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Hyde's record against multiple opponents

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 PlayedHyde WinDrawOpponent winHyde GoalsOpponent Goals
At Hyde34151276240
At Opponent3721796643
Neutral venue000000
DateOpponentCompAttResultHyde Scorers 
09/02/2008Leigh RMI (H)Conf North404  1-1Pickford (43) Details
30/10/2007Leigh RMI (A)Conf North231  5-1Pickford (10), Seddon (26), Johnson (40), Tipton (50, 90) Details
16/02/2007Leigh RMI (H)Conf North334  2-0Clee (51), Seddon (74) Details
01/12/2006Leigh RMI (A)Conf North151  0-2 Details
24/03/2006Leigh RMI (A)Conf North195  1-1Tolson (90) Details
12/11/2005Leigh RMI (H)Conf North436  3-3Tolson (7, 64), McNeil (38) Details
13/03/2000Leigh RMI (H)NPL P903  1-2Yeo (73) Details
08/01/2000Leigh RMI (A)NPL P427  0-0 Details
19/04/1999Leigh RMI (H)NPL P364  1-2Haw (88) Details
04/12/1998Leigh RMI (A)NPL P287  2-2Yeo (13, 87) Details
04/04/1998Leigh RMI (A)NPL P251  1-2Nolan (19) Details
22/11/1997Leigh RMI (H)NPL P522  3-3Snape (46), Owen (48), James (59) Details
28/01/1995Horwich RMI (H)NPL P461  2-1Kimmins (66), Donnelly (89) Details
17/12/1994Horwich RMI (A)NPL P209  1-0Kimmins (53) Details
29/01/1994Horwich RMI (H)NPL P291  1-1Graham (54) Details
20/11/1993Horwich RMI (A)NPL P169  1-0Nolan (69) Details
16/01/1993Horwich RMI (H)NPL P251  4-1Graham (32, 75), Henshaw (48), Chadwick (74 pen) Details
24/10/1992Horwich RMI (A)NPL P409  5-3Graham (2, 24, 73), Blain (17), Nicholas (43) Details
29/02/1992Horwich RMI (A)NPL P254  2-0Chadwick (39 pen, 75) Details
23/09/1991Horwich RMI (H)NPL P438  1-1Hodgert (42) Details
22/04/1991Horwich RMI (H)NPL P315  0-3 Details
24/11/1990Horwich RMI (A)NPL P251  0-2 Details
13/04/1990Horwich RMI (H)NPL P  2-3Edwards, Kirkham Details
17/03/1990Horwich RMI (A)NPL P  2-0Megram, Kirkham Details
18/03/1989Horwich RMI (H)NPL P  0-0 Details
07/11/1988Horwich RMI (A)NPL P  2-0Edwards, Rudge Details
31/10/1988Horwich RMI (A)LFT  2-1Diamond, Harris Details
21/03/1988Horwich RMI (A)NPL P  4-1Connor, Lutkevitch, O'Connor, Glendon Details
05/03/1988Horwich RMI (H)NPL P  2-0Nisbett (2 goals) Details
24/01/1987Horwich RMI (H)NPL P  5-0Johnson (2 goals), Wagstaffe, Rudge, O'Connor Details
20/09/1986Horwich RMI (A)NPL P  4-3Rudge, Lutkevitch (2 goals), O'Connor Details
15/03/1986Horwich RMI (H)NPL P  1-0Rogers Details
23/09/1985Horwich RMI (A)NPL P  4-1Marsden, Curran (3 goals) Details
02/02/1985Horwich RMI (H)NPL P  2-1Marsden, Johnson Details
01/12/1984Horwich RMI (A)NPL P  1-0Johnson Details
03/05/1984Horwich RMI (H)NPL P  2-0Jackson, Garside Details
28/04/1984Horwich RMI (A)NPL P  1-2Johnson Details
03/03/1984Horwich RMI (A)NPL LC  2-0Howard, Coyne Details
09/11/1981Horwich RMI (A)CCL  3-1Coyne, Golder, Oghani Details
03/10/1981Horwich RMI (A)FAC  4-0Oghani, Holt (2 goals), Steenson Details
12/09/1981Horwich RMI (H)CCL  3-1Bradley, Golder (2 goals) Details
13/04/1981Horwich RMI (H)CLCC  3-1Oghani (2 goals), Johnson Details
27/03/1981Horwich RMI (A)CLCC  0-0 Details
01/11/1980Horwich RMI (H)CCL  2-0Riley, Golder Details
27/09/1980Horwich RMI (A)CCL  0-1 Details
12/04/1980Horwich RMI (A)CCL  2-0Haughton, Johnson Details
01/10/1979Horwich RMI (H)CCL  4-2Graham, Titherington (2 goals), Holt Details
05/05/1979Horwich RMI (A)CCL  3-1Holt, Golder, Pearson Details
26/02/1979Horwich RMI (H)CCL  0-1 Details
17/12/1977Horwich RMI (H)CCL  0-1 Details
30/08/1977Horwich RMI (A)CCL  1-1Gannon Details
14/03/1977Horwich RMI (H)CCL  1-1Holt Details
16/10/1976Horwich RMI (A)CCL  0-3 Details
12/04/1976Horwich RMI (A)CCL  0-0 Details
16/02/1976Horwich RMI (H)CCL  1-1Johnson Details
26/10/1974Horwich RMI (A)CCL  0-3 Details
21/09/1974Horwich RMI (H)FAT  1-0Johnson Details
09/09/1974Horwich RMI (H)CCL  3-4O'Brien (2 goals), Graham Details
13/04/1974Horwich RMI (A)CCL  1-4Arden Details
29/09/1973Horwich RMI (H)CCL  4-1Smallwood, Clarke, Dove, Knowles Details
28/03/1973Horwich RMI (A)CCL  3-2O'Brien, Sanderson (2 goals) Details
03/02/1973Horwich RMI (H)CCL  1-1Sanderson Details
18/09/1972Horwich RMI (A)FAC  1-0Hallsworth Details
16/09/1972Horwich RMI (H)FAC  3-3O'Brien, Haughton (2 goals) Details
26/02/1972Horwich RMI (A)CCL  3-1McQueen, Hallsworth, Haughton Details
16/10/1971Horwich RMI (H)CCL  0-0 Details
20/09/1971Horwich RMI (H)FAC  2-0O'Brien, Clark Details
18/09/1971Horwich RMI (A)FAC  1-1Perry Details
07/11/1970Horwich RMI (A)CCL  1-4McQueen Details
17/08/1970Horwich RMI (H)CCL  1-1Howard Details
30/09/1967Horwich RMI (A)FAC  3-0Crawley, Hallsworth (2 goals) Details

* = Won on penalties
^ = Lost on penalties

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