penalties

Biggest Hyde win: 5-1 on 18 September 1974
Biggest Hyde defeat: 2-5 on 29 April 1972

Most appearances v Prestwich Heys
Peter O'Brien10
Eric Fitzsimmons9
David Elder8
David Constantine7
John Cooke6
Jeff Johnson6
Paul Bennett6
Danny Healey6
Jimmy Hallsworth5
Steve Johnson5
Pete Hadfield5
Ian Greenhalgh4
Jack Dobson4
Jimmy Lomas4
Rudi Mancini4
1976 Tutty4
Micky Haughton4
Ralph Darlington3
Alan Clarke3
Jack Hewitt3
Stuart Kirk3
David Holt3
Mike Turner3
Ian McQueen3
1975 Leech3
Geoff McDermott3
Barry Howard3
1976 Osbourne3
Johnny Taylor2 (1)
Barry Hazelhurst3
Gary Collins3
1974 Crossland2
Martin Dunkerley2
Ray Perry2
Tony Unsworth2
Tony Steenson2
Jim Clark1 (1)
Simon Farrell2
Eddie Birchall2
Paul Fitzgerald2
Rod Lawton1
Eric Dey1
Les Sutton1
1971GK Stafford1
Mike Phoenix1
1972 Wolstenholme1
Ian Sandiford1
1972 Walmsley1
1973 Smith1
1972 Delaney1
Neil Colbourne1
1976 Riley1
Tony Ryan1
Mickey Saile1
Frank Pearson1
Mick Turner1
Tony Keyes1
Ray Charter0 (1)
Paul Brears1
Alan Goulding1
Gary Ablott1
John Gannon1
1976 Flanagan1
1976 Chapman1
1974 Byrom1
David Wilde1
Billy Bell1
Barry Smallwood1
Don Graham1
1975 Hargreaves1
1976 Thorley1
1975 Tonge1
1975 White1
Ronnie Grabner1
Most goals v Prestwich Heys
Peter O'Brien12
Jeff Johnson7
Jimmy Hallsworth4
Stuart Kirk2
Ian McQueen2
Barry Howard2
Alan Clarke2
Steve Johnson2
Danny Healey2
Gary Collins2
Ronnie Grabner1
Paul Bennett1
1976 Tutty1
1976 Riley1
Pete Hadfield1
1974 Byrom1

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